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COMET Case Study Data on the World Wide Web

Executive Summary, August-October 1998


Accomplishments Since the Last Summary

In the three months since the last Executive Summary, several things have been accomplished involving both case study data and building the community of users.

Data and Infrastructure

Community Building


All elements of our usage statistics (subscribers to the casestudies e-mail list, tape requests, data downloads, and web hits) have seen an increase. For details on the usage statistics, see the Detailed Statistics page.

Past statistics are also available on the Case Studies Usage

Statistics Page.


Development of more case studies continues, giving us more case

studies to load into the CODIAC system. Currently, COMET Case #013, Southern California Floods and Florida Tornadoes (22-24 February 1998), is being loaded into the CODIAC system. Once case 13 is finished, a case developed by Lynn McMurdie (University of Washington) will be loaded into CODIAC. This will be our first case developed outside of COMET. We will continue to encourage contributed case studies from the community. Several case studies are in line after that: 4 July 95 (Moberly, MO Tornado), 28 April 98 (Southeast US Cyclogenesis), and 7 August 97 (Desert Southwest Severe Weather).

We will continue our efforts to make the case studies easier to access and use by the user community. These efforts will include keeping our web site up to date and helping with enhancements to the CODIAC system.

In our continuing efforts to expand the user community, we will continue to give presentations and publish papers on this project. Several papers on the case study effort will be given at the AMS meeting in January.

We are tracking the data format issues arising from the NWS modernization efforts. We plan to configure the CODIAC system so that future cases can be downloaded in raw data formats, GEMPAK formats, or AWIPS formats.


The complete Executive Summary (with appendices) is available on the web at: http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/projects/casestudies/execSummary/199810/

For more information please contact:

Ethan Davis, Unidata, (303) 497-8155 edavis@ucar.edu
Liz Page, NWS-COMET, (303) 497-8470
Linda Miller, Unidata, (303) 497-8646