SR/SSD 98-37


Technical Attachment

1998 National Weather Association Meeting

Oklahoma City, OK, October 17-23, 1998

Presentations by NWS Southern Region Employees


Your Local NWS Office Becomes Incapacitated -- Now What?

Jim Stefkovich: NWS Forecast Office, Fort Worth, TX.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Criteria Team

Jim Purpura: NWS, Norman OK, Steve Corfidi and Mark Darrow: NWS/ Storm Prediction Center, Norman OK, William Alexander: NOAA/NWS Office of Meteorology, Silver Spring MD.

Use of WSR-88D Shear Parameters During Tornadic Events

George Wilken: NWS Forecast Office, Little Rock AR

Correlation Between Tornado Damage Paths and WSR-88D Signatures, and Resulting Implications for the use of Pathcasts in Tornado Warnings

Steven Piltz and Richard Smith: NWS, Tulsa OK

Examination and Implications of WSR-88D Based Warning Statistics at WSFO Norman

Megan Terry and Dennis McCarthy: NWS Forecast Office, Norman OK

Climatology, Population Density, and Mesoscale Influences on the Warning Decision Process of the 25 May 1998 Oklahoma County Supercell Thunderstorm

Kevin W. Brown and Christopher J. Sohl: NWS, Norman OK

Situation Specific Tornado Warnings at NWS Forecast Office Tulsa

Steven Piltz and Richard Smith: NWS, Tulsa OK

A Multifaceted Review of the East Central Florida Tornado Outbreak of 22-23 February 1998

David W. Sharp, Scott M. Spratt, Anthony Cristaldi, and Bartlett C. Hagemeyer: NWS Forecast Office, Melbourne FL

The Alabama Killer Supercell of 8 April 1998

Kevin J. Pence, Christopher A. Liscinsky, and Ronald A. Murphy: NWS, Birmingham AL

Tornadogenesis Associated with the 1 July 1997 Derecho- A Radar Perspective

Gregory A. Tipton: NWS Wilmington OH, and Eric D. Howieson: NWS, Tulsa, OK

Coach: Design and Implementation of an Operational Performance Support System at the Tulsa NWS Forecast Office

Steve E. Nelson and Lans P. Rothfusz: NWS, Tulsa OK, Christopher Jacobson: NWS Corpus Christi TX, and J.T. Johnson: NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman OK

WSR-88D Precipitation Estimates Using the Tropical Z-R Relationship During Six Heavy Rainfall Events Across Southeast Texas and Southern Louisiana

Robert Darby: NWS, Lake Charles LA

A Case Analysis of the Unexpected Record Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama Snowstorm of 14 December 1997

Alan Gerard, Rusty Pfost, and Stephen Miller: NWS, Jackson MS, Corey Mead, NWS Valley NE, and Peter Wolf, NWS Wichita KS


SMG's Upper Wind Forecast Support to the NASA X38 Project

Dan G. Bellue: NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group, Johnson Space Center, Houston TX

Multiscale Analyses of a Violent Tornado Outbreak With Attendant Flash Flooding

Joseph Rogash: NWS/Storm Prediction Center, Norman OK, Richard Smith: NWS Tulsa OK, and David Gaffin: NWS, Memphis TN

An Operational Assessment of the 15-19 March 1998 Flood Event Using the WFO Hydrologic Forecast System

Scott Curl and Mike McClure: NWS, Norman OK

The Tuscaloosa Tornado Event of 24 January 1997

Kevin J. Pence and Ronald A. Murphy: NWS, Birmingham AL

EMWIN- The Emergency Manager's Weather Information Network

Jim Purpura and Ken Brown: NWS, Norman OK, Gary Woodall: NWS Southern Region Headquarters, Fort Worth TX, Jim Doherty: NWS Office of Systems Operations, Silver Spring MD

Bow Echo Development in an extreme Cape/Moderate Shear Environment: The East Central Minnesota Storm of 6-7 August 1996

Dan J. Miller: NWS, Norman OK, Richard J. Naistat: NWS, Chanhassen MN

A Phenomena-Specific Approach to Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warning Verification

Barte L. Haake and Steven Amburn: NWS, Tulsa OK

Alternative PoP Verification at WFO Tulsa

Daniel R. Spaeth: NWS, Tulsa OK

An Examination of the Eta 12 Hour Forecasts for Stability Indices Associated with Elevated Upright Convection

Alan Gerard: NWS, Jackson MS

No Tornado At Natchez Mississippi?

Rusty Pfost: NWS, Jackson MS

The Relationship of Tropical Cyclone Motion and Associated Extreme Rainfall Along the Northern Gulf Coast

Rusty Pfost: NWS, Jackson MS

The Development and Evolution of Multiple Tornadoes as Viewed by Doppler Radar

David L. Andra, Jr. and Douglas A. Speheger: NWS, Norman OK

The Alabama Gravity Wave Event of 22 February 1998: A Classic Mesoscale Forecasting Challenge

Tom Bradshaw, Ronald A. Murphy, and Kevin J. Pence: NWS, Birmingham AL

Use of the KSC Mesonet to Track the East Coast Seabreeze During the STS-91 Landing

G. Wayne Baggett, Tim Oram, and Steven J. Sokol: NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group, Johnson Space Center, Houston TX

Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center QPF Verification

John F. Kuhn, Jeff Graschel, Suzanne Van Cooten: NWS/LMRFC, Slidell LA

Locally Developed Applications for AWIPS at NWS Forecast Office Tulsa

Gregory R. Patrick, James M. Frederick, Steven E. Nelson, and Steven A. Amburn: NWS, Tulsa OK

Development and Use of Decision Trees in the Operational Environment

G. Alan Johnson and Steve Listema: NWS, Slidell LA


Bernard N. Meisner (Vice President)

Lans Rothfusz (Secretary)

Gary Petti (Treasurer)

Frank Brody (Councilor and committee chair)

Jose Garcia (Councilor)

Alan Gerard (Committee chair)