SR SSD 2001-02

Technical Attachment
American Meteorological Society
81st Annual Meeting - Albuquerque, New Mexico

January 14-19, 2001

Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants.

Warm Season Lightning Distributions over the Florida Peninsula as Related to Synoptic Patterns. Todd Lericos (WFO Tallahassee).

Basic Landfalling Tropical Cyclone Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting. Russell Pfost (WFO Miami).

Graphically Depicting Threat Assessment Information for Flood Situations in East Central Florida. Scott Spratt (Melbourne).

Integration of NOS and TCOON Data into AWIPS Operations. Andy Patrick (Corpus Christi).

The Development and Utilization of Graphical Forecasts at NWS Corpus Christi. Mike Coyne and Andy Patrick (WFO Corpus Christi).

Extreme Rains in South Texas Associated with Tropical Storm Charley (1998). Jim Ward (WFO Austin/San Antonio).

October 1998 Extreme Rain over South Central Texas. Robert Blaha (WFO Austin/San Antonio).

Coach: Promising Results from an Operational Performance Support System at the Tulsa WFO. Steven Nelson (WFO Tulsa) and Lans Rothfusz (WFO Atlanta).

Improving Public Response to Hurricane Flooding. Jim Lushine (WFO Miami).

Weather Education in Arkansas. George Wilken (WFO Little Rock).

Effects of Using Different Stage III Techniques on Radar-Derived Rainfall Accumulations. Keith Stellman (RFC Slidell).

Developing Local QPF Using Neural Networks. Keith Stellman (RFC Slidell).

Increasing Weather Awareness in Local Schools through DataStreme: Experiences of the Albuquerque Local Implementation Team. Kerry Jones (WFO Albuquerque).

Modulation of ENSO-Related Climate Variations Across the Southwest U.S. by the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. C. Thornburgh and D.S. Gutzler (U. New Mexico), Charlie Liles and Deirdre Kann (WFO Albuquerque).

Also participating in the meeting:

Paul Duval (MIC, WFO Tallahassee) - Board for Operational Government Meteorologists.

Jon Zeitler (WFO Houston) - Board of School and Popular Meteorological and Oceanographic Education.