SR/SSD 2001-01


01/2000 SR/SSD 2000-1 - Index - Technical Attachments 1999

01/2000 SR/SSD 2000-2 -Twelve-hour Climatological Frequencies of Precipitation in South Florida (Daniel P. Brown, NCEP Tropical Prediction Center/NWSFO Miami, Florida)

01/2000 SR/SSD 2000-3 -Summary of NCEP Production Suite Review

01/2000 SR/SSD 2000-4 - International Training: Application of NWP Products (Shawn P. Bennett, SOO, NWSO Brownsville, Texas)

01/2000 SR/SSD 2000-5 - National Weather Service (NWS), University Assignment Program/Advanced Studies Program, Fall 2000 through Spring 2001

02/2000 SR/SSD 2000-6 - Tidal Model for the NWS River Forecast System: Results of a COMET Cooperative Project (Reggina Garza, SERFC, Atlanta and Scott C. Hagen, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL)

04/2000 SR/HSD 2000-1 - Gridded Percent of Normal Precipitation Mapping for the Arkansas and Red River Basins (John Schmidt and Bill Lawrence, ABRFC, Tulsa, OK)

04/2000 SR/SSD 2000-7 - Changes to the NCEP Nested Grid Model (NGM) (Eric Rogers, Mesoscale Modeling Branch, NCEP Environmental Modeling Center)

04/2000 SR/SSD 2000-8 - Interactive Forecast Preparation System Rapid Prototype Project, GFESuite Training Summary, November 15-18, 1999

04/2000 SR/SSD 2000-9 - Shadow Forecasting and the Spin-Up of Public Products: The NWSO Tallahassee Example (Ron Block and T. J. Turnage, National Weather Service Tallahassee, Florida)

04/2000 SR/SSD 2000-10 - Automated Lightning Detection and Ranging System: An Introduction and Overview

05/2000 SR/SSD 2000-11 - American Meteorological Society 24th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology, May 29-June 2, 2000 (Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants)

05/2000 SR/SSD 2000-12 - Communicating the Threat in Warnings and Statements: Call to Action Statements (Richard Smith, NWS SRH MSD)

05/2000 SR/SSD 2000-13 - Three Meteorologists Experience the Fort Worth Tornado Firsthand (Charlie Paxton and John McMichael, NWSO Tampa Bay Area and David Hotz, NWSO Morristown)

6/2000 SR/SSD 2000-14 - Professional Development at WFO Tulsa (Steven A. Amburn, WFO Tulsa, OK)

6/2000 SR/SSD 2000-15 - A Field Forecaster Visits the NOAA Science Center and NWS Headquarters (Kennard "Chip" Kasper, NWSO Key West, Florida)

6/2000 SR/SSD 2000-16 - Manning the Southern Region Operations Center (ROC) (Ronald F. Morales, Jr., NWSO Tampa Bay - Ruskin, Florida)

7/2000 SR/SSD2000-17 - American Meteorological Society 20th Conference on Severe Local Storms and Ninth Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology, September 11-15, 2000 (Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants.)

7/2000 SR/SSD 2000-18 - Bret: A Major Hurricane Landfall in Deep South Texas (Shawn P. Bennett, NWSO Brownsville, Texas and Andrew Patrick, NWSO Corpus Christi, Texas)

8/2000 SR/SSD 2000-19 - Safety Total Health Newsletter (A publication of the JSC Safety & Total Health Planning Committee - Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX)

8/2000 SR/SSD 2000-20 - Recent Additions to MOS Guidance Packages (Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region)

8/2000 SR/SSD 2000-21 - The Mesoscale Verification Program in East-Central Florida (Timothy W. Troutman, WFO Melbourne, FL)

9/2000 SR/SSD 2000-22 - Centennial of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 NWS Activities During 2000 (Bill Read, WFO Houston/Galveston, TX)

9/2000 SR/SSD 2000-23 - Special Report on Galveston Hurricane, September 8, 1900 (I. M. Cline, Local Forecast Official and Section Director)

9/2000 SR/SSD 2000-24 - Experiences from SCRAPE 99 Summer Convective Rainfall in Alabama Prediction Experiment (Tom Bradshaw, WFO Birmingham, AL and Mike Garrison, WSO Huntsville, AL)

9/2000 SR/SSD 2000-25 - Using 1000-925 mb Thicknesses in Forecasting Minimum Temperatures at Nashville, Tennessee (Mark A. Rose, WFO Nashville, TN)

10/2000 SR/SSD 2000-26 - National Weather Association - 25th Annual Meeting, Gaithersburg, Maryland, October 14-20, 2000 (Presentations by NWS Southern Region Participants)

10/2000 SR/SSD 2000-27 - Graphically Depicting East-Central Florida Hazardous Weather Forecasts (David W. Sharp, David L. Jacobs, John Pendergrast, Scott M. Spratt, Peter F. Blottman, and Bartlett C. Hagemeyer, WFO Melbourne, FL)

10/2000 SR/SSD 2000-28 - Recent Changes to the Operational Meso-Eta Model System (Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region Headquarters)

10/2000 SR/SSD 2000-29 - Familiarization Flight Trip Report, A NOAA Reconnaissance Mission into T.D. 12 (Scott M. Spratt and Anthony J. Cristaldi, WFO Melbourne, FL)

11/2000 SR/SSD 2000-30 - Trip Report: International Aeronautical Training (Shawn Bennett, WFO Brownsville, TX)

12/2000 SR/SSD 2000-31 - Development of a Deployable Impromptu Mesoscale Web-Enabled Network (Pat Welsh, WFO Jacksonville, FL)

12/2000 SR/SSD 2000-32 - Numerical Models, Model Output, and Related Items (Including Training) (Bernard N. Meisner, Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region)

12/2000 SR/SSD 2000-33 - Conducting Radar Drills On-Line at WFO Tulsa (Eric D. Howieson, WFO Tulsa, OK)

12/2000 SR/SSD 2000-34 - AWIPS Local Applications Database (Edward Mandel, Local Applications Working Group)