SR SSD 2001-18

Technical Attachment

American Meteorological Society

18th Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting
14th Conference on NWP
Ninth Conference on Mesoscale Processes

July 30 - August 2, 2001
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants.

18th Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting and 14th Conference on NWP:

Utilizing the Warning Decision Support System for Detecting Tornadoes associated with Tropical Storm Helene, by T.J. Turnage (WFO Tallahassee).

Improving Forecasts of Dense Fog over North Florida, by Mark R. Jarvis, Henry E. Fuelberg and Paul H. Ruscher (Florida State Univ.), and Andrew I. Watson (WFO Tallahassee).

High Resolution Precipitation Climatologies from Radar Data, by Henry E. Fuelberg, Gregory S. Quina and Bryan A. Mroczka (Florida State Univ.), and Richard J. Lanier, Judith S. Bradberry and Jay P. Breidenbach (WFO Tallahassee).

An Operational Local Data Integration System (LDIS) at WFO Melbourne, by Peter E. Blottman, Scott M. Spratt, David W. Sharp, and Anthony J. Cristaldi III (WFO Melbourne), and Jonathan L. Case and John Manobianco (NASA/Applied Meteorology Unit/ENSCO, Inc.).

Experiences From SCRAPE2000 - Summer Convective Rainfall in Alabama Prediction Experiment, by Tom Bradshaw (WFO Birmingham).

Wildfire Outbreak and Suppression: Cases from 1998 Florida Wildfires, by Charles H. Paxton (WFO Tampa Bay Area), Arlene G. Laing and Scott L. Goodrick (Univ. of South Florida), and Charles Maxwell (WFO Tampa Bay Area).

An Evaluation of the National Weather Service Severe Weather Warning Performance in Florida Based on the Weather Surveillance Radar - 1988 (WSR-88D), by Fred Johnson and Pat Welsh (WFO Jacksonville), and Chris Herbster (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.).

Ninth Conference on Mesoscale Processes:

Evaluation of the MM5 and Workstation Eta Models near Tallahassee, Florida, by Todd P. Lericos, T.J. Turnage, Andrew I. Watson (WFO Tallahassee) and Henry E. Fuelberg and Scott Goodrick (Florida State Univ.).

Analysis of Warm-Season Morning Convection across the Southern Great Plains, by John Haynes (Univ. of Oklahoma), Carl Hane (NSSL), David Andra (WFO Norman), Ed Berry (WFO Dodge City), Fred Carr (Univ. of Oklahoma), and R. Rabin (NSSL).

The Mesoscale Environment and Lightning Distribution during the 1998 Florida Wildfires, by Arlene G. Laing (Univ. of South Florida), Charles H. Paxton (WFO Tampa Bay Area), Scott L. Goodrick (Univ. of Florida), and David Sharp and Peter F. Blottman (WFO Melbourne).