SR SSD 2001-23


Technical Attachment

Warning Event Simulator Available Case Studies

Below is the list of case studies compatible with the Warning Event Simulator (WES) that are available for immediate distribution. This means that the localization has been developed to support the WES and the files have been broken into CD-size pieces. COMET will be able to distribute these cases to interested offices in September.

COMET continues to work on converting existing AWIPS cases from HP-UX to Linux and plans to have them completed by the end of September. For a complete list of cases available in AWIPS format see the Web site ( In addition, COMET plans to have the Tropical Storm Allison case study built by the end of September.

Awips Cases Available for Immediate Distribution

(You received one of these cases with the Warning Event Simulator software)

8 April 1998 Birmingham Tornado (BMX localization)
31 May 1998 Albany Tornado (ALY localization)
29 June 1998 Iowa Bow Echo (DMX localization)
11 Aug 1999 Salt Lake City Tornado (SLC localization)

Cases Undergoing Testing:

11 Aug 1999 Long Island Flood (OKX localization)
25 January 2000 East Coast Explosive Cyclogenesis (two localizations are available: RAH and LWX)

These cases initially sent with the Linux version of D2D need to be modified to work with the Warning Event Simulator:

30 October 1998 Wichita Halloween Flood (ICT localization)
9 November 1998 Winter Severe Weather (FSD localization)