SR/SSD 99-9


Technical Attachment

COMET Web Module "Forecasting Severe Convection"

Wendy Schreiber-Abshire, Meteorologist

Patrick Parrish, Instructional Designer


The third and final portion of the COMET Web module (W4.3 of the Forecasting Severe Convection PDS), "Mesoscale Convective Systems: Squall Lines and Bow Echoes" is now available. Part three adds the "Case Exercises" section, which includes a short introduction and five small case exercises which allow you an opportunity to apply the concepts presented in both the Conceptual Models and Physical Processes sections of the Mesoscale Convective Systems Web site to actual events. These interactive case studies are accessed from the same interface by simply selecting "Case Exercises" from the main menu.

The updated Web module may be reached from the joint NWS training center meteorology education and training (MetEd) Web site:

Many updates have been made to the existing sections as well. These include several graphics updates, improvements to some text explanations, and some corrections to errors.

For the first time there is now a module test included. This test, available from the Learning Resources page, can be used as both a pre- and post-test. The answer key URL will be provided to SOOs in each office, and made available to other training managers who request it. Also available from the Learning Resources page, there is an option for you to access and print the complete list of summary bullets from each section, a link to the module bibliography, and a printable "Completion Chart" to help users keep track of their progress in the module.

We have taken great care to provide options for making this Web module accessible even with a slow connection. Graphic preloads are optional at the beginning of each section. Some of these may take awhile, but they will store all the necessary graphics in your browser cache so you not have to wait as long when using the material. In addition, the entire Web module, along with the new module "An MCS Matrix," will soon be made available on one CD-ROM.

The new Case Exercises section of the module uses the more recent Java 1.1 virtual machine to drive its controls for playing the data loops. Because of this, it requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or above, or Netscape 4.07 or above. The previously released sections will work with any 4.x browser version.

The MCS Web module is part of the larger professional development series "Forecasting Severe Convection", which is also available on the MetEd Web site. The subject matter experts for MCS are Dr. Morris Weisman (NCAR/MMM) and Mr. Ron Przybylinski (NWS, SOO/St. Charles, MO). Each contributed their unique expertise to this project.

We welcome any comments you may have regarding the content, instructional approach, or use of this Web module. You may reach the authors via the "Send Your Comments" link from the MCS home page or at,