SR SSD 99-25

Technical Attachment

National Weather Association Annual Meeting, October 18-22, 1999
Biloxi, Mississippi

Presentations Authored or Co-authored by NWS Southern Region Employees

Highway Overpasses as Tornado Shelters: Fallout from the 3 May 1999 Oklahoma/Kansas Violent Tornado Outbreak. Daniel J. Miller (NWSFO Norman), Charles A. Doswell III, Harold E. Brooks, Gregory J. Stump, and Erik N. Rasmussen (NOAA/NSSL).

Severe Weather Warnings and Radar Data - What Information Should We Orally and Visually Present? Jim Stefkovich (NWSFO Fort Worth).

Tornado Outbreak in the Middle and Upper Florida Keys Associated With Tropical Storm Mitch. Guy Rader and Jack Gross (NWSFO Miami).

Using the NEXRAD (WSR-88D) for Nowcasting and Warnings for Tropical Cyclone Induced Tornadoes. Pat Welsh (NWSO Jacksonville).

Storm Surge Forecasting on the Mississippi River Merging the SLOSH Output with NWSRFS. Dave Reed and Bob Stucky (Lower Mississippi RFC, Slidell, Louisiana).

Landfalling Tropical Cyclone Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting. Russell Pfost (NWSFO Miami).

Examination of a Short Term Thunderstorm Mesohigh Induced Coastal Flood Event. Jeffrey Medlin (NWSO Mobile), and David Gilhousen (NOAA/NWS National Data Buoy Center, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi).

The (Hurricane Hunters') Bird's Eye View of the 1999 Hurricane Season. John D. Gordon (NWSO Nashville).

Secrets of the Aerial Reconnaissance Detailed (Tropical Cyclone) Vortex Data Message. John D. Gordon (NWSO Nashville).

An Evaluation of Recent Climatic Anomalies along the North-Central Gulf Coast. John M. Grymes, III, (LSU Southern Regional Climate Center), and G. Alan Johnson and Robert J. Ricks, Jr., (NWSFO New Orleans Area).

An Initial Climatological Study of Severe Hail Occurrences for the County Warning Area of NWS Forecast Office New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA. Suzanne Van Cooten (NWSFO New Orleans Area).

Lightning Climatologies over the Florida Peninsula for Selected Map Types. Todd P. Lericos, Florida State University (NWSO Tallahassee/SCEP), Henry E. Fuelberg (FSU/CITM), and Andrew I. Watson (NWSO Tallahassee).

Tornado Warning Classifications for East Central Florida. David W. Sharp (NWSO Melbourne).

An Analysis of Empirical Methods for Forecasting Favorable Days for Wet Microburst Production. Alan E. Gerard (NWSFO Jackson), G. Alan Johnson (NWSFO New Orleans Area), and Russell Pfost (NWSFO Miami).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Weather Forecasting: A Viewpoint for the Year 2000 and Beyond. Pat Welsh (NWSO Jacksonville).

Operational Implications of Bad Upper-Air Data: Elevated Convection in Central Oklahoma on 22 March 1999. Daniel J. Miller and David Andra (NWSFO Norman).

National QPF Assessment Team Survey Results. Russell Pfost (NWSFO Miami).

SCRAPE 99 - Summer Convective Rainfall in Alabama Prediction Experiment. Tom Bradshaw (NWSFO Birmingham).

Determining WSR-88D Precipitation Algorithm Performance Using the Stage III Precipitation Processing System. Gregory J. Story (West Gulf RFC Fort Worth).

Bright-Banding and Evaporation Effects on Radar Precipitation Estimates in Central Texas. Melinda Bailey (NWSO Jacksonville).

The WSR-88D Hourly Digital Precipitation Product: Local Applications at the NWS Forecast Office in Tallahassee, Florida. Andrew I. Watson and Kenneth J. Gould (NWSO Tallahassee), Keith M. Stellman (Lower Mississippi RFC Slidell), and Peter P. Dodge ( NOAA/AOML Miami).

National Weather Service County Warning Areas: A New Concept in Multiple WSR-88D Coverage. J. William Conway (NOAA/NSSL), Alan E. Gerard )NWSFO Jackson), and Pamela MacKeen (University of Oklahoma/CIMMS).

An Analysis of NSSL WDSS Circulation Parameters During Early 1999 Tornado Events in the NWS Jackson, Mississippi, County Warning Area. Eric Carpenter, Edward Agre and Alan E. Gerard (NWSFO Jackson).

Forecasting Lightning for Space Shuttle Landings Using the WSR-88D Layer Reflectivity Maximum Mid-Level Product. Timothy D. Oram (NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group and Lockheed Martin, Johnson Space Center, Houston).

The Forgotten F5: The Lawrence County Supercell During the Middle Tennessee Tornado Outbreak of 16 April 1998. John D. Gordon, Bobby Boyd, Mark A. Rose and Jason B. Wright (NWSO Nashville).

Performance of NSSL Warning Decision Support System during the 3 May 1999 Central Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak. Patrick C. Burke, Christina Hannon, Valerie McCoy, Gregory J. Stumpf, E. DeWayne Mitchell (NOAA/NSSL), and David L. Andra (NWSFO Norman).

Verification of the Tornado Events in the Norman Oklahoma NWSFO County Warning Area for the 3 May 1999 Severe Weather Outbreak. Gregory J. Stumpf (NOAA/NSSL), Doug Speheger (NWSFO Norman), and Donald W. Burgess (WSR-88D Operational Support Facility, Norman).

Florida Firestorm 1998: Weather Forecasting from the NWS Forecast Office Perspective and Lessons Learned Using the WSR-88D Doppler Radar. Pat Welsh (NWSO Jacksonville).

Warning Verification Efficiency Within the County Warning Area of NWS Forecast Office, Birmingham, AL. Kevin J. Pence (NWSFO Birmingham).

Verification of Space Shuttle End-of-Mission Landing Weather Forecasts. Tim Garner (NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group, JSC Houston).

Spaceflight Meteorology Group Daily Forecast Verification Update. Dan G. Bellue (NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group, JSC Houston).

Utility of WSR-88D Layer Reflectivity Max-Low Product in Evaluating Shuttle Weather Flight Rules. Richard Lafosse (NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group, JSC Houston).

The Annual Local Weather Technical Interchange Meetings For East Central Florida. William P. Roeder (USAF/45th Weather Squadron, PAFB), David W. Sharp (NWSO Melbourne), Richard A. Lafosse (NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group, JSC Houston), John Manobianco (ENSCO/Applied Meteorology Group, Melbourne), and Francis J. Merceret (NASA/Kennedy Space Center Weather Office, KSC).

Session Chairmen:

Kevin J. Pence (NWSFO Birmingham)
Paul Trotter (NWSFO New Orleans Area, Slidell)
Alan Gerard (NWSFO Jackson)
Gary Petti (NWSFO Birmingham)
Jose Garcia (NWSO Amarillo)
Randy McKee (NWSO Mobile)
Gary Grice (SRH/Keynote Speaker)
G. Alan Johnson (NWSFO New Orleans Area)
Jeffery Medlin (NWSO Mobile)