SR/SSD 98-1



01/15 SR/SSD 97-1 - Index - Technical Attachments 1996

01/15 SR/HSD 97-1 - Stage III Precipitation Processing at the West Gulf River Forecast Center (Gregory J. Story, WGRFC Fort Worth)

01/15 SR/SSD 97-2 - An Overview of the Rapid Evolution of a Bow Echo/LEWP Complex in the Arklatex Region (Alan Gerard, NWSFO Jackson)

01/15 SR/SSD 97-3 - Interactive Information Processing at the Aviation Weather Center - Current Conditions and Future Plans - Prepared for the AMS Annual Meeting in Long Beach, February 2-7, 1997 (David R. Rodenhuis, James H. Henderson, Melvin D. Matthews, Frederick R. Mosher, AWC Kansas City)

01/15 SR/SSD 97-4 - New Employment Opportunities in Radar Operations (Reprinted from Weather Bureau Topics, October 1958)

02/01 SR/SSD 97-5 - PC-NOW Version 2.0: Important Note for Windows 95 Users (Scott Plischke and Jeff Colton, NWSO Amarillo)

02/01 SR/SSD 97-6 - Forecasting Dry Microburst Potential Using the WINDEX (Greg Murdoch, NWSO Midland)

02/15 SR/SSD 97-7 - Changes to the Eta Models

02/15 SR/SSD 97-8 - New Records in NCEP Precipitation Forecasts (Brian Korty and Mike Eckert, Forecast Operations Branch, NCEP Hydrometeorological Prediction Center)

02/15 SR/SSD 97-9 - An Elevated Severe Thunderstorm Complex Over Southeast New Mexico and West Texas (Corey M. Mead and Thomas W. Earle, NWSO Midland)

03/01 SR/SSD 97-10 - A Tri-State Fair NWS Survey (External Activities Team [Bilodeau, Cockrell, Colton, Goehring, Holsenbeck, Lindley, Lopez, Seymore, Zeigler], NWFO Amarillo)

03/15 SR/SSD 97-11 - Summary of USAF Gulf Coast Workshop March 3-5, 1997 (Irv Watson, NWSO Tallahassee)

03/15 SR/SSD 97-12 - A Snow Event Related to Conditional Symmetric Instability (CSI) (Vincent Papol and Tim Brice, NWSO El Paso)

04/01 HSD Attachment - The Hydrometeorological Coordination Message

04/01 SR/SSD 97-13 - The First Texas Tornado Warning Conference (Archie M. Kahan, Texas A&M)

04/01 SR/SSD 97-14 - Performance of the 3-5 Day FMR Temperature Forecasts for the Cool Season October 1994 to March 1995 (Gregory E. Wilk, NWSFO Lubbock)

04/01 SR/SSD 97-15 - An Examination of VIL and Echo Top Associated with Large Hail in Middle Tennessee (Timothy W. Troutman and Mark A. Rose, NWSO Nashville)

04/15 SR/SSD 97-16 - Summary of the OSF Warning Decision-Making Workshop "To Warn or Not to Warn" (Kevin Pence, NWSFO Birmingham, and Henry Steigerwaldt, NWSO Nashville)

04/15 SR/SSD 97-17 - Review of Eta PC-GRIDDS Products for the Severe Weather Event of May 18, 1995 (William Scott Sharp, NWSO Nashville)

04/15 SR/SSD 97-18 - A Study of the December 17-18, 1995, Heavy Snow Event in the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles (James Caruso, NWSO Amarillo)

05/01 SR/SSD 97-19 - Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters 1980-1997 (NCDC)

05/01 SR/SSD 97-20 - Cold Sector Severe Thunderstorms in West Central Texas (Patrick A. McCullough, NWSO San Angelo)

05/15 SR/SSD 97-21 - A Lake-Effect Snow in Arkansas (George R. Wilken, NWSFO Little Rock)

05/15 SR/SSD 97-22 - An Example of Frontogenetical Forcing and Conditional Symmetric Instability Acting Synergistically to Produce a Lower Meso- Scale Heavy Snow Band (Christopher C. Buonanno and Kevin W. Brown, NWSFO Norman)

06/01 SR/SSD 97-23 - The Director's Advisory Committee on Forecast Operations (Nezette Rydell, NWSO Austin/San Antonio)

06/01 SR/SSD 97-24 - AMS 22nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology, Ft. Collins, Colorado, May 19-23, 1997 - Presentations by NWS Southern Region Forecasters (SSD SRH)

06/01 SR/SSD 97-25 - AMS 28th International Conference on Radar Meteorology, Austin, Texas, September 7-12, 1997 - Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Forecasters (SSD SRH)

06/01 SR/SSD 97-26 - Field Evaluation of the RUC-II Model (Tom Schlatter and Stan Benjamin, NOAA/FSL, Boulder)

06/15 SR/SSD 97-27 - Weather and Forecasting NWS Southern Region Special Issue September 1997

06/15 SR/SSD 97-28 - Using Gridded Data to Forecast a Late Summer Heavy Rainfall Event Over Southwest Texas (Monte C. Oaks, NWSO San Angelo)

07/01 SR/SSD 97-29 - An Overview of the WSR-88D Algorithm Testing and Display System (WATADS) and the NEXRAD Program Use of WATADS (Prepared by the WSR-88D Operational Support Facility Applications Branch)

07/01 SR/SSD 97-30 - Tornadic Thunderstorms As Seen by Several WSR-88Ds: Contrasting Perspectives (Andrew I. Watson, Robert C. Goree, Jeffrey A. Fries, and Gregory J. Mollere, NOAA/NWS Tallahassee)

07/01 SR/SSD 97-31 - Effects of Storm Motion on a High CAPE-Low Shear Environment During the Central Texas Tornado Outbreak of May 27, 1997 (Carl R. Morgan, NWSFO Austin/San Antonio)

07/01 SR/SSD 97-32 - Potential Effects of Strong El Niño on Southern States (SRH SSD)

07/15 SR/SSD 97-33 - Summary of AMS 22nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology May 19-23, 1997, Ft. Collins, Colorado (Scott Spratt and Steve Hodanish, NWSO Melbourne)

07/15 SR/SSD 97-34 - Florida Lightning Victims During 1996 (Charles H. Paxton and Ronald F. Morales Jr., NWSO Tampa Bay Area)

07/15 SR/SSD 97-35 - OSF WSR-88D Operating Course Description Revised for Distance-Learning

08/01 SR/SSD 97-36 - Changes to Operational (Early) and Meso Eta Models (Geoff DiMego, Environmental Modeling Center, NCEP)

08/01 SR/SSD 97-37 - A Climatology of Tropical Cyclones Affecting the Texas Coast During El Niño/non-El Niño Years: 1900-1996 (John A. Cole and Steven R. Pfaff, NWSO Corpus Christi)

08/01 SR/SSD 97-38 - WSR-88D Teletraining Course for HMTs (WSR-88D Operational Support Facility; Operations Training Branch, Norman)

08/15 SR/HSD 97-3 - A History of QPF in Southern Region (Hydrologic Services Division, SRH, Fort Worth)

09/1 SR/HSD 97-4 - Fairfax Trip and Additional Comments (Alvin L. Hong, NWSFO Tulsa)

09/01 SR/SSD 97-39 - Effects of Texas Panhandle Topography on Dryline Movement (Todd Lindley, NWSFO Amarillo)

09/01 SR/SSD 97-40 - Monthly Rainfall Climatology for Puerto Rico (Matt Carter and J. B. Elsner, Florida State University and Shawn Bennett, WSFO San Juan, PR)

09/01 SR/SSD 97-41 - Using WSR-88D Shear Products During Severe Storm Events (George R. Wilken, NWSFO Little Rock)

09/15 SR/SSD 97-42 - National Weather Association 22nd Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada, October 18-24, 1997 (Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants)

09/15 SR/SSD 97-43 - Tampa Bay Coastal Flooding Seminar, August 29, 1997 (Charles Paxton, NWSO Tampa Bay Area)

10/01 SR/HSD 97-5 - Preliminary Findings Since the Tulsa Flood Watch Program Began (Alvin L. Hong, NWSFO Tulsa)

10/01 SR/SSD 97-44 - A Profiler Analysis Program for AWIPS (Daniel R. Spaeth, NWSFO Tulsa)

10/15 SR/SSD 97-45 - Mean Areal Precipitation Climatology for Two Lower Mississippi River Basins (Keith Stellman and John Kuhn, LMRFC Slidell)

10/15 SR/SSD 97-46 - The Use of Forecast Rainfall Amounts in Zone Forecasts (John F. Robinson, NWSFO Little Rock)

11/01 SR/HSD 97-6 - The National Weather Service Tallahassee / U. S. Geological Survey River Gage Partnership (Robert Carle, NWSO Tallahassee and Marvin Franklin, US Geological Survey, Tallahassee)

11/01 SR/SSD 97-47 - El Paso, Texas, Precipitation and Its Relationship to the El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) (James A. Reynolds, NWSO El Paso)

11/01 SR/SSD 97-48 - Gulf Coast Winter Weather Workshop, Slidell, LA - Nov 12-13, 1997

11/01 SR/SSD 97-49 - Criteria for Severe Thunderstorm Warnings: Is a Change Needed in North Texas? (James P. Stefkovich, Warning and Coordination Meteorologist, NWSFO Fort Worth)

11/15 SR/SSD 97-50 - The "Everify" Temperature and Precipitation Forecast Verification Program (David R. Eversole, NWSO Mobile)

12/01 SR/HSD 97-7 - Implementation of Modernized Hydrologic Operations and Services in the National Weather Service: Overview and Status (Jon Roe, Mark Glaudemans, Charles Gobs, Paul Taylor, and Jeffrey Zimmerman, National Weather Service, Office of Hydrology, Silver Spring)

12/1 SR/SSD 97-51 - The Florida MesoNetwork: High Resolution Meteorological Observations in Florida (Charles Paxton and Andrew Nash, National Weather Service, Tampa Bay Area)

12/1 SR/SSD 97-52 - Houston/Galveston Coastal Flooding Seminar, November 14, 1997 (Robert C. Van Hoven, NWSO Houston)

12/15 SR/HSD 97-8 - El Niño, A Limited Study of Its Effects on the Rivers in the LMRFC Area (David B. Reed and Ethan A. Jolly, LMRFC, Slidell)

12/15 SR/SSD 97-53 - Summary of National QPE Workshop, Boulder, CO, November 18-20, 1997 (Tom Graziano, National Weather Service Office of Meteorology)

12/15 SR/SSD 97-54 - American Meteorological Society 78th Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, January 11-16, 1998 (Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants)

12/15 SR/SSD 97-55- The Heavy Rain and Flood Event of June 21-22, 1997 in South Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country (Robert Blaha and Bruce Thoren, NWS Austin/San Antonio)