SR/SSD 97-25 6-1-97

Technical Attachment


Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Forecasters:

Using the tropical Z/R relation to improve radar precipitation estimates during a heavy rain event in southeast Texas. Lance Wood (NWSO Lake Charles).

The origin and evolution of the WSR-88D mesocyclone recognition nomogram. Dave Andra (NWSFO Norman).

A method of using the relationship between VIL and echo top to determine warning criteria. Tim Troutman and Mark Rose (NWSO Nashville).

An early assessment of the Warning Decision Support System in potential support of the nation's space program. Dave Sharp (NWSO Melbourne).

VIL density and associated hail size along the northwest Gulf coast. Charles Roeseler (NWSO Houston) and Lance Wood (NWSO Lake Charles).

Observations of vortex shedding in a tornadic supercell thunderstorm. Mike Foster and Alan Moller (NWSFO Fort Worth), Greg Stumpf (NSSL),and Louis Wicker (Texas A&M).

Rear flank downdraft boundary induced tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama. Rusty Pfost (NWSFO Jackson), Kevin Pence (NWSFO Birmingham), and J.W. Conway.

A radar interpretation of the Ft. Smith/Van Buren, Arkansas, tornado of 21 April 1996. Steve Piltz and Stephen Hrebenach (NWSO Tulsa).

Tornadic thunderstorms as seen by several WSR-88Ds: Contrasting perspectives. Irv Watson, R. C. Goree, J.A. Fries, and G. J. Mollere (NWSO Tallahassee).

Environmental and WSR-88D analysis of the 30 March 1996 severe hail event over west-central Florida. John McMichael and Waylon Collins (NWSO Tampa Bay Area).

WSR-88D observations of a small bow echo embedded in widespread stratiform rainfall. Alan Gerard (NWSFO Jackson).

Radar analysis of a supercell and bow echo evolution over the Texas coastal plains. Andy Patrick, John Cole, and John Metz (NWSO Corpus Christi).

Fluctuation in squall line intensity and coherence in the vicinity of the Balcones Escarpment in central Texas. Nezette Rydell (NWSFO Austin/San Antonio) and Kevin Kloesel (Florida State University).

Tornadogenesis as a result of supercell and squall line interaction over southwest Texas. Jeffrey Orrock and Clifford Cole (NWSFO Austin/San Antonio).

Meso-vortices observed in the eye of Hurricane Bertha by the Puerto Rico WSR-88D. John Wright and Shawn Bennett (NWSFO San Juan).

Lessons learned in configuring and using the NEXRAD (WSR-88D) radar for detection of tropical cyclone induced tornadoes. Pat Welsh (NWSO Jacksonville).

In addition, Mike Foster (Fort Worth), Rusty Pfost (Jackson), and Irv Watson (Tallahassee) are session co-chairpersons. All are SOOs at their respective NWSFOs.