FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

Question Is there a telephone number available for a recording of the latest NWS weather forecast for Tallahassee?

Answer NWS Tallahasse is proud to announce that recordings of official NWS forecasts and observations are now available over the phone at (850) 942-8851. Using a menu system, you can now listen to current weather and forecast information that is played on NOAA Weather All Hazards Radio, including the local forecast, marine forecast, daily tides & sunrise/sunset information, the hourly weather roundup, tropical information (if available), and the short term forecast (if available). You can also speak directly to a National Weather Service Tallahassee forecaster 24 hours a day by calling (850) 942-8833. For continuous weather information, consider purchasing a NOAA Weather All Hazards Radio. These specially designed receivers provide up-to-the-minute information on local weather and immediate broadcast of severe weather warnings. The NOAA Weather Radio broadcast originates at the National Weather Service office in Tallahassee.

Question What do all the colors on the point forecast map mean?

Answer The colors represent different watch, warning, and advisory products issued by the National Weather Service. Additional details and a color key are avaliable here.

Question What are Red Flag Warnings & Fire Weather Watches?

Answer The National Weather Service (NWS) issues Red Flag Warnings & Fire Weather Watches to alert land management agencies of the onset, or possible onset, of critical weather and fuel moisture conditions that could lead to rapid or dramatic increases in wildfire activity. To learn more about these products, please refer to our web page on the topic.

Question What do all those contractions and technical words mean in your Area Forecast Discussions?

Answer Most of the more commonly used technical words and acronyms in our Area Forecast Discussions (AFDs) will appear as hyperlinks. Just click on the word, and a brief definition or explaination will appear in a pop-up window. A more complete weather glossary is available here and at the top of each AFD.

Question What if I have a question about marine weather and the Interactive Marine Observations?

Answer Since the Interactive Marine Observations pages are used worldwide, we have a created a seperate page just for questions related to the buoy network. Refer to our Marine/Buoy FAQ page. For marine forecasts and information on tides and other marine-related items, please refer to our Marine Weather page.

Question Where can I find information on hurricanes and tropical weather?

Answer If there are active tropical systems in the Atlantic basin (N. Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico), you can refer to our office's Tropical Weather page for the latest. Information from the latest advisories issued by the National Hurricane Center, for any named storm west of 60 N and south of 35 N, can be obtained by dialing (850) 942-8833, ext. 375, twenty-four hours a day. Most other information related to hurricanes and tropical storms can be obtained from the National Hurricane Center. Some of the more common questions about hurricanes are addressed in our Tropical FAQ page.

Question The forecasts or other products on this web page are old. What should I do?

Answer The first thing you should do is click the refresh or reload button on your web browser. If you recently visited our site, an old version of one of our products may be stored in your cache. If so, that one will be loaded into your browser. Sometimes, however, our server goes down which prevents the latest products from being posted. If this occurs, please notify the webmaster. Unfortunately, we cannot provide 24/7 support for this web page so it may take some time to fix the problem. If this is the case, please visit the Internet Weather Source where you will be able to find most, if not all, of the products available from our site.

Question Where can I find historical weather information or climate data?

Answer If you are interested in climate information for Tallahassee or other cities in Florida, Alabama, or Georgia ; refer to our Climate Data page. If you are looking for historical weather information for other U.S. locations, you can contact the National Climatic Data Center, one of the Regional Climate Centers, or one of the State Climatologists for your area of interest.

Question How can I access WSR-88D radar data? Is this data available on the Internet?

Answer WSR-88D (NEXRAD) data is now available directly from the National Weather Service. Use the interactive national interface to access Doppler radar data for anywhere in the 50 states, Puerto Rico or Guam. Our locally maintained radar page has been revamped to access local radars in the network. Four products are available: base reflectivity, composite reflectivity, one-hour radar estimated precipitation, and storm-total radar estimated precipitation. Each local radar page has a zoom feature and can be looped. There is also a handy interface in the upper left hand corner that allows you to jump easily between adjacent radars.

Question I can't find the forecast/information I am looking for here. Why don't you provide this information?

Answer While the National Weather Service does provide forecasts and observations for the entire United States, its territories and possessions, most of the data available via our home page at Tallahassee is specific to Florida, Georgia, or Alabama. However, we have included some helpful search engines to help you find information about weather elsewhere in the country. At the upper left of each of our web pages, you will find the "City-ZIP" search, which will allow you to search for weather information for any city or ZIP code nationwide. The NWS search near the upper right side of each page will allow you to do a general search of all NWS pages around the country. If you are having trouble finding a particular page on our site, use this search engine. Our Weather Links page also provides links to many government, collegiate, and international sites that provide a broader range of weather information.

Question Does it ever snow in Tallahassee?

Please see our snow information page.

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