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1999 Request for Proposals

The Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET) announces its 1999 Outreach Program Request for Proposals (RFP) for Cooperative Projects, which are described below along with the proposal submission requirements. Applications for the smaller COMET Partners Projects are accepted at any time. Information about how to submit a proposal for a Partners Project is available from the Outreach Program Web site at:


NWS Cooperative Projects are intended to promote broad collaborative activities between a university department or program and one or more NWS offices. Projects frequently involve several faculty members and forecasters, and they may cover several forecasting topics of interest to the various participants. Alternatively, the focus of the project can be an in-depth study of one forecast problem. Frequently, the geographical area of interest extends beyond the local area of the forecast office. Cooperative Projects may be one to three years in duration.

The NWS is particularly interested in receiving proposals that address the following science priorities:

The NWS also encourages proposals that deal with promoting better use of forecasts by the general public and specific user communities. Proposals that involve the use of local domain modeling, especially those employing the workstation version of the NCEP Meso-Eta model (available at no charge from NCEP) are also encouraged.

The Cooperative Projects funded in 1998 had an average award value of about $28,000 per year; however, the COMET Advisory Panel has suggested that the average project award be allowed to rise to about $32,000. Cost effectiveness of the proposals will be a consideration in the review process.

The first drafts of the NWS Cooperative proposals are due to the appropriate NWS region by January 15, 1999, with the final version submitted to the Outreach Program by March 15, 1999.


Interested applicants can access the Outreach Proposal Instructions from the Outreach Program Web site (, or can obtain a hard copy by contacting:

Vickie Johnson, Outreach Program Manager
P. O. Box 3000
Boulder, Colorado 80307
Telephone: (303) 497-8361 Fax: (303) 497-8491
Email address:

The NWS regional Scientific Services Division (SSD) Chiefs listed below are responsible for reviewing and endorsing proposals from their region. Proposals from federally funded research agencies or educational institutions are not eligible for COMET Outreach Program awards, but interested parties may contact the SSD Chiefs to discuss other possible sources of funding:

NWS SSD Chiefs:

Eastern Region:
Dr. Gary Carter (516) 244-0133
fax: (516) 244-0167
email: gary.carter@

Central Region:
Dr. Dick Livingston (816) 426-5672
fax: (816) 426-3301

Southern Region:
Dan Smith (817) 978-2671
fax: (817) 978-3475

Western Region:
Andy Edman (801) 524-5131
fax: (801) 524-5246

Alaskan Region:
Dr. Gary Hufford (907) 271-5093
fax: (907) 271-3711

Pacific Region:
Mark Jackson (808) 532-6413
fax: (808) 532-5569