Hail and/or Convective Wind Impact: HIGH

Hail Impact

For 3/4- to 7/8-inch hailstones: Minor to possibly moderate damage to shingles and siding on homes, as well as strip protective material from aircraft. If duration is at least 5 minutes, hail may accumulate in fields and cause minor to moderate damage to tender vegetation and early season crops. Significant accumulation may increase flood potential.

For 1- to 1 1/4-inch hailstones: May dimple or dent metal and wood surfaces such as tin roofs and automobiles. Will cause moderate damage to roofs, siding; will crack glass, especially if containing jagged edges. People caught in this size hail may suffer minor injuries. Moderate crop damage is likely. Significant accumulation may increase flood potential.

Wind Gust Impact

Minor damage may occur to many mobile homes. Poorly constructed homes may receive some wall damage and partial roof removal. A few houses may have minor damage to roof shingles and siding. A few pool cages and lanai screens will be damaged. Unsecured light weight items may become projectiles, causing additional damage. Some electrical wires will be blown down, and local power outages are likely.

Most newly planted trees and shrubs could be damaged or uprooted. Some small trees will be uprooted, and large branches will snap. Numerous small branches will separate from trees.