SR/SSD 96-54 12-15-96

Technical Attachment

January 7-9, 1997
Norman, Oklahoma

Contributions from NWS Southern Region Participants

Large Rainfall Estimate Discrepancies During a Heavy Rain Event. John Cole (NWSO Corpus Christi)

A Comparison Between the Tropical and Default Z-R Relations During a Heavy Rainfall Event. Lance Wood (NWSO Lake Charles)

A Radar Evaluation of Land falling Supercells in the Outer Spiral Rainband of Hurricane Opal. Mike Koziara (NWSFO New Orleans) and Joe Maniscalco (NWSO Mobile)

Overview of Tropical Cyclone Spawned Meso-Cyclones. Scott Spratt (NWSO Melbourne)

Tornadoes Spawned by Tropical Storm Dean's Outer Rainband. Josh Lichter (NWSO Houston)

Doppler Radar Estimates of Wind Speeds During Landfall of Hurricane Hortense. Rafael Mojica (NWSFO San Juan)

Spaceflight Meteorology Group's Utility of WSR-88D Base Reflectivities in Tracking Low Clouds. Richard Lafosse (SMG Houston)

Long-lived Shallow but Tornadic mesocyclones During Tropical Storm Josephine. Andy Nash (NWSO, Tampa Bay)

The Effects of Radar Calibration Errors on Brownsville WSR-88D Rainfall Estimations During a Tropical Depression Event. Mark Jackson (NWSO Brownsville)

Small-Scale Elements in the Maritime Tropical Environment Leading to the production of Severe Weather. Thomas Warner (NWSFO Miami)

Radar Detection of Tornadoes Associated with Land falling Hurricanes. Pat Welsh (NWSO Jacksonville)

The Comparison of WSR-88D Default Z-R Relationship with a Tropical Z-R Relationship for Hurricane Opal and Tropical Storm Josephine with Observed Rainfall Data. Jeff Wallenfang (NWSO Tallahassee)