SR SSD 99-30

Technical Attachment

American Meteorological Society 80th Annual Meeting - Long Beach, California
January 10-14, 2000

Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants.

16th International Conf. on Interactive Information and Processing Systems (IIPS) for Meteorology, Oceanography, and Hydrology:

The Construction of an AWIPS Software Demonstration System for the NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group. Mark Keehn (NWS/NASA SMG, Houston).

Creating First Guess Forecast Products at the NASA Johnson Space Center: Applying LAPS and AWIPS Forecast Preparation System Algorithms in McIDAS. Timothy Oram (contractor, NWS/NASA SMG, Houston).

Use of the MIDDS Upper Winds Forecast Editor in Forecasting Upper Winds. Dan Bellue (NWS/NASA SMG, Houston) and C. Donohue.

15th Conf. on Hydrology:

Satellite Retrieval Algorithm for Atmospheric Water Budget of Gulf of Mexico - Caribbean Sea Basin. Pablo Santos (NWSO Jacksonville) and E. Smith (Florida State Univ.).

Utilizing Radar Data and Semi-Distributed Modeling in Streamflow Simulations. Keith Stellman (RFC Slidell), D.H.E. Fuelberg (Florida State Univ.), and Reggina Garza and Mary Mullusky (RFC Atlanta).

Evolution of Warm-Season Heavy Rain Systems over the Great Plains During Late-Morning Hours. Carl Hane (NSSL, Norman), David Andra, Jr. (NWSFO Norman), S.M. Hunter, R.M. Rabin, F.H. Carr and J.C. Derby.

Analysis of the October 1998 Flood Along the Lower Guadalupe River. Andrew Patrick, J. Arellano, Jr., T. Huber, and J. Metz (NWSO Corpus Christi).

10th Conference on Satellite Meteorology

Crucial Forecast for Space Shuttle Missions. Steve Sokol (NWS/NASA SMG, Houston).

The Record Meso-Snowfall Event of 1997 in Jackson, Mississippi. Paul Croft (Jackson State Univ.) and Alan Gerard (NWSFO Jackson).

GOES-8 Visible Cloud Frequency Composites of the Convectively Active Sea Breeze under Stratified Synoptic Flow over the Florida Panhandle. Bernadette Connell (CIRA/Colorado State Univ.) And Ken Gould (NWSO Tallahassee).

9th Symposium on Education:

Using Public Education and Disaster Mitigation Campaigns to Develop a Disaster Resistant Community. Tim Troutman and Dennis Decker (NWSO Melbourne).

AMBER: Student Experiences and Products for Operational Use. Michelle Webb (Jackson State Univ.), Alan Gerard (NWSFO Jackson), and P. Croft (Jackson State Univ.).

Fujita Symposium: on the Mystery of Severe Storms:

A Comparison of WSR-88D Radar Velocity Signatures to Tornado Damage for the April 16, 1998 Tornado Outbreak in Middle Tennessee. Tim Troutman (NWSO Melbourne) and T.P. Marshall.

The Warning Process. David Andra, Jr. (NWSFO Norman).

Symposium on VORTEX:

Evolution of Low Level Mesocyclone Rotation: The 29 May 1994 Newcastle, Texas Storm during VORTEX. Conrad Ziegler and E.N. Rasmussen (NSSL, Norman), Irv Watson (NWSO Tallahassee), and J.M. Straka.