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The weather isn't the only thing we forecast in the National Weather Service. Streamflow prediction is another major program in our organization. As mentioned at the beginning of the tour, their are 13 River Forecast Centers (RFCs) across the U.S. The Southeast RFC (SERFC) serves our local hydrologic service area. The SERFC issues stage forecasts for specific points along rivers, special forecasts for rivers that are in flood, quantitative precipitation forecasts, and flash flood guidance. Here at the forecast office, we use this information to write Flood Potential or River Flood Outlooks, Flood Warnings and Statements, and urban and small stream flood advisories. We also collect river stage and rainfall observations and forward these to the SERFC. Our Senior Service Hydrologist oversees the hydrology programs at both the Tallahassee and Jacksonville forecast offices. Jacksonville serves southeast Georgia and northeast Florida. The image below is a screen shot from our Advanced Hydrologic Prediction System (AHPS) web page that shows many of the river gages that we monitor across the region. This particular event shows respsonses on area rivers on February 27, 2013 when many river forecast points were in moderate or major flood.

A screen shot of our Advanced Hydrologic Prediction System (AHPS) interactive map on February 27th showing all of the river forecast points that were in flood or forecast to flood. Click on the image for a larger view.

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