SR/SSD 96-44 11-1-96

Technical Attachment

A Survey of Research Related to
WSR-88D Meteorological Algorithms

Request for Information

The Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD) program is developing plans to improve the initial suite of meteorological algorithms and to assess unfulfilled or new operational requirements. As in recent years, a survey is being taken of all organizations involved in related research in order to keep abreast of developments and to become aware of possible future NEXRAD technical development participants.

An overview of the NEXRAD program and the WSR-88D system is given by Crum and Alberty (1993). A review of the current algorithm-generated WSR-88D products can be found in the article by Klazura and Imy (1993). A comprehensive algorithm description is given in Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 11, Part C (1991).

Current WSR-88D algorithm-generated products and displays include:

Specific prioritized technical needs that have been identified are:

A short synopsis (1-2 pages) is requested from individuals and organizations conducting work directly or indirectly related to WSR-88D algorithms, products, and/or technical needs. Interest extends not only to radar meteorological research, but to related activity such as feature detection and tracking. Submitted information should include the name of the organization, a short description of the current or recent work, the names of contact persons (including telephone numbers and E-mail addresses), Home Page address, and either references to or reprints of relevant publications, conference papers, and other reports The information will be compiled in a summary report and will be distributed to all respondents. [A limited number of reports from last years survey are still available ] The deadline for submissions is December 6, 1996. For further information contact.

W. David Zittel
Applications Branch
WSR-88D Operational Support Facility
1200 Westheimer Drive
Norman, OK 73069
Telephone: (405) 366 6530, ext. 2287
Fax: (405) 366 2901
E-mail: wzittel @


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Crum, T.D., and R.L. Alberty, and D.W. Burgess, 1993: Recording, archiving, and using WSR88D data Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 74, 645-653

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Klazura, G.E., and D.A. Lrny, 1993: A description of the initial set of analysis products available from the NEXRAD WSR-88D system Bull Amer. Meteor. Soc., 74, 1293-1311.