Coastal Flood Impact: HIGH

Coastal Inundation of Prone Communities Possible

All residents living on the shoreline will experience significant flooding during high tide. Homes will likely become uninhabitable in flood prone areas. Entire flood-prone coastal communities will be temporarily cutoff; water levels may exceed 6 feet more than a mile inland. Coastal residents of one story homes who do not evacuate will face life-threatening consequences; those in multi-story or multi-unit facilities risk being cutoff for days. Parked vehicles will be severely damaged in the flood zone.

Conditions produced by fast moving strong frontal systems associated with major winter storms, will be worsened by battering waves. Such waves will exacerbate property damage, including destruction of homes and washing away vehicles. Beach erosion will be substantial, and require months to clean up. Coastal Flood Warnings will be issued for non-tropical systems.