SR/SSD 97- 42


Technical Attachment

National Weather Association 22nd Annual Meeting

Reno, Nevada, October 18-24, 1997

Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants:

Coastal Convective Initiation in Summer as a Function of Seasonal Progression and Physiography. Paul Croft (Jackson State Univ.) and Jeffrey Medlin (NWSO Mobile).

Multiscale Analysis of Supercell Thunderstorms over North Mississippi and West and Middle Tennessee. Richard Smith (NWSFO Memphis).

Using WSR-88D Shear Products Duding Severe Storm Events. George Wilken (NWSFO Little Rock).

A Study of Fog/Low Clouds on the Upper Texas Coast. Brian Kyle and Carolyn Levert (NWSO Houston).

An Examination of Meteorological Conditions of a West Texas "Synoptic Type" Flash Flood Event and a Comparison of WSR-88D Rainfall Estimates. Steve Drillette (NWSFO Lubbock).

An Experimental Automated Decision Tree for Forecasting Heavy Rains from Mid-Latitude Synoptic Patterns in Louisiana. G. Alan Johnson and Jim Moser (NWSFO New Orleans Area).

Case Study of West Texas Convective Event Using the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS). Arthur Doggett (UCAR/COMET/NWSFO Lubbock).

East-Central Florida Rip Current Forecasting Program. Randy Lascody (NWSO Melbourne).

Floods on the Lower Mississippi -- An Historical Economic Overview. David R. Smith, Paul Trotter and G. Alan Johnson (NWSFO New Orleans Area).

High Resolution Visible Cloud Climatologies of the Florida Panhandle Sea Breeze Circulation under Stratified Synoptic Flow During the Summer Months. Kenneth Gould (NWSO Tallahassee).

Medium-Range Model Forecasts Asociated with Hurricane Lili. Alan Gerard (NWSFO Jackson).

The Precipitation and Ricks Index Stochastic Model (PRISM). Robert Ricks, Jr. (NWSFO New Orleans Area).

Use of Overlaid GOES 8, GOES 9, and METEOSAT IR and Water Vapor Imagery in Support of Shuttle Weather Forecasting. Dan Bellue (Spaceflight Meteorology Group/NASA Houston).

Utilization Of WSR-88D Data in Tracking Low Clouds for Space Shuttle Forecasts. Richard Lafosse (Spaceflight Meteorology Group/NASA Houston).

WSR-88D Observations of a Small Box Echo Occurring Behind a Pre-frontal Squall Line. Alan Gerard (NWSFO Jackson).

Operational WSR-88D View of the Jarrell Tornado Events. Jim Ward (NWSFO Austin/San Antonio). Included in Special Session on the Central Texas Tornado Outbreak of 27 May 1997, chaired by Jim Ward.

Use of Neural Networks to Produce Accurate Locally-Developed QPFs. Tony Hall (WGRFC Fort Worth).

Mean Areal Precipitation Climatology over the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center. Keith Stellman, John Kuhn, Dave Reed and Jeff Graschel (LMRFC Slidell).

The Spaceflight Meteorology Group's Use of GOS Satellite Derived Products for Space Shuttle Weather Forecasting. Mark Keehn and Karen Shelton-Mur (Spaceflight Meteorology Group/NASA Houston).

Introducing FREDD: A Workstation Featuring Computer-Generated Aviation Forecasts and Comprehensive Forecast Verification. TOM Hicks (CWSU Fort Worth).

Cumulative Results from 1995-1997 of the Summertime Sea Breeze Forecasting Project at the Tallahassee NWSO. Kenneth Gould, Andrew Watson, Jeffrey Fournier, and Christopher Herbster (NWSO Tallahassee).

Operational Use of Three-Dimensional Equivalent Potential Vorticity Fields for Forecasting Conditional Symmetric Instability. Arthur Doggett IV (UCAR/COMET/NWSFO Lubbock).

NOAA Weather Radio Promotional Ideas for a New Century. Kenneth Graham (NWSFO New Orleans Area).

An Investigation of Tornado and Thunderstorm Deaths in Florida. Bart Hagemeyer (NWSO Melbourne).

An Overview of the National Hurricane Center's Tropical Cyclone Prediction Models. Bernard Meisner (SSD/NWS Southern Region Headquarters, Fort Worth).

An Idealized 5 Km Resolution Run of the MM5 Under Light and Variable Synoptic Flow over the Florida Panhandle During the Summer. Kenneth Gould, Christopher Herbster and Jeffrey Fournier (NWSO Tallahassee).

COMET Partners project.

COMET Post-Doc appointment.

Also Participating:

Panel Discussion: Weather Analysis and Forecasting -- Severe Weather/Convection. Jim Stefkovich, Chairman (NWSFO Fort Worth).