1118 AM EDT Tue Apr 15 2014 /1018 AM CDT Tue Apr 15 2014/

...Heavy Rainfall Totals for April 14-15, 2014...

A round of rain and thunderstorms moved across the area Monday
Night and early Tuesday, producing heavy rainfall especially along
and south of Interstate 10. Below are select totals in excess of 
2 inches that are also sorted by county. Much of the rain fell in
about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Based on radar estimates and nearby observations, it is likely
that a band of 6-7 inch rainfall totals fell in an area without
many reports or observing stations from central Walton County, to
northern and central Washington County, to southern Jackson County.

In the city of Tallahassee, widespread 3-4 inch rain totals were 
common at most observations sites.

----------------------   -------------------  -------  -----------

7.7 NE Freeport          Walton (FL)           5.13     7:00AM CDT
4.3 W Freeport           Walton (FL)           4.41     8:30AM CDT
12.7 NE Niceville        Walton (FL)           4.15     7:00AM CDT
DeFuniak Springs         Walton (FL)           3.53     8:30AM CDT
4.0 SW Freeport          Walton (FL)           3.38     8:30AM CDT
DeFuniak Springs Airport Walton (FL)           2.86     8:30AM CDT
3.6 NW DeFuniak Springs  Walton (FL)           2.80     7:00AM CDT
5.3 NW DeFuniak Springs  Walton (FL)           2.74     7:00AM CDT
9.5 ESE Miramar Beach    Walton (FL)           2.47     7:00AM CDT

Geneva                   Geneva (AL)           2.00     7:00AM CDT

Tri County Airport       Holmes (FL)           2.58     8:30AM CDT

10.6 WSW Vernon          Washington (FL)       5.22     7:00AM CDT
4.0 SW Sunny Hills       Washington (FL)       3.78     8:30AM CDT

3.0 W Fountain           Bay (FL)              2.36     8:30AM CDT

3.0 S Cypress            Jackson (FL)          4.92     8:45AM CDT
Marianna NWFWMD Office   Jackson (FL)          4.78     7:10AM CDT

Chipola River near Altha Calhoun (FL)          3.77    10:00AM CDT
1.0 W Pine Island        Calhoun (FL)          3.00     5:36AM CDT

White City               Gulf (FL)             3.09     9:23AM CDT

Sumatra RAWS             Liberty (FL)          3.27    10:00AM EDT

4.2 SW Havana            Gadsden (FL)          3.99     7:00AM EDT
3.9 NNE Havana           Gadsden (FL)          3.39     7:00AM EDT
Chattahoochee            Gadsden (FL)          3.19    11:00AM EDT
7.5 SSW Quincy           Gadsden (FL)          2.23     8:00AM EDT
4.8 NW Havana            Gadsden (FL)          2.17    10:00AM EDT

Attapulgus Research Ctr  Decatur (GA)          2.75    10:30AM EDT
Attapulgus               Decatur (GA)          2.06    10:00AM EDT

Miccosukee               Leon (FL)             4.57    10:30AM EDT
Munson Slough nr Cap Cir Leon (FL)             3.83    10:30AM EDT
Tallahassee Airport      Leon (FL)             3.82    11:05AM EDT
Governors Square Mall    Leon (FL)             3.77    10:30AM EDT
Mabry St & Jackson Bluff Leon (FL)             3.73    10:30AM EDT
Jack Gaither Golf Course Leon (FL)             3.73    10:30AM EDT
Southwood Golf Course    Leon (FL)             3.67    10:30AM EDT
Rickards High School     Leon (FL)             3.64    10:30AM EDT
Interstate 10 MM 215     Leon (FL)             3.56    10:30AM EDT
Piney Z Neighborhood     Leon (FL)             3.53     9:05AM EDT
Betton Hills             Leon (FL)             3.52    10:25AM EDT
Hilaman Golf Course      Leon (FL)             3.49    10:30AM EDT
Leon High School         Leon (FL)             3.40    10:30AM EDT
Lincoln High School      Leon (FL)             3.40    10:30AM EDT
Eastgate Way             Leon (FL)             3.37    10:30AM EDT
NWS Office, FSU Campus   Leon (FL)             3.30    11:10AM EDT
Tallahassee City Hall    Leon (FL)             3.28    10:30AM EDT
Kate Sullivan Elementary Leon (FL)             3.24    10:30AM EDT
Lake Ella                Leon (FL)             3.23    10:30AM EDT
Woodville Elementary     Leon (FL)             3.23    10:40AM EDT
5.7 SE Tallahassee       Leon (FL)             3.21     7:15AM EDT
Apalachee Regional Park  Leon (FL)             3.21    10:25AM EDT
Maclay Road              Leon (FL)             3.16    10:20AM EDT
SE Side Lake Jackson     Leon (FL)             3.16    10:20AM EDT
San Luis Park            Leon (FL)             3.15    10:30AM EDT
SAIL High School         Leon (FL)             3.13    10:30AM EDT
Near Lake Tom John       Leon (FL)             3.11    10:30AM EDT
Chaires Elementary       Leon (FL)             3.07    10:35AM EDT
Ames Sink                Leon (FL)             3.05    10:30AM EDT
Godby High School        Leon (FL)             3.02    10:30AM EDT
Lake Iamonia Outfall     Leon (FL)             2.94    10:35AM EDT
Ctrville & Bridle Path   Leon (FL)             2.86    10:30AM EDT
Bannerman & Thomasville  Leon (FL)             2.75    10:30AM EDT
Lake Jackson Miller Lndg Leon (FL)             2.73    10:30AM EDT
Deerlake Middle School   Leon (FL)             2.70    10:20AM EDT
Killearn Estates         Leon (FL)             2.70    10:35AM EDT
Montford Middle School   Leon (FL)             2.65    10:35AM EDT
4.6 ESE Woodville        Leon (FL)             2.40    10:30AM EDT

4.9 NW Thomasville       Thomas (GA)           2.25    11:00AM EDT

Bloxham Forestry Center  Wakulla (FL)          3.92    10:30AM EDT
5.7 NW Wakulla Springs   Wakulla (FL)          3.59    10:40AM EDT
Sanborn RAWS             Wakulla (FL)          2.07    10:00AM EDT

1.0 N Dixie              Brooks (GA)           2.86    10:15AM EDT
4.6 SE Quitman           Brooks (GA)           2.70    11:00AM EDT

9.5 NE Monticello        Jefferson (FL)        3.56    11:00AM EDT
4.8 E Monticello         Jefferson (FL)        3.14     9:40AM EDT

Cherry Lake              Madison (FL)          2.49    10:45AM EDT

Near exit 5 I-75         Lowndes (GA)          4.44    11:00AM EDT
Clyattville              Lowndes (GA)          2.83    11:00AM EDT
4.8 NW Valdosta          Lowndes (GA)          2.57    11:00AM EDT
Valdosta Airport         Lowndes (GA)          2.43    11:05AM EDT
I-75 and US 84           Lowndes (GA)          2.07    10:45AM EDT


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