SR/SSD 98-45


Technical Attachment


John Distefano

NWSO Wilmington, OH

New Algorithms/Products

Tornado Detection Algorithm (TDA) Product:

Tornadic Vortex Signature (TVS):

Elevated Tornadic Vortex Signature (ETVS):

TVS Graphic Attribute Table and Alphanumeric Product:

Combined Attribute Table (CAT):

Potential problem => The CAT is distributed to NIDS vendors. Thus the potential exists for TVS/ETVS locations to be displayed by the media.

TDA Adaptable Parameter Sets:

Elevated TVS (ETVS) Display Toggle:

Velocity Dealiasing Algorithm Changes to Support the TDA:

Operational Considerations when TDA-based TVS/ETVS Identified:

--Regarding the TVS

- Regarding the ETVS

- In General

Build 9 and Build 10 Incompatibility:

New Hybrid Scan Reflectivity (HSR) Product:

Construction on pg. 30 of Build 10 Training document).

New LRM - Anomalous Propagation Removed (APR) Product:

Build 10 Enhancements

Can Select Depth of the Lowest Layer of Layer Composite Reflectivity Products (LRM):

Time Lapse Default Set to Automatic Continuous Loop:

More Detail Noted when Examining User Functions.

Ability to Select a Storm from Any Graphic Attribute Table or Geographical Display:

Storm Relative Region, Weak Echo Region, Severe Weather Analysis products, ...

Slice Products now Default to the Lowest Tilt:

Archive II Status Messages Added at the UCP:

Note - A number such as "01" after a status message will refer to the tape #.

APUP RPS Lists Increased to 31 Products:

Turbulence Algorithm/Products Eliminated.

WSR-88D Focal Point(s) see the following item in the "88D Build 10 Training" document:

Build 10 Fixes

All SRM Products Read from Optical Disk will now Time Lapse.

PUP Dial-out line may Automatically Disconnect:

NIDS Vendors No Longer Get More Products than Intended:

Archive IV Problems Corrected:

WSR-88D Focal Point(s) see the following items in the "88D Build 10 Training" document:

Additional Changes

Some PUP Help Screen Corrections:

Graphics No Longer Hang when Using OVERLAYS ERASE Function:

Line Noisy Status Messages Corrected:

USP Product on the PUP RPS List will now Auto-display.

Velocity Dealiasing Algorithm changed to support TDA:

Comms Card Automatically Re-initializes after becoming Inactive:

User-friendly VCP Sector Definition Implemented:

WSR-88D Focal Point(s) see the following items in the "88D Build 10 Training" document: