SR/SSD 96-9


Technical Attachment


February 19-23, 1996

San Francisco, California

Contributions from NWS Southern Region Participants


The Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak of March 27, 1994. Josh Korotky (NWSO Tallahassee) and H. E. Fuelberg (FSU).

Structure and Evolution of the 1994 Palm Sunday Tornadic Storms and Their Near Mesoscale Environment. Kevin R. Knupp (Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville), R. L. Clymer, E. McGaul, and Kevin Pence (NWSFO Birmingham).

STORMTIPE-95: A Convective Storm Forecast Experiment Using a Three-Dimensional Cloud Model. Mike Kay, L. J. Wicker (Texas A&M/CIAMS), and Mike Foster (NWSFO Fort Worth).

Integration of Lightning Detection Systems in a Modernized National Weather Service Office. Stephen Hodanish (NWSO Melbourne).

An Examination of Tornadogenesis Within Convective Lines: The 28 November 1994 Case Study. Robert Clymer, K. R. Knupp (Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville), and Kevin Pence (NWSFO Birmingham).

Spectrum of Northern Alabama Tornadic Thunderstorms as Depicted by WSR-88D Radars. Kevin Pence, B. E. Peters, R. A. Murphy and J. A. Westland (NWSFO Birmingham).


The Thomasville, Georgia, Supercell Hailstorm of 28 January 1995. Eric Lenning (FSU/CITM), Josh Korotky (NWSO Tallahassee), and H. E. Fuelberg.

A WSR-88D Analysis of a Cool Season, Elevated High-Precipitation Supercell. Ed Calianese, Jr., A. R. Moller, and E. B. Curran (NWSFO Fort Worth).

Integrating the Use of the WSR-88D with Other Data Sources During the Severe Convective Events of 25 May 1994 in West Texas. G. Loren Phillips, J. W. Lipe, L. J. Vannozzi, and J. E. Weaver (NWSFO Lubbock).

An Analysis of Severe Weather Reports for the New Tallahassee, Florida, County Warning Area. Eric Lenning, H. E. Fuelberg (FSU/CITM), and Bob Goree (NWSO Tallahassee).

A Survey of Supercells over East Central Florida: Documentation of the 3 May 1994 Severe Weather Episode. David Sharp and S. Hodanish (NWSO Melbourne).

The Thunderstorm Project, 1946-1949. Dan Smith (NWS Southern Region/SSD) and Roscoe Braham, Jr.

Severe Storm Warning Decisions: Operational Impact of Multiple Radars. Christopher Sohl (NWSFO Norman), E. M. Quoetone, and L. R. Lemon.

The 1995 NSSL Warning Decision Support System Test at the Fort Worth National Weather Service Forecast Office. Gregory Stumpf (NSSL) and Mike Foster (NWSFO Fort Worth).

VIL Density as a Hail Indicator. Steven Amburn and Peter Wolf (NWSO Tulsa).

Use or WSR-88D in Waterspout Nowcasting. Waylon Collins (NWSO Tampa Bay Area).


Bill Read (MIC, NWSO Houston) co-chaired the conference program committee with Mike Biggerstaff and Louis Wicker (Texas A&M), and moderated this special session.