SR SSD 2001-28

Technical Attachment

82nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

January 13-17, 2002
Orlando, Florida

Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants.

Symposium on Observations:

10 Years of Daily Forecast Verification, by Dan Bellue (SMG Houston).

3rd Symposium on Environmental Applications:

Fire Danger Assessment in Florida, by Arlene Laing (Univ. of South Florida) and Charlie Paxton (WFO Tampa Bay Area).

18th International Conf. on IIPS for Meteorology, Oceanography and Hydrology:

Application of the PSU/NCAR MM5 to Forecast Operations over the Texas Coastal Bend, by Waylon Collins (WFO Corpus Christi).

AWIPS Aviation Workstation, by Paul Kirkwood (SRH/SOD Fort Worth) and David Hotz (WFO Morristown).

The Use of D3D when Examining Tropical Cyclones, by Andrew I. Watson, Jeff Fournier and Todd Lericos (WFO Tallahassee) and Ed Szoke (NOAA/FSL Boulder).

Effective Use of AWIPS Warning Systems at NWS Tampa Bay, by Barry Goldsmith and Ron Morales (WFO Tampa Bay Area).

Realtime Integration of the SLOSH Model and the NWS River Forecast System on the AWIPS Platform, by Eric Jones (LMRFC Slidell).

Better Understanding of QG Theory Through the Use of D3D, by Andrew I. Watson, Jeff Fournier and Todd Lericos (WFO Tallahassee) and Ed Szoke (NOAA/FSL Boulder).

Accessing Marine Data for AWIPS Applications at NWS Corpus Christi, by Andrew Patrick (WFO Corpus Christi).

Technological Advances at the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center Using GIS Technology, by Keith Stellman, Dave Reed and David Welch (LMRFC Slidell).

Dissemination of Weather Graphics at NWS Corpus Christi, by Andrew Patrick, Ken Graham and J.M. Coyne (WFO Corpus Christi).

16th Conf. on Probability and Statistics in the Atmospheric Sciences:

Workstation Eta Verification Efforts at the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center, by Steven Listemaa (LMRFC Slidell).

Experimental Forecasting of Cool Season "Storminess" over Florida and the Southern United States from the ENSO Signal Using Multiple Linear Regression Techniques, by Bart Hagemeyer (WFO Melbourne).

10th Conf. on Hydrology:

The October 3-4, 2000 Heavy Precipitation/Flash Flood Event Across South Florida, by Pablo Santos and Guy Rader (WFO Miami) and D. Brown (NCEP/NHC Miami).

Seasonal Characteristics of the Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean Basin Water Budget During One Semi-Annual Cycle as Retrieved from Satellite, by Pablo Santos (WFO Miami) and Eric Smith (Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville).

Interactive Symposium on AWIPS:

Local Data Analysis on AWIPS at NWS Melbourne, FL, by Peter Blottman, Scott Spratt and Dave Sharp (WFO Melbourne), and Ken Waters and Bernard Meisner (SRH/SSD Fort Worth).

Verification of Local Modeling at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Miami, Florida, and Ingest of Local Data into LAPS and MSAS in AWIPS, by Pablo Santos and Rusty Pfost (WFO Miami).

IFPS Implementation in the Southern Region, Bill Proenza, Steven Cooper and Dan Smith (SRH Fort Worth).

GFE Methodology and Extended Capabilities, by Charlie Paxton (WFO Tampa Bay Area) and Tracy Hansen (NOAA/FSL Boulder).

Experiences with a Grid-Based Forecasting Approach Using IFPS at the Tulsa WFO, by Steven Nelson, Eric Howieson and Steve Amburn (WFO Tulsa).

Using "Storm Info Master" (SIM), SOOVER, TAFTRACK and other AWIPS Applications Locally Developed at WFO Tulsa, by James Frederick and Steve Amburn (WFO Tulsa).

AWIPS as a Global Meteorological Analysis and Display System, by Mark Keehn (SMG Houston).

Also participating:

Alan Gerard (WFO Jackson) - session chairman
Pat Welsh (WFO Jacksonville) - session chairman
Paul Duval (WFO Tallahassee) - AMS Board for Operational Government Meteorologists
Jon Zeitler (WFO Houston) - AMS Board of School and Popular Meteorological and Oceanographic Education
Regina Garza (SERFC Atlanta) - AMS Board for Operational Government Meteorologists