SR SSD 2000-26

Technical Attachment

National Weather Association - 25th Annual Meeting

Gaithersburg, Maryland
October 14-20, 2000

Presentations by NWS Southern Region Participants.

Isaac's Storm: Can It Happen Again? Bill Read (WFO Houston/Galveston).

Southwest Georgia Tornado Outbreak of 13-14 February, 2000: An Assessment of WSR-88D Tornado Detection Skill. T.J. Turnage (WFO Tallahassee), Robert R. Lee (OSF Norman), and E. Dewayne Mitchell (NSSL Norman).

The Use of Satellite Precipitation Estimates to Supplement WSR-88D Estimates and Gauge Observations at WGRFC: A Pilot Project. Gregory J. Story (WGRFC Fort Worth) and Michael A. Fortune (OH/NWSH Silver Spring).

Analysis of a Rare Hailstorm in New Orleans, Louisiana. G. Alan Johnson, Robert Ricks and Mike Shields (WFO New Orleans Area).

Under-Reporting of Heat and Cold Related Deaths in Florida. James B. Lushine (WFO Miami).

Severe Weather Warning Verification for the NWS Jackson, MS, County Warning and Forecast Area. Alan Gerard and Clay Morgan (WFO Jackson).

WFO Experience Running a Mesoscale Model: Comparing Precipitation Output to NCEP Operational Models. Clay Anderson and Jimmy Don Ward (WFO Austin/San Antonio).

Arkansas "Tornado Alley:" The I-30/U.S. 67 Corridor. George Wilken (WFO Little Rock).

Utilizing the NSSL Next Generation Warning Decision Support System in Real-Time Warning Operations. Alan Gerard (WFO Jackson) and J. William Conway (NSSL Norman).

NCEP'S Model Output Soundings and Meteograms: New Guidance for Aviation Forecasts. Bernard N. Meisner (SSD/SRH Fort Worth).

Graphically Depicting the Daily Hazardous Weather Outlook for Florida. David W. Sharp, John C. Pendergrast and David L. Jacobs (WFO Melbourne).

Climate Crisis 2000: The Impact of an Extreme Drought and Other Climate Influences on the Central Gulf Coast States. Robert J. Ricks, Jr., and Paul S. Trotter (WFO New Orleans Area).

Development of a Low Pressure Index as a Proxy for Dry Season Severe Weather in Florida and Its Relationship with ENSO. Bartlett C. Hagemeyer (WFO Melbourne).

An Overview of a Cool Season Tornadic Supercell over Central Mississippi. Greg Garrett, Alan Gerard and Clay Morgan (WFO Jackson).

Analysis of a Thunderstorm Downburst over Northeast Broward County, Florida. Guy E. Rader (WFO Miami).

Flight Weather a Go! Spaceflight Meteorology Group Support to the Manned Space Program over the Past 25 Years and a Little More. Timothy D. Oram (CSOC, Cimarron Software Services, Inc. Houston), and Dan G. Bellue, Karl A. Silverman and Mark J. Keehn (SMG Houston).

Some Thoughts Concerning National Weather Service Tornado Warnings, Observations and Suggestions for Improvement. Richard D. Smith (CWWD/SRH Fort Worth).

Taking the Message to the Masses: Neighborhood Weather Talks. Kenneth E. Graham (WFO Corpus Christi) and Richard D. Smith (CWWD/SRH Fort Worth).

Modeling and Visualization of a Record Meso-Snowfall Event in Jackson, MS. Paul J. Croft (Jackson State University), Alan Gerard (WFO Jackson), and Jan Hafner (Jackson State University).

Developing Local QPF Using Neural Networks. Keith Stellman, John Kuhn and Jeffrey Graschel (LMRFC Slidell).