SR/SSD 99-4


Technical Attachment

American Meteorological Society 79th Annual Meeting - Dallas, Texas

January 10-15, 1999

Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants.

Short Course on Selected Applied Climate Topics:

Internet Resources for Climate Products. Bernard Meisner (SSD/SRH, Fort Worth), and Kevin Robbins (Southern Regional Climate Center).

23rd Conf. on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology:

Synoptic Patterns Conducive to Flash Floods over Puerto Rico. Andy Roche-Jove (NWSFO San Juan).

Cloud-to-Ground Lightning in Tropical Cyclones (1986-1996). Richard Orville (CIAMS/Texas A&M Univ.) and John Coyne (NWSO Corpus Christi).

A Persistent Shallow Supercell Associated with Prolonged Excessive Rainfall within Hurricane Danny's Eyewall over Mobile Bay. Jeff Medlin (NWSO Mobile) and K.G. Blackwell (Univ. of South Alabama).

Doppler-Observed Eyewall Replacement Cycles in Hurricane Danny near the Alabama Coast and Corresponding Fluctuations in Storm Intensity, Organization, and Precipitation. Keith Blackwell (Univ. of South Alabama) and Jeff Medlin (NWSO Mobile).

El Niño and Significant Tropical and Hybrid Cyclone Tornado Events in Florida. Bart Hagemeyer (NWSO Melbourne). Poster.

Dominant Tropical Cyclone Outer Rainbands Related to Tornadic and Non-Tornadic Mesoscale Circulation Families. Scott Spratt and D.W. Sharp (NWSO Melbourne). Poster.

A Reevaluation of the Georgia and Northeast Florida Tropical Cyclone of 2 October 1898. Al Sandrik (NWSO Jacksonville) and B. Jarvinen (TPC/NHC Miami). Poster.

15th International Conf. on Interactive Information and Processing Systems (IIPS) for Meteorology, Oceanography, and Hydrology:

Forecast and Warning Operations Using AWIPS in the Modern NWS Forecast Office. Dennis McCarthy (NWSFO Norman).

COACH - Design and Implementation of an Automated Performance Support System at the Tulsa WFO. Steven Nelson and L.P. Rothfusz (NWSO Tulsa), Chris Jacobson (NWSO Corpus Christi), and J.T. Johnson (NOAA/NSSL).

Alternate PoP Verification at WFO Tulsa. Daniel Spaeth (NWSO Tulsa).

An Operational Assessment of the 15-19 March, 1998 Flood Even Using the WFO Hydrologic Forecast System. Thomas S. Curl (NWSFO Norman), M.W. McClure and S. Kruckenberg (NWSFO Norman). Poster.

AWIPS Interactive Forecast Verification at WFO Tulsa, OK. James Frederick and S. Amburn (NWSO Tulsa). Poster.

XNOW - A Text Editing System for the Modernized Weather Service Office. Scott Plischke (NWSO Amarillo) and J. Colton. Poster.

Locally Developed Applications for AWIPS at WFO Tulsa. Gregory Patrick, J.M. Frederick, S.E. Nelson and S.A. Amburn (NWSO Tulsa). Poster.

Radial Velocity Characteristics for Severe Convective Storm Signatures Using the NWS Doppler Radar Display Systems. David Andra (NWSFO Norman). Poster.

The Flood of 7-9 March 1998 in the Tallahassee Hydrological Service Area - Lessons Learned. Andrew I. Watson, R.R. Carle and A.D. Baker (NWSO Tallahassee).

14th Conf. on Hydrology:

Satellite Retrieval Algorithm for Atmospheric Water Budget of Gulf of Mexico - Caribbean Sea Basin. Pablo Santos (NWSO Jacksonville) and E. Smith (Florida State Univ.).

The Interaction Between Flood Forecasting and Flood Control - The Albany, GA. Flood of March 1998. Mark Fuchs (Southeast RFC, Atlanta).

8th Symposium on Education:

Promoting Severe Weather Science and Education in Texas. Judson Ladd (MSD/SRH, Fort Worth). Poster.

Promoting Severe Weather Science and Education in Texas - Part 2: Future Enhancements for Project TWISTER. Gary Woodall (MSD/SRH, Fort Worth). Poster.

Project TWISTER and Its Impacts on North Texas Science Students. Richard Dittmann (MSD/SRH, Fort Worth). Poster.

8th Conf. on Aviation, Range and Aerospace Meteorology:

SMG's Weather Support to the NASA X38 and CRV Projects. Dan Bellue and Frank Brody (NWS/NASA Spaceflight Meteorology Group, Houston).