SR/SSD 98-25


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Presentations by NWS Southern Region Forecasters

This list contains only those papers and posters scheduled for the conference which have Southern Region individuals as first or second authors. There are a number of other papers and posters which include SR employees among the authors.


Severe Convective Storm Forecasting. Alan Moller (NWSFO Fort Worth).

Significant Extratropical Tornado Occurrences in Florida During Strong El Niño and Strong La Niña Events. Bart Hagemeyer (NWSO Melbourne).

The Design and Evaluation of the Lightning Imaging Sensor Data Applications Display (LISDAD). R. Boldi (Lincoln Lab/MIT), Steve Hodanish and Dave Sharp (NWSO Melbourne), et al.

Observations of Total Lightning Associated with Severe Convection During the Wet Season in Central Florida. Steve Hodanish and Dave Sharp (NWSO Melbourne), et al.

A Severe Thunderstorm Initiated at the Intersection of an Intense Cold Front and a Surface Convergence Line. Mark Jackson and Paul Yura (NWSO Brownsville), and J. Snook (NOAA/FSL).

Observed Relationships Between Total Lightning and Doppler Radar Data During the Tropical Cyclone Josephine (1996) Tornado Outbreak. Scott Spratt, Dave Sharp and Steve Hodanish (NWSO Melbourne).

Tornadogenesis Associated with the 1 July 1997 Derecho: Eric Howieson (NWSO Tulsa), and G.A. Tipton and D.W. Effertz (NWSFO Minneapolis).


Factors Affecting Tornadogenesis in a Supercell: The 12 July 1995 Pinellas County Tornado/ Waterspout. Waylon Collins and Charles Paxton (NWSO Tampa Bay Area), and J. Golden (NOAA/USWRP).

A Multifaceted Review of the East Central Florida Tornado Outbreak of 22-23 February 1998. Dave Sharp, Scott Spratt, Bart Hagemeyer and Tony Cristaldi (NWSO Melbourne).

The Central Alabama Tornadoes of 6 March 1996. Kevin Pence, Tom Bradshaw and Mark Rose (NWSFO Birmingham).

The June 4th 1995 Multiple Simultaneous Landspouts. Peter Blottman (NWSO Melbourne) and D. Padavona.

Observations of the 17 June 1997 Tornadoes. P. Spoden (NWSFO Paducah), Tim Troutman (NWSO Nashville), et al.

The Monitoring of 0-5 km Storm Relative Environmental Helicity Leading Up to and During the Occurrence of an HP Supercell Over Deep South Texas. Paul Yura and Mark Jackson (NWSO Brownsville).

An Analysis of Five Springtime Derechos: Transition Season Versus Warm Season Techniques. Mark Rose and Tim Troutman (NWSO Nashville).

Storm-scale Changes to an Unfavorable Pre-storm Environment: Supercell Development Over North-Central Mississippi on May 14, 1997. Mark Cunningham (NWSFO Jackson) and Peter Wolf.

Forecasting Severe Weather in a Florida Serial Derecho. Kent Kuyper and Pat Welsh (NWSO Jacksonville).

The 22-23 May 1996 Heatburst: A Severe Wind Event. P. L. MacKeen (NSSL), Dave Andra (NWSFO Norman), and D. Morris.

The Mayfest High-Precipitation Supercell of 5 May 1995 - A Case Study. Brian Curran, Alan Moller, Ed Calianese, and Mike Foster (NWSFO Fort Worth).

Implications Involving the Issuance of Public Lightning Advisories for Florida. Dave Sharp (NWSO Melbourne).

Preliminary Results on the Use of Mesoscale Models and Short Range Ensembles in Weather Forecast Operations Using SAMEX. B. Nichols (NWSO Dodge City) and Dave Andra (NWSFO Norman).

Comparisons Between Total Lightning Data, Mesocyclone Strength, and Storm Damage Associated with the Florida Tornado Outbreak of February 23 1998. Steve Hodanish and Dave Sharp (NWSO Melbourne), et al.

Opererational Forecasting of Wake Low Severe Wind Events in the Mississippi River Valley: A Case Study of April 11, 1995 and April 28, 1996. Dave Gaffin (NWSFO Memphis).

Winter Lightning in the Southeast U.S. and Its Relation to Heavy Frozen Precipitation. Steve Hunter (NWSO Morristown), et al.

Rotational Shear Nomogram for Tornadoes. Ken Falk and B. Parker (NWSO Shreveport).