SR SSD 2000-11

Technical Attachment

American Meteorological Society
24th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology
May 29-June 2, 2000

Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants.

The Active East Central Florida Hurricane Season of 1999. Scott Spratt, D.W. Sharp, D.S. Kelly, and M.W. Bragaw (NWSO Melbourne).

Utility of the WSR-88D Default and Tropical Z-R Relationships over South Texas during Hurricane Bret. Waylon Collins, B. Robert and A. Patrick (WFO Corpus Christi).

Meso-Vortices Observed by WSR-88D in the Inner Rainbands of Hurricanes Irene and Georges. John E. Wright (NWSFO Miami).

Hurricane Maximum Intensity: Past and Present. J. Parks Camp and M.T. Montgomery (NWSO Mobile).

Examining the Pre-Landfall Environment of Hurricane Outer Rainband Mesovortices. Scott Spratt (NWSO Melbourne), and F.D. Marks, Jr. and P.P. Dodge (NOAA/AOML/HRD Miami).

Hurricane Bret: A Major Hurricane Landfall in South Texas. Shawn Bennett (NWSO Brownsville).

The North Florida Hurricane of 29 September 1896, A Historical Case of Extreme Inland High Winds. Al Sandrik (NWSO Jacksonville), and B. Jarvinen and C. Landsea (NCEP/TPC).