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Tropical Cyclone Awareness

Your Call To Action

Each year beginning around June 1st, the states which consist of National Weather Service's Southern Region are at great risk for tropical cyclones (the general term for all circulating weather systems which form over the tropical waters including hurricanes). This area includes ten states beginning with New Mexico and eastward across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida, plus the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the eastern Caribbean.

While most people know that tropical cyclones can contain damaging wind, many do not realize that they also produce several other hazards, both directly and indirectly. This Tropical Cyclone Awareness Guide contains vital information you need to help minimize the impact of tropical cyclones on you and your loved ones. This is your call to action.

  1. Tropical Cyclones 101 - An Introduction

  2. Know these Tropical Cyclone Hazards
    1. Storm Surge
    2. Wind and Squalls
    3. Heavy Rain and Inland Flooding
    4. Tornadoes

  3. Your call to action
    1. Getting Informed - How to know when you are at risk!
    2. Protecting Your Past
    3. Protecting Your Present
    4. Protecting Your Future
    5. Protecting Peace of Mind

  4. Tropical Weather Glossary
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