Inland Flood Impact: EXTREME

Widespread Catastrophic Flooding Possible!

Flash Flood Warning will be issued and impact area is usually larger than with high risk category. Residents in flood prone areas should rush to completion preparations to protect their property, then move to a place of safety. Mandatory evacuations may be underway in flood prone locations.

Life-threatening flooding is likely. In urban areas, extensive property damage will occur in all poor drainage areas, with moderate to major property damage elsewhere. Widespread power outages are likely.

In rural locations, all small streams and creeks will surpass bank full for more than 6 hours. Each will exceed their banks by several feet, flooding homes - even those up to one half mile away from the banks. In all areas, hundreds of roads will flood. Dozens of secondary roads may become washed out in rural areas. Numerous bridges will likely wash out as well.

Water levels will exceed 5 feet in all poor drainage urban areas, and average at least 2 feet elsewhere. All rivers in affected areas will rise; most will exceed flood stage. Quick rising rivers will exceed flood stage - and reach near record crests, causing inundation of nearby homes. In rural locations, extensive pasture flooding will occur as water levels rise to 2 feet or more. Widespread livestock losses are likely.