SR/SSD 99-1



01/15 SR/SSD 98-1 - Index - Technical Attachments 1997

01/15 SR/SSD 98-2 - A Primer on Coastal Flood Forecasting (Daniel A. Sobien and Charles H. Paxton, NWSO Tampa Bay Area, Florida)

01/15 SR/SSD 98-3 - A Climatological Examination of Weather Conditions in West Central and Southwest Florida During El Niño /La Niña Years (Frank W. Alsheimer and Ronald F. Morales Jr., NWSO Tampa Bay Area, Florida)

01/15 SR/SSD 98-4 - Rotational Velocity Trends in Some Tornadic Supercells over Southwest Texas and Southeast New Mexico (Terry A. Huber and John C. Pendergrast, NWSO Midland/Odessa, TX)

02/01 SR/SSD 98-5 - Surprise Snow Storm Socks Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama (Alan Gerard, Corey Mead, Stephen Miller, Russell Pfost, and Peter Wolf, NWSFO Jackson, MS)

02/01 SR/SSD 98-6 - Forecasting the Arkansas Heavy Snow Event of February 13, 1997 (Newton Skiles and John Lewis, NWSFO Little Rock, AR)

03/01 SR/SSD 98-7 - SAMEX '98: The 1998 Storm and Mesoscale Ensemble Experiment (Kelvin Droegemeier, Fred Carr, Eugenia Kalnay, Ron McPherson, ....)

03/01 SR/SSD 98-8 - Seasonal Thunderstorm Study at Little Rock, Arkansas (Barbara Shea, NWSFO, Little Rock, AR)

03/01 SR/SSD 98-9 - Floods on the Lower Mississippi: An Historical Economic Overview (Paul S. Trotter, G. Alan Johnson, Robert Ricks, David R. Smith, NWSFO New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA, Donnel Woods, WSO/COE, Vicksburg, MS)

03/01 SR/SSD 98-10 - The Role of Dynamic Cooling in the Snowstorm on the Eastern Highland Rim and Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee (Henry Steigerwaldt, SOO, NWSO Nashville, TN)

04/01 SR/SSD 98-11 - TDL Plans for Centralized Statistical Guidance (January 1998) (Reproduced from Western Region Technical Attachment)

04/01 SR/SSD 98-12 - Supercell Development over North-Central Mississippi: Storm-Scale Changes to an Unfavorable Pre-Storm Environment (Mark Cunningham, NWSFO Jackson, MS and Peter Wolf, NWSO Wichita, KS)

04/01 SR/SSD 98-13 - Synoptic Patterns Associated with Significant Snowfall in West Central Texas (Mark J. Deutschendorf, NWSO San Angelo, TX)

04/01 SR/SSD 98-14 - DOC Meeting with Weather Derivatives Industry, New York, March 12, 1998 (Provided by Alan Eustis, NWSH Industrial Meteorology Staff)

04/01 SR/SSD 98-15 - Central Florida Tornado Outbreak of April 25, 1991 A Response to a Challenge (Charles H. Paxton, NWSFO Tampa Bay Area, FL)

04/01 SR/SSD 98-16 - A Historical Study of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes that have affected Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas (David M. Roth, NWSO Lake Charles, LA)

5/01 SR/SSD 98-17 - 360 Degree Performance Feedback (José M. Garcia, Jr., NWSO Amarilla, TX)

5/01 SR/SSD 98-18 - Satellite Rainfall Estimates in Real Time for Applications to Flash Flood Watches and Warnings, Heavy Precipitation Forecasting and Assimilation on Numerical Weather Prediction Models (Gilberto A. Vicente and Roderick A. Scofield, NOAA/NESDIS Office of Research and Applications, Washington, DC)

5/01 SR/SSD 98-19 - A Study of Fog Along the Upper Texas Coast (Brian Kyle and Carolyn Levert, NWSO Houston/Galveston, TX)

5/01 SR/SSD 98-20 - Upcoming Winter Season Possibilities Using the Past Summer Temperature and Precipitation Records at Oklahoma City (Scott Curl, NWSFO Norman, OK)

5/01 SR/SSD 98-21 - The 1998 Model Winter Olympics Conducted at NWSFO Jackson (Ed Agre and Mark Cunningham, NWSFO Jackson, MS)

5/01 SR/SSD 98-22 - Two cases of Tornadic Wintertime Convection in Central Texas (Patrick Herald and Carl Morgan, NWSFO Austin/San Antonio, TX)

6/01 SR/SSD 98-23 - WSR-88D Doppler Radar Adaptable Parameter Optimization of the MESO/TVS Algorithm (David Matson, NWSFO Little Rock, Arkansas)

6/01 SR/SSD 98-24 - The Influence of La Niña on El Paso, Texas Precipitation (James A. Reynolds, NWSO El Paso, Texas (Santa Teresa, New Mexico))

6/01 SR/SSD 98-25 - AMS 19th Conference on Severe Local Storms Minneapolis, MN September 14-18, 1998 (Presentations by NWS Southern Region Forecasters)

6/01 SR/SSD 98-26 - Report on the 1998 Director's Advisory Committee on Forecast Operations (DACFO) (Gregory Patrick, Southern Region Representative, NWSFO Tulsa, Oklahoma)

6/01 SR/SSD 98-27 - LISDAD Lightning Observations During the 22-23 February 1998 Central Florida Tornado Outbreak (Steven Goodman and Ravi Raghavan, Global Hydrology and Climate Center, Huntsville, Alabama)

7/01 SR/SSD 98-28 - Shocking News About Lightning and Pools

7/01 SR/SSD 98-29 - An Evaluation of the Issuance of Non-Routine Products Utilizing Doppler Radar at NWSFO San Juan (Ron Block, NWSFO San Juan, Puerto Rico)

7/01 SR/SSD 98-30 - A Comparison of VIL Density and Wet-Bulb-Zero Height Associated with Large Hail over North and Central Georgia (Patricia A. Hart and Kent D. Frantz, NWSFO Peachtree City, Georgia)

8/01 SR/SSD 98-31- Preliminary Downburst Climatology and Warning Guidelines from a Single Cell Thunderstorm Database (Ken Falk, Lee Harrison, and John Elmore, NWSO Shreveport, LA)

8/01 SR/SSD 98-32- Performance of the Tropical Z/R Relationship During the October 8-11, 1997 South Texas Flood Event (Steve Pfaff and Chris Jacobson, NWSO Corpus Christi)

9/01 SR/SSD 98-33- SCAN Test at WFO Tulsa (J.T. Johnson, NSSL and Steve Amburn, WFO Tulsa, Oklahoma)

9/01 SR/SSD 98-34- Predicting Tornado Touchdowns and Dissipations with the WSR-88D After the Tornado Outbreak of March 1, 1997 (John A. Lewis III, NWSFO Little Rock, Arkansas)

9/01 SR/SSD 98-35- Forecaster Interactions with Global Hydrology and Climate Center (Tom Bradshaw, NWSFO Birmingham, Alabama)

10/01 SR/SSD 98-36-Validation and Comparison of Three SSM/I Rain Rate Algorithms (Capt. R. Tom Tibbetts, USAF, CITM, Dept. of Meteorology, FSU)

10/01 SR/SSD 98-37-1998 National Weather Association Meeting, Oklahoma City, OK, October 17-23, 1998 (Presentations by NWS Southern Region Employees)

10/01 SR/SSD 98-38-A Fitting Farewell (Story from September 2, 1998 edition of the Miami Herald by Curtis Morgan - titled "Researcher's Ashes Tossed in Storm's Eye")

11/01 SR/SSD 98-39-Intercomparisons Among the NGM-MOS, AVN-MOS, and Consensus Temperature Forecasts For West Texas (Gregory E. Wilk, NWSO Corpus Christi, Texas)

11/01 SR/SSD 98-40-The "No-Snow" Event of December 28-29, 1998: A Case Study of a Non-Event (Jim Butch, Alan Gerard, and Greg Garrett, NWSFO Jackson, Mississippi)

12/01 SR/SSD 98-41-Training Materials for Forecasting Aviation Icing

12/01 SR/SSD 98-42-Request for Proposals-1999 (Outreach Program Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology Education and Training (COMET))

12/01 SR/SSD 98-43-Seminar Notes: The Challenge of Forecasting Damaging Wind Events (David Wally, NWSO Lake Charles, LA

12/01 SR/SSD 98-44-COMET Case Study Data on the World Wide Web (Executive Summary, August-October 1998)

12/01 SR/SSD 98-45-Summary Sheet - WSR-88D Build 10 Changes (John Distefano, NWSO Wilmington, OH)