SR/SSD 96-52

Technical Attachment

National Weather Association 21st Annual Meeting
Cocoa Beach, Florida
December 1-6, 1996

Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants

The Hall County, Texas, Isolated Supercell of May 6, 1996: A Low Precipitation Updraft (LPU) Storm Resulting in Very Large Hail. Donald Baker and Todd Lindley (NWSFO Lubbock).

Diagnosis of Summer Convective Initiation Under Weak Shear. Paul Croft (Jackson State University) and Jeff Medlin (NWSO Mobile).

The Presence of 65 dBZ Reflectivity as an Indicator of Severe Weather: Regional Perspectives from the Great Lakes and Gulf Coast. Alan Gerard (NWSFO Jackson).

Steps Toward Improving KMLB WSR-88D Rainfall Estimation During Tropical Systems. Peggy Glitto (NWSO Melbourne).

Forecasting Lightning for the 1996 Olympic Events in Orlando, Florida. Stephen Hodanish (NWSO Melbourne).

The Derecho of June 7-8, 1994. John Lewis and Charles Rickard (NWSFO Little Rock).

A Survey of 1996 Lightning Casualties in Florida. Charles Paxton and Ronald Morales (NWSO Tampa Bay Area).

A Funnel Cloud Observed within Sight of the Tallahassee WSR-88D Radar. Andrew Watson, Paul Duval, Michael Edmonston, and Frank Chupka (NWSO Tallahassee).

The Groundhog Day Tornado Event. Kent Kuyper, Al Sandrik, and Tommy Light (NWSO Jacksonville).

Hurricane Outer Rainband Tornado Structure. Pat Welsh (NWSO Jacksonville).

Non-Mesocyclone Tornadoes in Arkansas. George Wilken (NWSFO Little Rock).

Using Storm Data to Improve Warning Accuracy and Timeliness at NWSO Houston/Galveston. Gene Hafele and Brain Kyle (NWSO Houston).

A Southeast-Moving, Left-Front Quadrant of a Speed Maximum over Southeast Texas and the Associated Severe Weather. Kent Prochazka and Bill Read (NWSO Houston).

Development and Implementation of an Operational Sea Breeze Forecasting Methodology for the Florida Panhandle During the Convective Season. Ken Gould (NWSO Tallahassee).

Peninsular Florida Tornado Outbreaks: A Review and Look to the Future. Bart Hagemeyer (NWSO Melbourne).

The Role of the East Coast Sea Breeze to the Existence of Springtime Supercells over East-Central Florida. David Sharp (NWSO Melbourne).

Operations of the NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group. Frank Brody (SMG Houston).

The Applied Meteorology Unit at the National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida. David Sharp (NWSO Melbourne).

Workshop: The Decision to Warn -- A Look at the National Weather Service Warning Process and Associated Training Needs, presented by George Wilken (NWSFO Little Rock), Elizabeth Quoetone and John Ferree (WSR-88D OSF Norman).

Return to Launch Site Forecast Decision Using GOES-8 Imagery for the STS-78 Mission. Wayne Baggett and Dan Bellue (SMG Houston).

Strong Winds at Veracruz, Mexico, Associated with Polar Air Masses. Melinda Bailey, Cliff Cole, and Wayne Presnell (NWSO Houston).

Local Winds at Space Shuttle Landing Sites. Dan Bellue and Tim Garner (SMG Houston).

Weather Flight Rules for the Space Shuttle. Tim Garner, Dan Bellue, and Wayne Baggett (SMG Houston).

NOAA Weather Radio: Survey Results and Discussion. Kenneth Graham (NWSFO New Orleans Area).

The Use of Neural Networks to Produce Accurate Locally-Developed QPFs. Tony Hall (WGRFC Fort Worth).

Analysis of the 30-31 March 1996 Severe Weather Event over East-Central Florida. Stephen Hodanish (NWSO Melbourne).

The Jacksonville Area Sea Breeze Experiment (JASBEX) 95: Putting Together a Cooperative Data Gathering Experiment on the Sea Breeze of the Atlantic Coast of Florida and Georgia. Al Sandrik and Pat Welsh (NWSO Jacksonville) and Barbara Ives (Navy Reserve).

Spaceflight Meteorology Group's Mission Procedures in Support of the Space Shuttle Program. Karl Silverman and Richard Lafosse (SMG Houston).

Use of the WSR-88D Combined Shear Product to Detect Frontal Vortices and Subtle Tornadic Signatures. George Wilken (NWSFO Little Rock).

A Spectrum of Mesoscale Circulations Observed within Tropical Cyclone Rain Bands. Scott Spratt and Stephen Hodanish (NWSO Melbourne).

Analysis of an Experimental Lightning System at the National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida. Stephen Hodanish (NWSO Melbourne).

A Study of WSR-88D Hail Detection Algorithms Along the Northern Gulf Coast. Eric Lenning and Henry Fuelberg (Florida State University) and Andrew Watson (NWSO Tallahassee).

Radar Detected Mesocyclones within Tropical Storm Gordon. Scott Spratt and David Sharp (NWSO Melbourne).

Project TWISTER - Severe Weather Forecasting Experience for Students and Teachers. Gary Woodall (SRH/Meteorological Services Division), Kerri Richmond (Snow Heights Elementary School, Fort Worth), and Darla Wilson (Mansfield High School, Texas).

Verification of QPFs Used at River Forecast Centers. Eric Jones, Jeff Graschel, and John Kuhn (LMRFC Slidell).

Jacksonville Area Sea Breeze Experiment (JASBEX) 95: Analysis of the Sea Breeze Convective Initiation with Mesoscale Numerical Modeling Studies. Pablo Santos, Pat Welsh, and Al Sandrik (NWSO Jacksonville) and Chris Herbster (COMET post-doc, NWSO Tallahassee).

On the Use of Neural Networks to Produce QPFs at the West Gulf RFC: What Have We Learned? Greg Story (WGRFC Fort Worth).

QPF Techniques Performance During Heavy Rain Events over Southeast Louisiana. Robert Ricks and Alan Johnson (NWSFO New Orleans Area).

Integrating Real-Time WSR-88D Data with a McIDAS-X System. Tim Oram (SMG Houston) and Bryan Batson, Walker Magnum, and Brice Bigerstaff (UNISYS Space Systems).