SR/SSD 97-7 2-15-97

Technical Attachment


On February 18, 1997, a series of changes was implemented in both the operational early-Eta (48km/38level) model and the operational meso-Eta (29km/50level). These affect model physics as well as processing and output. A brief description of the changes follows:

1. Model Changes

2. Post-Processor Code and Output Changes

These additional fields will be accessible via anonymous ftp on the nic server ( or The content and timeliness of the current Eta model products on the OSO server remains unchanged. The additional grids described above will be available on the OSO server in the near future.
Coming in the spring will be another set of model changes, and most significantly--the meso-Eta (29km/50level) will replace the early-Eta. The domain of the "new" early-meso Eta will be expanded over the current meso-domain (Figure 1 ), but it will remain smaller than the present early Eta. Here are highlights of other changes: