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Technical Attachments

One or more technical attachments are printed as part of each issue of the Southern Topics, a summary of activities and information related to employees in the NWS Southern Region. Below is an index of attachments issued over the past few years.

SR/STSD 2007-03 - The National Weather Service Estimated Actual Velocity Radar Tool, Ken Falk, WFO Shreveport
SR/STSD 2007-02 - An Integrated Warning Process for the 13 February 2007 Tornado Event in the New Orleans Area, Robert J. Ricks, Jr. and Michael Koziara, WFO New Orleans/Baton Rouge
SR/SSD 2007-01 - The Relationship Between Sea Surface Temperature Oscillations and Shreveport Climatology, Glenn D. Carrin, WFO Shreveport
SR/SSD 2006-06 - An Analysis of Aviation Verification Statistics for WFO Nashville, Mark A. Rose, WFO Nashville
SR/SSD 2006-05 - A Forecast Improvement Project at WFO Austin/San Antonio, G. Clay Anderson and Jon W. Zeitler, WFO Austin/San Antonio
SR/SSD 2006-04 - Great Smoky Mountain National Park Snowfall Analysis, David Hotz, WFO Knoxville/Tri-Cities
SR/SSD 2006-03 - Widespread Wind Damage from 2 June 2004 Derecho in the ArkLaTex, Bill Murrell, WFO Shreveport
SR/SSD 2006-02 - Operational Practices During the January 12, 2006 Wildfires and Frontal Passage in West Texas, Todd Lindley et al., WFO Lubbock
SR/SSD 2006-01 - Graphical Depictions of an Active Fire Weather Season in the Western Portions of Southern Region, Mark Fox, Science and Technology Services, SRH
SR/SSD 2005-05 - 30th National Weather Association Annual Meeting, Papers and Posters Authored or Co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participant
SR/MSB 2005-03 - WFO Midland's Expansion of School Outreach Through Volunteerism, Todd Lindley et al., WFO Midland/Odessa
SR/SSD 2005-04 - You Make The Call: Science Sharing Taken to a New Level, Jeffrey Cupo, WFO Midland/Odessa
SR/SSD 2005-03 - GFE Forecast Monitor, David Hotz and Lyle Wilson, WFO Knoxville/Tri-Cities
SR/MSB 2005-02 - The Success of Instant Messaging for Improving Communications with the Local Media, Faith Borden, WFO Birmingham
SR/SSD 2005-02 - MAV and FWC Ceiling and Visibility Verification Summaries: WFO Tulsa, Okla., Steve Amburn, WFO Tulsa
SR/ADM 2005-01 - Discovering Diversity Depots, Kenneth R. Widelski, WFO Lubbock and Jon W. Zeitler, WFO Austin/San Antonio
SR/MSB 2005-01 - 21'st Century NWS Warning Communications: The Future of Warning Dissemination is Here, Tim Troutman, WFO Huntsville; Ken Graham, WFO Birmingham; and Faith Borden, WFO Birmingham
SR/SSD 2005-01 - Technical Attachments 2004 (coming soon)
SR/SSD 2004-16 - Interagency Teamwork for Upper Atmosphere Research, Jeffrey Cupo, WFO Midland/Odessa
SR/SSD 2004-15 - 85th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Papers and Posters Authored or Co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participants
SR/SSD 2004-14 - The Incorporation of Lightning Climatologies into the IFPS, Irv Watson, et al., WFO Tallahassee
SR/SSD 2004-13 - The Application of Total Lightning in the Warning Decision Making Process, Priscilla V. Bridenstine, et al., WFO Huntsville
SR/SSD 2004-12 - Operational Applications of Lightning Data at WFO Melbourne, Fla.: A 15-Year Retrospective, David W. Sharp, WFO Melbourne
SR/SSD 2004-11 - AMS 22nd Severe Local Storms Conference and 11th Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology, Papers and Posters Authored or Co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participants
SR/SSD 2004-10 - 29th National Weather Association Annual Meeting, Papers and Posters Authored or Co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participants
SR/SSD 2004-09 - MAV/FWC Model Output and Forecaster Temperature Verification For NWFO Shreveport’s Forecast Area. Michael Berry & Bill Murrell, WFO Shreveport
SR/SSD 2004-08 - Essentials and Eccentricities of E-learning. Jon W. Zeitler, WFO Austin/San Antonio and Kenneth R. Widelski, WFO Lubbock
SR/SSD 2004-07 - A Comparison of MEX Guidance vs. Ensemble-based Temperature Forecasts, Loren C. Marz, WFO Knoxville/Tri-Cities
SR/SSD 2004-06 - Configuring WarnGen to Include Interstate Mile Marker Locations in Warnings, Doug Speheger, WFO Norman
SR/SSD 2004-05 - Record Atmospheric Water Vapor Measured, Seth Guttman, NOAA FSL
SR/SSD 2004-04 - An Overview of NHC Prediction Models, Bernard N. Meisner SRH/SSD
SR/SSD 2004-03 - Increased Risk of Freeze Events, Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies
SR/SSD 2004-02 - 84th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Papers and Posters Authored or Co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participants
SR/SSD 2004-01 - Technical Attachments 2003
SR/SSD 2003-20 - Improving Extended Period Verification Mark A. Fox and Roland Nunez, WFO Amarillo
SR/SSD 2003-19 - The Seasonal Influence of Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Oscillations Upon Continental U.S. Tornado Climatology for Tornadoes of F2 Intensity and Greater, Glenn D. Carrin, WFO Shreveport
SR/SSD 2003-18 - National Weather Association Annual Meeting, Jacksonville, Florida, October 19-23, 2003, Presentations authored or co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participants
SR/SSD 2003-17 - Climatological Probabilities of Precipitation for 3-, 6-, 12-, and 24-hr Periods, Scientific Services Division
SR/SSD 2003-16 - SMG Support to Project NOAMA, Wayne Baggett, SMG Houston
SR/SSD 2003-15 - Developing a Local Outreach Program, Mark A. Rose, WFO Nashville and Timothy w. Troutman, WFO Huntsville
SR/SSD 2003-14 - IFPS Science Steering Team (ISST) Activities Report, Brad Colman, WFO Seattle
SR/SSD 2003-13 - A Guide to Organizing a Local Aviation Weather Workshop, Robert C. Van Hoven, WFO Houston/Galveston
SR/SSD 2003-12 - An IMET's Experience with the Space Shuttle Columbia Recovery, Seth Nagle, WFO Midland/Odessa
SR/SSD 2003-11 - Progress in Implementing Near Real Time Collection, Distribution, and Archive of WSR-88D Level II Data, Tim Crum, NEXRAD ROC, Norman, OK; Kevin Kelleher, NOAA/OAR NSSL, Norman, OK; Phil Cragg, Joe Barna, Fred Toepfer, Warren Blanchard, and Tom Sandman, NOAA/NWS Silver Spring, MD; Kelvin Droegemeier, Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms, OU, Norman, OK; Guy Almes, Internet2, Ann Arbor, MI; and Linda Miller, UCAR/Unidata Program Center, Boulder, CO
SR/SSD 2003-10 - The First Texas Tornado Warning Conference, Archie M. Kahan, Department of Oceanography, Texas A & M College (1953)
SR/SSD 2003-09 - NWS Weather Event Simulator, National and Southern Region Plans for the Coming Year, Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region
SR/SSD 2003-08 - Tips for Preserving Meteorological Consistency in Gridded Forecasts, Jeffrey M. Medlin, WFO Mobile
SR/SSD 2003-07 - Implementation of a River-Level Forecast Site in the Suwannee River Basin, Florida, Reggina Garza, WFO Atlanta and Tom Mirti, Suwannee River Water Management District
SR/SSD 2003-06 - AWIPS Issues Related to Activation of GOES-12 as GOES East, Brian Gockel, Raytheon @ NWS OST - Systems Engineering Center
SR/SSD 2003-05 - A Visit to the WSR-88D Radar Operations Center, Cody Lindsey, WFO Midland/Odessa, Texas
SR/SSD 2003-04 - 83rdAmerican Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, February 9-13, 2003, Long Beach, California, Papers and Posters Authored or Co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participants..
SR/SSD 2003-03 - A Single-Station Statistical Analysis of Measurable Snowfall Events in Mobile, Alabama, Jeffrey M. Medlin, SOO,WFO Mobile.
SR/SSD 2003-02 - Impact of Targeted Observations on NCEP Model Forecasts, Zoltan Toth, NCEP Environmental Modeling Center and Dan Smith, Scientific Services Division.
SR/SSD 2003-01 - Technical Attachments 2002
SR/SSD 2002-37 - Observations Associated with Tropical Storm Isidore in Middle Tennessee, Michael Murphy and Henry Steigerwaldt, WFO Nashville, Tennessee
SR/SSD 2002-36 - NWS Weather Event Simulator Available Case Studies, Bernard Meisner, Scientific Services Division
SR/SSD 2002-35 - Quality Control of Upper Air Observations at NCEP, Geoff Dimego, NCEP Environmental Modeling Center
SR/SSD 2002-34 - Call for Papers, Fifth Symposium on Fire and Forest Meteorology, Orlando, Florida, November 17-20, 2003
SR/SSD 2002-33 - Bernard's History of the NWS Learning Management System, SRH/SSD
SR/SSD 2002-32 - National Weather Association Annual Meeting, Fort Worth, Texas, October 19-24, 2002, Presentations authored or co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participants.
SR/SSD 2002-31 - International Conference on Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies, Tim Garner, NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
SR/SSD 2002-30 - Plans for Replacement of GOES-8 by GOES-12
SR/SSD 2002-29 - Design and Evaluation of an Advanced Linux-Based AWIPS Workstation, David Andra, Jr., Michael Foster, Jeffrey Williams and Douglas Speheger, WFO Norman and Paul Kirkwood, NWS/SRH
SR/SSD 2002-28 - GPS-Derived Integrated Precipitable Water Estimates: A Collaborative Success Story, Scientific Services Division
SR/SSD 2002-27 - Incorporating Lightning Climatology in the Graphical Forecast Editor, Charles Paxton, WFO Tampa Bay Area
SR/SSD 2002-26 - Realtime Evaluation of WSR-88D Rainfall Estimates Using Stage II Rain Gauge Data in an Operational Environment, Kent G. Kuyper, Matthew Duplantis, Montra Lockwood and Felix Navejar, WFO Lake Charles and Jeffrey Graschel, LMRFC
SR/SSD 2002-25 - Southeastern Fire and Climate Workshop, Bernard Meisner, Scientific Services Division
SR/SSD 2002-24 - Comparative Verification for Dallas Fort Worth and Waco, Mark A. Fox and Steven J. Fano, WFO Fort Worth, Texas
SR/SSD 2002-23 - Duties in the Regional Operations Center During a Significant Weather Event, Mark Fox, WFO Amarillo and Matthew Zika, WFO Memphis
SR/SSD 2002-22 - American Meteorological Society, 19th Conf. on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, 15th Conf. on Numerical Weather Prediction, 21st Conf. on Severe Local Storms, August 12-16, 2002, San Antonio, Texas, Papers and Posters authored or co-authored by NWS Southern Region Participants.
SR/SSD 2002-21 - Tornado Risk in the Southeast United States, Jim Belles, WFO Memphis and Rondah Smart, Jackson State University
SR/SSD 2002-20 - New Severe convection Professional Development Series, Ed Mahoney, Warning Decision Training Branch, Norman, OK
SR/SSD 2002-19 - Professional Development Series for Climate, Marina Timofeyeva, NWSH Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services; Julie Adolphson, WFO Glasgow, MT; Deirdre Kann, WFO Albuquerque, NM; Ed O'Lenic, NCEP Climate Prediction Center
SR/SSD 2002-18 - "VFR Flight Not Recommended" A Study of Weather-Related Fatal Aviation Accidents, Douglas C. Pearson, CWSU Atlanta
SR/SSD 2002-17 - Experiences at the NASA Leadership Training Course, Chris Darden, WFO Huntsville, AL
SR/SSD 2002-16 - Ground-Level Ozone in Central Arkansas: "Ozone Action Days" and the Meteorological Conditions which Contribute to High Ozone Levels, Dan F. Gregoria, WFO Little Rock, AR
SR/SSD 2002-15 - 2000 and 2001 Atlantic Hurricane Season GOES-8 IR Imagery Movies, Donovan Landreneau, WFO Lake Charles
SR/SSD 2002-14 - An Examination of Cold-Season Dense Radiation Fog Development Following Two Widespread Rainfall Events over the Northern Gulf Coast, Gary J. Maniscalco, NOAA/NWS Forecast Office, Mobile, AL
SR/SSD 2002-13 - Miami's New Weather Bureau Office is Open for Business, From the Miami Herald, June 3, 1911
SR/SSD 2002-12 - STS-109 Post-Mission Summary
SR/SSD 2002-11 - Call for Abstracts, 27th Annual Meeting of the National Weather Association, October 19-25, 2002, Fort Worth, Texas
SR/SSD 2002-10 - A Comparison of Temperatures between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW) and Surrounding Sites (Laurence S. Nierenberg, WFO Fort Worth)
SR/SSD 2002-09 - Monthly and Geographic Distribution of Heavy Snow Events in Oklahoma, 1951-2001 (Mike Branick, WFO Norman)
SR/SSD 2002-08 - Storm Training (Ellena F. Morrison, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Staff Writer)
SR/SSD 2002-07 - 2002 Continental East SMART Team Innovation Share Fair (Tom Bradshaw, WFO Birmingham and David Hotz, WFO Morristown)
SR/SSD 2002-06 - IFPS Training Development Meeting, NWS Training Center, February 27-28, 2002
SR/SSD 2002-05 - Early Experience with Weather Event Simulator at WFO Fort Worth (Bill Bunting and Mike Vescio, WFO Fort Worth, Texas)
SR/SSD 2002-04 - Importance of Accurate Forecasts and an Analysis of Air Traffic in the Vicinity of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) as a Cold Front Moved Across North Texas (James Ott, ZFW CWSU)
SR/SSD 2002-03 - NOAA FY 2002 Budget Request Fact Sheet, Coastal Storms - +3.0 Million in FY 2002 (part of NOAA's Marine Transportation System Initiative)
SR/SSD 2002-02 - Departure From Normal Precipitation (NCEP Climate Prediction Center, National Climatic Data Center)
SR/SSD 2002-01 - Technical Attachments 2001
SR/SSD 2001-29 - They Nailed Every Move (Curtis Morgan, The Miami Herald)
SR/SSD 2001-28 - 82nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, January 13-17, 2002, Orlando, Florida (Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants.)
SR/SSD 2001-27 - Analysis of Warm-Season Morning Convection Across the Southern Great Plains (John A. Haynes, CIMMS, University of Oklahoma; Carl E. Hane, NOAA/NSSL; David Andra, WFO Norman; Edward Berry, WFO Dodge City, KS; Frederick H. Carr, School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma; Robert M. Rabin, NOAA/NSSL)
SR/SSD 2001-26 - Numerical Weather Prediction Distance Learning Course (Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region)
SR/SSD 2001-25 - Upcoming Upgrades of the NCEP Meso Eta and RUC Model (Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region)
SR/SSD 2001-24 - Analysis of Temperature Readings from Fort Dallas, Florida (Thomas A. Payne, Jr., Nova High School, Davie, Florida)
SR/SSD 2001-23 - Warning Event Simulator Available Case Studies
SR/SSD 2001-22 - SMART Radar - First Storm Images (Michael Biggerstaff, Texas A&M University (CIAMS))
SR/SSD 2001-21 - Easy PRF Selection with Open RPG (George Phillips, WFO Topeka, KS)
SR/SSD 2001-20 - Participants' Experiences in the First Portion of the SR BLAST Program (Jon W. Zeitler, WFO Houston/Galveston; John Gordon, WFO Nashville; Tim Troutman, CWWD SRH; and Hector Guerrero, WFO Brownsville)
SR/SSD 2001-19 - Additional MOS Sites (Paul Dallavalle, Meteorological Development Laboratory, Office of Science and Technology, NWSH)
SR/SSD 2001-18 - AMS 18th Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting; 14th Conference on NWP; Ninth Conference on Mesoscale Processes; July 30 - August 2, 2001, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants)
SR/SSD 2001-17 - Implementation of Operational Seasonal Climate Forecast Model (NCEP Climate Prediction Center)
SR/SSD 2001-16 - Improving Precipitation Estimates (Gary M. Carter, Director, Office of Hydrologic Development)
SR/SSD 2001-15 - An Operational Local Data Integration System (LDIS) at WFO Melbourne (Peter F. Blottman, Scott M. Spratt, David W. Sharp, and Anthony J. Cristaldi III, WFO Melbourne, FL, and Jonathan L. Case and John Manobianco, NASA/Applied Meteorology Unit/ENSCO, Inc.)
SR/SSD 2001-14 - AWIPS Symposium in Conjunction with 2002 AMS Annual Meeting (Call for Case Study and Local Application Presentations)
SR/SSD 2001-13 - Updated NOAA Weather Radio Remote Off-Air Monitoring System (ROAMS) Procedures (T.L. Farrow/SRH/SOD; Timothy W. Troutman/SRH/MSB)
SR/SSD 2001-12 - Florida Tropical Cyclone Workshop Summary (Scott Spratt and David W. Sharp, WFO Melbourne, Florida)
SR/SSD 2001-11 - Summary of Recent Shuttle Support Operations (NWS/NASA Spaceflight Meteorology Group, Johnson Space Center, Houston)
SR/SSD 2001-10 - The National Basin Delineation Project and FFMP (Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region)
SR/SSD 2001-09 - COMET Training Materials Related to Forecasting Convection (Joe Lamos, Assistant Director, COMET)
SR/SSD 2001-08 - Improving Severe Weather Verification through a Team Concept Approach for Post-Storm Surveys (Mark W. Rose, WFO Birmingham, Alabama)
SR/SSD 2001-07 - A Comparison of the WFO Amarillo Warning Verification Statistics and Population Density (John M. Wolters, WFO Amarillo, Texas)
SR/SSD 2001-06 - Providing Local Modeling Support for Costa Rica (Shawn Bennett, WFO Brownsville, Texas)
SR/SSD 2001-05 - MAV, FAN and CCF Temperature Verification for June 2000 at Amarillo (Steven Cobb, WFO Amarillo, Texas) (Revised from January)
SR/SSD 2001-02R - American Meteorological Society 81st Annual Meeting - Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 14-19, 2001, (Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants.)
SR/SSD 2001-04 - Using a Cell Phone to Send Products Via the Internet (John A. Lewis III, WFO Little Rock, Arkansas)
SR/SSD 2001-03 - Summary of Selected Presentations from the Year 2000 Review of the NCEP Production Suite
SR/SSD 2001-02 - American Meteorological Society 81st Annual Meeting - Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 14-19, 2001, (Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants.)
SR/SSD 2001-01 - Technical Attachments 2000

SR/SSD 2000-34 - AWIPS Local Applications Database (Edward Mandel, Local Applications Working Group)
SR/SSD 2000-33-Conducting Radar Drills On-Line At WFO Tulsa (Eric D. Howieson, WFO Tulsa, OK)
SR/SSD 2000-32 - Numerical Models, Model Output, and Related Items (Including Training)(Bernard N. Meisner, SRH, Scientific Services Division)
SR/SSD 2000-31 - Development of a Deployable Impromptu Mesoscale Web-Enabled Network (Pat Welsh, WFO Jacksonville, FL)
SR/SSD 2000-30 - Trip Report: International Aeronautical Training (Shawn Bennett, WFO Brownsville, TX)
SR/SSD 2000-29 - Familiarization Flight Trip Report - A NOAA Reconnaissance Mission into T.D. 12 (Scott M. Spratt and Anthony J. Cristaldi, WFO Melbourne, FL)
SR/SSD 2000-28 - Recent Changes to the Operational Meso-Eta Model System (Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region Headquarters)
SR/SSD 2000-27 - Graphically Depicting East-Central Florida Weather Forecasts (David Sharp, David Jacobs, John C. Pendergrast, Scott Spratt, Peter Blottman, and Bartlett Hagemeyer, WFO Melbourne, FL)
SR/SSD 2000-26 - National Weather Association - 25th Annual Meeting, Gaithersburg, Maryland, October 14-20,2000 (Presentations by NWS Southern Region Participants)
SR/SSD 2000-25 - Using 1000-925mb Thicknesses in Forecasting Minimum Temperatures at Nashville, Tennessee (Mark A. Rose, WFO Nashville, TN)
SR/SSD 2000-24 - Experiences from SCRAPE99 Summer Convective Rainfall in Alabama Prediction Experiment (Tom Bradshaw, WFO Birmingham, AL and Mike Garrison, WSO Huntsville, AL)
SR/SSD 2000-23 -Special Report on Galveston Hurricane, September 8, 1900 (I. M. Cline, Local Forecast Official and Section Director)
SR/SSD 2000-22 - Centennial of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 NWS Activities During 2000 (Bill Read, WFO Houston/Galveston, Texas)
SR/SSD 2000-21 - The Mesoscale Verification Program in East-Central Florida (Timothy W. Troutman, WFO Melbourne, Florida)
SR/SSD 2000-20 - Recent Additions to MOS Guidance Packages (Scientific Services Division, NWS Southern Region - This summary was compiled from information provided by the Techniques Development Lab at NWS Headquarters)
SR/SSD 2000-19 - Safety Total Health Newsletter (A publication of the JSC Safety & Total Health Planning Committee - Vol. 5, No. 7, June 2000)
SR/SSD 2000-18 - Bret: A Major Hurricane Landfall in Deep South Texas (Shawn Bennett, NWSO Brownsville, Texas and Andrew Patrick, NWSO Corpus Christi, Texas)
SR/SSD 2000-17 - American Meteorological Society, 20th conference on Severe Local Storms and Ninth Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology, September 11-15, 2000 (Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Participants.)
SR/SSD 2000-16 - Manning the Southern Region Operations Center (ROC) (Ronald F. Morales, Jr., NWSO Tampa Bay - Ruskin, Florida)
SR/SSD 2000-15 - A Field Forecaster Visits the NOAA Science Center and NWS Headquarters (Kennard "Chip" Kasper, NWSO Key West, Florida)
SR/SSD 2000-14 - Professional Development at WFO Tulsa (Steven A. Amburn, WFO Tulsa, OK)
SR/SSD 2000-13 - Three Meteorologists Experience the Fort Worth Tornado Firsthand (Charlie Paxton and John McMichael, NWSO Tampa Bay Area and David Hotz, NWSO Morristown)
SR/SSD 2000-12 - Communicating the Threat in Warnings and Statements: Call to Action Statements (Richard Smith, NWS SRH MSD)
SR/SSD 2000-11 - American Meteorological Society 24th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology, May 29-June 2, 2000 (Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants)
SR/SSD 2000-10 - Automated Lightning Detection and Ranging System: An Introduction and Overview
SR/SSD 2000-09 - Shadow Forecasting and the Spin-up of Public Products: The NWSO Tallahassee Example (Ron Block and T.J. Turnage, National Weather Service, Tallahassee, Florida)
SR/SSD 2000-08 - Interactive Forecast Preparation System Rapid Prototype Project GFESuite Training Summary, November 15-18, 1999
SR/SSD 2000-07 - Changes to the NCEP Nested Grid Model (NGM) (Eric Rogers, Mesoscale Modeling Branch, NCEP Environmental Modeling Center)
SR/HSD 2000-01 - Gridded Percent of Normal Precipitation Mapping for the Arkansas and Red River Basins (John Schmidt and Bill Lawrence, ABRFC, Tulsa, OK)
SR/SSD 2000-06 - Tidal Model for the NWS River Forecast System: Results of a COMET Cooperative Project (Reggina Garza, Southeast RFC, Atlanta, Georgia and Scott C. Hagen, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida)
SR/MSD 2000-01 - Tally of Phone Calls to Weatherline, Inc.
SR/SSD 2000-05 - National Weather Service, University Assignment Program/Advanced Studies Program, Fall 2000 through Spring 2001
SR/SSD 2000-04 - International Training: Application of NWP Products (Shawn P. Bennett, Soo, NWSO Brownsville, Texas)
SR/SSD 2000-03 - Summary of NCEP Production Suite Review
SR/SSD 2000-02 - Twelve-hour climatological Frequencies of Precipitation in South Florida (Daniel P. Brown, NCEP Tropical Prediction Center/NWSFO Miami, Florida)
SR/SSD 2000-01 - Technical Attachments 1999

SR/SSD 99-30 - American Meteorological Society 80th Annual Meeting - Long Beach, California, January 10-14,2000 (Papers and Posters Presented by NWS SRH)
SR/SSD 99-29 - Summary and Comments from 1999 GOES Assessment Meeting (Ken Waters, SSD)
SR/SSD 99-28 - Evaluation of D3D Development at Forecast Systems Lab (Scott Plischke, NWSO Amarillo)
SR/SSD 99-27 - Project ACCESS Workshop - A Trip Report (Andrew Shashy, Marine Focal Point, Jacksonville, Florida)
SR/MSD 99-2 - The Hurricane Liaison Team, A Meteorologist's Perspective (Ron Block, Senior Forecaster, NWSO Tallahassee, Florida)
SR/SSD 99-26 - AMBER: Student Experiences and Products for Operational Use (Michelle Webb and Paul J. Croft, Jackson State University, and Alan E. Gerard, NWS Jackson, MS)
SR/SSD 99-25 - National Weather Association Annual Meeting, October 18-22, 1999, Biloxi, Mississippi
SR/SSD 99-24 - Using Climatologically Favored Thicknesses in Forecasting Heavy Precipitation (Mark A. Rose, Timothy W. Troutman, and Susan K. Ware, NWSO Nashville, TN)
SR/SSD 99-23 - Summary and Post-Mortem of NWS Headquarters Forum on GIS June 30 - July 1, 1999 (Robert Reeves, Forum Organizer, NWSH Office of Meteorology)
SR/SSD 99-22 - Florida Lightning Victims During 1997 (Richard K. Rude and Charles H. Paxton, NWSO Tampa Bay Area, Ruskin, Florida)
SR/SSD 99-21 - Weather, Hydrology and Operational Actions during the Heavy Rain Episode of March 12-13, 1999 (David Smith and Robert J. Ricks, Jr., NWSFO LIX)
SR/SSD 99-20 - Comments on AWIPS and WDSS From NWSO Norman (David Andra, SOO, NWSFO Norman and Dan Smith, ed., NWS SRH)
SR/SSD 99-19 - A Note on the Baroclinic Structure of Hurricane Danny at Landfall (Kwan-yin Kong, Department of Meteorology and James B. Elsner, Department of Geography, Florida State University)
SR/SSD 99-18 - The Eastern Cameron County Texas Flood of October 13, 1997 (Gregory Flatt NWSFO BRO)
SR/SSD 99-17 - Model Output Soundings and Meteograms (SSD/NWS SRH)
SR/SSD 99-16 - Southern Region Climate Briefings-and Results (SSD/NWS SRH)
SR/SSD 99-15 - A Numerical Study of the Orographic Effects on the Deep South Texas Sea Breeze (Mark E. Jackson, NWSO BRO, Jerome M. Schmidt, Naval Res. Lab, Monterey, CA, John S. Snook, NOAA/Forecast Systems Lab, Boulder, CO)
SR/SSD 99-14 - Highlights of CAFTI Meeting-April 15, 1999 (SSD/NWS SRH)
SR/SSD 99-13 - Message from COMET's Director (Tim Spangler, COMET)
SR/SSD 99-12 - VISIT Satellite Training, April 1999 (SSD, SRH)
SR/SSD 99-11 - Recent NCEP Model and Guidance Developments (SSD, SRH)
SR/SSD 99-10 - Utilizing Radar Data to Improve Streamflow Forecasts (Keith Stellman, FSU/NWSO Tallahassee, Henry Fuelberg, FSU, Reggina Garza, SERFC)
SR/SSD 99-9 - COMET Web Module "Forecasting Severe Convection (Wendy Schreiber-Abshire, Patrick Parrish, COMET/UCAR)
SR/SSD 99-8 - NCEP Critical Weather Day (CWD) Procedures
SR/SSD 99-7 - An Analysis of Warm Season Northern Hemisphere Upper Air Observations from 1957 to 1995 (Glenn D. Carrin, NWSFO Albuquerque, NM)
SR/SSD 99-6 - Significant Warning Induced by Downslope Winds near the Smoky Mountains (David M. Gaffin, NWSO Morristown, TN)
SR/SSD 99-5 - Excessive rainfall (?) in South Florida: January 2, 1999 (Rusty Pfost, MIC, NWSFO Miami, FL)
SR/SSD 99-4 - American Meteorological Society 79th Annual Meeting - Dallas, TX, January 10-15, 1999 (Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants)
SR/SSD 99-3 - Verifying River Forecasts with and without Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (Bill Lawrence, DOH, Arkansas Basin River Forecast Center, Tulsa, OK)
SR/SSD 99-2 - Top Weather Stories in the Southern Region - 1998
SR/SSD 99-1 - Index - Technical Attachments 1998

SR/SSD 98-45 - Summary Sheet - WSR-88D Build 10 Changes (John Distefano, NWSO Wilmington, OH)
SR/SSD 98-44 - COMET Case Study Data on the World Wide Web (Executive Summary, August-October 1998)
SR/SSD 98-43 - Seminar Notes: The Challenge of Forecasting Damaging Wind Events (David Wally, NWSO Lake Charles, LA)
SR/SSD 98-42 - Request for Proposals-1999 (Outreach Program Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology Education and Training [COMET])
SR/SSD 98-41 - Training Materials for Forecasting Aviation Icing
SR/SSD 98-40 - The "No-Snow" Event of December 28-29, 1997: A Case Study of a Non-Event (Jim Butch, Alan Gerard, and Greg Garrett, NWSFO Jackson, MS)
SR/SSD 98-39 - Intercomparisons Among the NGM-MOS, AVN-MOS, and Consensus Temperature Forecasts for Far West Texas (Gregory E. Wilk, NWSO Corpus Christi, TX)
SR/SSD 98-38 - A Fitting Farewell (Story from September 2, 1998 edition of the Miami Herald by Curtis Morgan - titled "Researcher's Ashes Tossed in Storm's Eye")
SR/SSD 98-37 - 1998 National Weather Association Meeting, Oklahoma City, OK, October 17-23, 1998 (Presentations by NWS Southern Region Employees)
SR/SSD 98-36 - Validation and Comparison of Three SSM/I Rain Rate Algorithms (Captain R. Tom Tibbetts, USAF, CITM, Dept of Meteorology, FSU)
SR/SSD 98-35 - Forecaster Interactions with Global Hydrology and Climate Center (Tom Bradshaw, NWSFO Birmingham, AL)
SR/SSD 98-34 - Predicting Tornado Touchdowns and Dissipations with the WSR-88D After the Tornado Outbreak of March 1, 1997 (John A. Lewis III, NWSFO Little Rock, AR)
SR/SSD 98-33 - SCAN Test at WSFO Tulsa (J. T. Johnson, NSSL and Steve Amburn, WFO Tulsa, OK)
SR/SSD 98-32 - Performance of the Tropical Z/R Relationship During the October 8-11, 1997 South Texas Flood Event (Steve Pfaff and Chris Jacobson, NWSO Corpus Christi, TX)
SR/SSD 98-31 - Preliminary Downburst Climatology and Warning Guidelines from a Single Cell Thunderstorm Database (Ken Falk, Lee Harrison, and John Elmore, NWSO Shreveport, LA)
SR/SSD 98-30 - A Comparison of VIL Density and Wet-Bulb-Zero Height Associated with Large Hail over North and Central Georgia (Patricia Hart and Kent D. Frantz, NWSFO Peachtree City, GA)
SR/SSD 98-29 - An Evaluation of the Issuance of Non-Routine Products Utilizing Doppler Radar at NWSFO San Juan (Ron Block, NWSFO San Juan, PR)
SR/SSD 98-28 - Shocking News About Lightning and Pools
SR/SSD 98-27 - LISDAD Lightning Observations During the 22-23 February 1998 Central Florida Tornado Outbreak (Steven Goodman and Ravi Raghavan, Global Hydrology and Climate Center, Huntsville, AL)
SR/SSD 98-26 - Report on the 1998 Director's Advisory Committee on Forecast Operations (DACFO) (Gregory Patrick, Southern Region Representative, NWSFO Tulsa, OK)
SR/SSD 98-25 - AMS 19th Conference on Severe Local Storms Minneapolis, MN September 14-18, 1998 (Presentations by NWS Southern Region Forecasters)
SR/SSD 98-24 - The Influence of La Nina on El Paso, Texas Precipitation (James A. Reynolds, NWSO El Paso, TX)
SR/SSD 98-23 - WSR-88D Doppler Radar Adaptable Parameter Optimization of the MESO/TVW Algorithm (David Matson, NWSFO Little Rock, AR)
SR/SSD 98-22 - Two Cases of Tornadic Wintertime Convection in Central Texas (Patrick Herald and Carl Morgan, NWSFO Austin/San Antonio, TX)
SR/SSD 98-21 - The 1998 Model Winter Olympics Conducted at NWSFO Jackson (Ed Agre and Mark Cunningham, NWSFO Jackson, MS)
SR/SSD 98-20 - Upcoming Winter Season Possibilities Using the Past Summer Temperature and Precipitation Records at Oklahoma City (Scott Curl, NWSFO, Norman, OK)
SR/SSD 98-19 - A Study of Fog Along the Upper Texas Coast (Brian Kyle and Carolyn Levert, NWSO Houston, TX)
SR/SSD 98-18 - Satellite Rainfall Estimates in Real Time for Applications to Flash Flood Watches and Warnings, Heavy Precipitation Forecasting and Assimilation on Numerical Weather Prediction Models (Gilberto A. Vicente and Roderick A. Scofield, NOAA/NESDIS)
SR/SSD 98-17 - 360 Degree Performance Feedback(Jose M. Garcia, Jr., NWSO Amarillo, TX)
SR/SSD 98-16 - A Historical Study of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes that have Affected Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas (David M. Roth, NWSO Lake Charles, LA)
SR/SSD 98-15 - Central Florida Tornado Outbreak of April 25, 1991: A Response to a Challenge (Charles H. Paxton, NWSFO Tampa Bay Area, FL)
SR/SSD 98-14 - DOC Meeting with Weather Derivatives Industry, New York, March 12, 1998 (Provided by Alan Eustis, NWSH Industrial Meteorology Staff)
SR/SSD 98-13 - Synoptic Patterns Associated with Significant Snowfall in West Central Texas (Mark J. Deutschendorf, NWSO San Angelo, TX)
SR/SSD 98-12 - Supercell Development over North-Central Mississippi: Storm-Scale Changes to an Unfavorable Pre-Storm Environment (Mark Cunningham, NWSFO Jackson, MS and Peter Wolf, NWSO Wichita, KS)
SR/SSD 98-11 - TDL Plans for Centralized Statistical Guidance (January 1998) (Reproduced from Western Region Technical Attachment)
SR/SSD 98-10 - The Role of Dynamic Cooling in the Snowstorm on the Eastern Highland Rim and Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee (Henry Steigerwaldt, SOO, NWSO Nashville, TN)
SR/SSD 98-9 - Floods on the Lower Mississippi: An Historical Economic Overview (Paul S. Trotter, G. Alan Johnson, Robert Ricks, David R. Smith, NWSFO New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA, Donnel Woods, WSO/COE, Vicksburg, MS)
SR/SSD 98-8 - Seasonal Thunderstorm Study at Little Rock, AR (Barbara Shea, NWSFO Little Rock, AR)
SR/SSD 98-7 - SAMEX '98: The 1998 Storm and Mesoscale Ensemble Experiment (Kelvin Droegemeier, Fred Carr, Eugenia Kalnay, Ron McPherson, ...)
SR/SSD 98-6 - Forecasting the Arkansas Heavy Snow Event of February 13, 1997 (Newton Skiles and John Lewis, NWSFO Little Rock, AR)
SR/SSD 98-5 - Surprise Snow Storm Socks Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama (Alan Gerard, Corey Mead, Stephen Miller, Russell Pfost, and Peter Wolf, NWSFO Jackson, MS)
SR/SSD 98-4 - Rotational Velocity Trends in Some Tornadic Supercells over Southwest Texas and Southeast New Mexico (Terry A. Huber and John C. Pendergrast, NWSO Midland/Odessa, TX)
SR/SSD 98-3 - A Climatological Examination of Weather Conditions in West Central and Southwest Florida During El Nino/La Nina Years (Frank W. Alsheimer and Ronald F. Morales Jr., NWSO Tampa Bay Area, FL)
SR/SSD 98-2 - A Primer on Coastal Flood Forecasting (Daniel A. Sobien and Charles H. Paxton, NWSO Tampa Bay Area, FL)
SR/SSD 98-1 - Index - Technical Attachments 1997

SR/SSD 97-55 - The Heavy Rain and Flood Event of June 21-22, 1997 in South Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country (Robert Blaha and Bruce Thoren, NWS Austin/San Antonio, TX)
SR/SSD 97-54 - American Meteorological Society 78th Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, January 11-16, 1998 (Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants)
SR/SSD 97-53 - Summary of National QPE Workshop, Boulder, CO, November 18-20, 1997 (Tom Graziano, National Weather Service Office of Meteorology)
SR/SSD 97-52 - Houston/Galveston Coastal Flooding Seminar, November 14, 1997 (Robert C. VanHoven, NWSO Houston, TX)
SR/SSD 97-51 - The Florida MesoNetwork: High Resolution Meteorological Observations in Florida (Charles Paxton and Andrew Nash, NWSO Tampa Bay Area, FL)
SR/SSD 97-50 - The "Everify" Temperature and Precipitation Forecast Verification Program (David R. Eversole, NWSO Mobile, AL)
SR/SSD 97-49 - Criteria for Severe Thunderstorm Warnings: Is a Change Needed in North Texas? (James P. Stefkovich, Warning and Coordination Meteorologist, NWSFO, Fort Worth, TX)
SR/SSD 97-48 - Gulf Coast Winter Weather Workshop, Slidell, LA, November 12-13, 1997
SR/SSD 97-47 - El Paso, Texas and Its Relationship to the El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) (James A. Reynolds, NWSO, El Paso, TX)
SR/SSD 97-46 - The Use of Forecast Rainfall Amounts in Zone Forecasts (John Robinson, NWSFO Little Rock, AR)
SR/SSD 97-45 - Mean Areal Precipitation Climatology for Two Lower Mississippi River Basins (Keith Stellman and John Kuhn, LMRFC, Slidell, LA)
SR/SSD 97-44 - A Profiler Analysis Program for AWIPS (Daniel R. Spaeth, WFO Tulsa, OK)
SR/SSD 97-43 - Tampa Bay Coastal Flooding Seminar, August 29, 1997 (Charles Paxton, NWSO Tampa Bay Area, FL)
SR/SSD 97-42 - National Weather Service Association 22nd Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada, October 18-24, 1994
SR/SSD 97-41 - Using WSR-88D Shear Products During Severe Storm Events (George R. Wilken, NWSFO Little Rock, AR)
SR/SSD 97-40 - Monthly Rainfall Climatology for Puerto Rico (Matt Carter and J. B. Elsner, Florida State University & Shawn Bennett, WSFO San Juan, PR)
SR/SSD 97-39 - Effects of Texas Panhandle Topography
SR/SSD 97-38 - WSR-88D Teletraining Course for HMTs (WSR-88D Operational Support Facility; Operations Training Branch, Norman, OK)
SR/SSD 97-37 - A Climatology of Tropical Cyclones Affecting the Texas Coast During El Nino/non El Nino Years: 1900-1996 (John A. Cole and Steven R. Pfaff, NWSO Corpus Christi, TX)
SR/SSD 97-36 - Changes to Operational (Early) and Meso Eta Models (Geoff Dimego, Environmental Modeling Center, NCEP)
SR/SSD 97-35 - OSF WSR-88D Operating Course Description Revised for Distance-Learning (SSD)
SR/SSD 97-34 - Florida Lightning Victims During 1996 (Charles H. Paxton and Ronald F. Morales, Jr., NWSO Tampa Bay Area, FL)
SR/SSD 97-33 - Summary of AMS 22nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology May 19-23, 1997, Ft. Collins, Colorado (Scott Spratt and Steve Hodanish, NWSO Melbourne, FL)
SR/SSD 97-32 - Potential Effects of Strong El Nino on Southern States (SSD)
SR/SSD 97-31 - Effects of Storm Motion on a High CAPE-Low Shear Environment During the Central Texas Tornado Outbreak of May 27, 1997 (Carl Morgan, NWSFO Austin/San Antonio, TX)
SR/SSD 97-30 - Tornadic Thunderstorms As Seen by Several WSR-88Ds: Contrasting Perspectives
SR/SSD 97-29 - An Overview of the WSR-88D Algorithm Testing and Display System (WATADS) and the Next Program Use of WATADS
SR/SSD 97-28 - Using Gridded Data to Forecast a Late Summer Heavy Rainfall Event Over Southwest Texas
SR/SSD 97-27 - Weather and Forecasting NWS Southern Region Special Issue September 1997 (SSD)
SR/SSD 97-26 - Field Evaluation of the RUC-II Model (Tom Schlatter and Stan Benjamin, NOAA/FSL Boulder, CO)
SR/SSD 97-25 - AMS 28th International Conference on Radar Meteorology, Austin, TX, September 7-12, 1997 - Papers and Posters by NWS Southern Region Forecasters(SSD)
SR/SSD 97-24 - AMS 22nd Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology, Ft. Collins, Colorado, May 19-23, 1997 - Presentation by NWS Southern Region Forecasters(SSD)
SR/SSD 97-23 - The Director's Advisory Committee on Forecast Operations (Nezette Rydell, NWSO Austin/San Antonio)
SR/SSD 97-22 - An Example of Frontogenetical Forcing and Conditional Symmetric Instability Acting Synergistically to Produce a Lower Meso Scale Heavy Snow Band (Christopher C. Buonanno and Kevin W. Brown, NWSFO Norman)
SR/SSD 97-21 - A Lake-Effect Snow in Arkansas (George R. Wilken, WSFO Little Rock, AR)
SR/SSD 97-20 - Cold Sector Severe Thunderstorms in West Central Texas (Patrick A. McCullough, NWSO San Angelo, TX)
SR/SSD 97-19 - Billion Dollar U. S. Weather Disasters 1980-1997 (NCDC)
SR/SSD 97-18 - A Study of the December 17-18, 1995 Heavy Snow Event in the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles (James Caruso, NWSO Amarillo, TX)
SR/SSD 97-17 - Review of Eta PC-GRIDDS Products for the Severe Weather Event of May 18, 1995 (William Scott Sharp, NWSO Nashville, TN)
SR/SSD 97-16 - Summary of the OSF Warning Decision-Making Workshop "To Warn or Not to Warn" (Kevin Pence, NWSFO Birmingham, and Henry Steigerwaldt, NWSO Nashville)
SR/SSD 97-15 - An Examination of VIL and Echo Top Associated with Large Hail in Middle Tennessee (Timothy W. Troutman and Mark A. Rose, NWSO Nashville)
SR/SSD 97-14 - Performance of the 3-5 Day FMR Temperature Forecasts for the Cool Season October 1994 to March 1995 (Gregory E. Wilk, NWSFO Lubbock)
SR/SSD 97-13 - The First Texas Tornado Warning Conference (Archie M. Kahan, Texas A&M)
SR/SSD 97-12 - A Snow Event Related to Conditional Symmetric Instability (CSI) (Vincent Papol and Tim Brice, NWSO El Paso)
SR/SSD 97-11 - Summary of USAF Gulf Coast Workshop March 3-5, 1997 (Irv Watson, NWSO Tallahassee)
SR/SSD 97-10 - A Tri-State Fair NWS Survey (External Activities Team [Bilodeau, Cockrell, Colton, Goehring, Holsenbeck, Lindley, Lopez, Seymore, Zeigler], NWSFO Amarillo)
SR/SSD 97-9 - An Elevated Severe Thunderstorm Complex Over Southeast New Mexico and West Texas (Corey M. Mead and Thomas W. Earle, NWSO Midland)
SR/SSD 97-8 - New Records in NCEP Precipitation Forecasts (Brian Korty and Mike Eckert, Forecast Operations Branch, NCEP Hydrometeorological Prediction Center)
SR/SSD 97-7 - Changes to the Eta Models(SSD)
SR/SSD 97-6 - Forecasting Dry Microburst Potential Using the WINDEX (Greg Murdoch, NWSO Midland, TX)
SR/SSD 97-5 - PC-NOW Version 2.0: Important Note for Windows 95 Users (Scott Plischke and Jeff Colton, NWSO Amarillo)
SR/SSD 97-4 - New Employment Opportunities in Radar Operations (Reprinted from Weather Bureau Topics October 1958)
SR/SSD 97-3 - Interactive Information Processing at the Aviation Weather Center Current Conditions and Future Plans* (David R. Rodenhuis, James H. Henderson, Melvin D. Mathews, Frederick R. Mosher, Aviation Weather Center, Kansas City, MO)
SR/SSD 97-2 - An Overview of the Rapid Evolution of a Bow Echo/LEWP Complex in the Arklatex Region (Alan Gerard, NWSFO Jackson, MS)
SR/SSD 97-1 - Technical Attachments 1996

SR/SSD 96-55 - A Climatology of CAPE Derived from the San Juan Sounding (Stephen J. Ahn, NWSFO San Juan, PR)
SR/SSD 96-54 - WSR88D Tropical Weather Workshop, January 7-9, 1997 Norman -- Contributions from NWS Southern Region Participants (SSD/SRH Fort Worth)
SR/SSD 96-53 - Composite Maps of Selected Snowfall Events in the El Paso County Warning Area (James A. Reynolds, NWSO El Paso, TX)
SR/SSD 96-52 - National Weather Association 21st Annual meeting, Cocoa Beach, FL, December 1-6, 1996 -- Papers and Posters Presented by NWS Southern Region Participants (SSD/SRH Fort Worth)
SR/SSD 96-51 - Linking the WSFO Tropical Forecaster with the National Centers (Ron Block, Scott Stripling, NWSFO San Juan, PR)
SR/SSD 96-50 - The Collapse of a Gulf MTC (Melinda Bailey, Patrick Herald, NWSFO Austin/San Antonio)
SR/SSD 96-49 - Model Performance During a South Texas Heavy Rain Event (Andrew R. Patrick, Steven R. Pfaff, NWSO Corpus Christi)
SR/SSD 96-48 - Major Tornado Outbreak in East Tennessee - May 18, 1995 (Michael Buchanan, Terry Getz, and David Hotz, NWSO Knoxville)
SR/SSD 96-46 - Differences in Relative Humidities in the NMC Model Suite (Mike Staudenmaier, WR SSD)
SR/SSD 96-45 - The National Weather Service Support for the Sailing Venue During the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games (Scott M. Spratt, NWSO Melbourne)
SR/SSD 96-44 - A Survey of Research Related to WSR-88D Meteorological Algorithms (David Zittel, OSF)
SR/SSD 96-43 - Waskom, Texas, Single Cell Microburst Detected on National Weather Service Doppler Radar -July 23, 1996 (Kenneth W. Falk and Lee Harrison, NWSO Shreveport)
SR/SSD 96-42 - An Analysis of the Selma/Montgomery, Alabama, Severe Weather Outbreak - 6 March 1996 (Mark W. Rose, NWSFO Birmingham)
SR/SSD 96-41 - Analysis of an Excessive Rainfall Event Associated with Synoptic Forcing of Tropical Moisture (Michael A. Mach, NWSFO Fort Worth)
SR/SSD 96-40 - National Heavy Precipitation Workshop, September 9-13, 1996, State College, Pennsylvania - Contributions from NWS Southern Region Participants (SRH/SSD)
SR/SSD 96-39 - Is It a Tornado? Douglas J. Crowley (NWSO Amarillo) (SSD96-39)
SR/SSD 96-38 - AMS 15th Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting - AMS 11th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction (Frank Brody, SMG Houston)
SR/SSD 96-37 - Announcement for Special Issue of the Weather Analysis and Forecasting on the NEXRAD Program (Tim Crum, OSF Norman)
SR/SSD 96-36 - A New Algorithm to Identify Errors Caused by Migrating Birds in Profiler Winds (Doug van de Kamp, NOAA, Forecast Systems Lab) (WPROF)
SR/SSD 96-35 - Brief Summary of UNIX-Based Software Using WSR-88D Wideband/Level II Data (Tim Crum, OSF Norman) (CRUM)
SR/SSD 96-34 - Meeting Summary - Hydrometeorological Information Working Group (HWIG) - July 16-19, 1996 (Russell Pfost, NWSFO Jackson)
SR/SSD 96-33 - GS-1340 Meteorology Series (SSD/SRH) (Corrected version of SR/SSD 96-21)
SR/SSD 96-32 - A Case of Elevated Convection Over Southwest Texas (Patrick Herald, NWSFO Austin/San Antonio)
SR/SSD 96-31 - W.W.W. - The Why, What, and Where Guide to Building an Office Home Page (Tim Brice, NWSO El Paso)
SR/SSD 96-30 - NWSO Nashville Spotter Training Severe Weather Test (Timothy W. Troutman and Jerry A. Orchanian, NWSO Nashville)
SR/SSD 96-29 - Call for Papers - National Weather Association 21st Annual Meeting, Cocoa Beach, Florida - December 1-6, 1996 (SRH/SSD)
SR/SSD 96-28 - NCEP Distinguished Visiting Forecaster Program (Jeff Garmon, NWSFO Jackson)
SR/SSD 96-27 - Elementary School Presentations: The Untapped Resource (Originally published 11-15-96 as SR/SSD 95-62) (Patrick Vesper, NWSFO Lubbock)
SR/SSD 96-26 - Verification of the 1995 QPF Program at NWSFO Lubbock (Martin T. Mullen, NWSFO Lubbock)
SR/SSD 96-25 - Data Sets to be Provided for AWIPS Build 1 (SRH/SSD)
SR/SSD 96-24 - Drought in the Subtropics: An Analysis of the Severe 1993-94 Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Drought (Ron Block and I. Ross Dickman, WSFO San Juan)
SR/SSD 96-23 - An Example of the Use of WSR-88D Clutter Suppression (John Lipe and Loren Phillips, NWSFO Lubbock)
SR/SSD 96-22 - Using Isoplethed Total-Totals Indices to Predict Thunderstorm Development (John Lewis, NWSFO Little Rock)
SR/SSD 96-21 - GS-1340 Meteorology Series (X-118) (QUALSTAN)
SR/SSD 96-20 - Report of the 1996 Director's Advisory Committee on Forecast Operations (DACFO) (Nezette Rydell, NWSFO Austin/San Antonio)
SR/SSD 96-19 - COMET Outreach Program - 1996 Request for Proposals
SR/SSD 96-18 - The Derecho of June 7-8, 1994 (John Lewis and Charles Rickard, NWSFO Little Rock, Arkansas)
SR/SSD 96-17 - Summary of Comet PDW Modules (SSD/SRH)
SR/SSD 96-16 - The Mississippi Ice Storm of 1996 (Jim Butch and Rusty Pfost, NWSFO Jackson, Mississippi)
SR/SSD 96-15 - American Meteorological Society 76th Annual Meeting, January 28 - February 2, 1996, Atlanta, Georgia - Contributions from NWS Southern Region Participants (SSD/SRH) (AMS-1-96)
SR/SSD 96-14 - A Comparison of High/Low Temperature Data for Two Locations in Southeast Tennessee and Southwest North Carolina (Hal Austin, NWSO Knoxville/Tri-Cities, Tennessee)
SR/SSD 96-13 - Change in Student Hiring Programs (From January 23, 1996, Western Region Newsletter)
SR/SSD 96-12 - A Probabilistic Model of the Number of Intense Atlantic Basin Hurricanes for the 1996 Season (J. B. Elsner, Cooperative Institute for Tropical Meteorology, FSU)
SR/SSD 96-11 - Heavy Precipitation Workshop - Call for Papers (SSD/SRH)
SR/SSD 96-10 - Analysis of a Guidance Problem (Paul Dallavalle, TDL, NWSH)
SR/SSD 96-9 - AMS 18th Conference on Severe Local Storms, February 19-23, 1996, San Francisco, California. Contributions from NWS Southern Region Participants (SSD/SRH) (AMS-1-96)
SR/SSD 96-8 - Non-Supercell Tornadoes: A Review for Forecasters (Richard Smith, NWSFO Memphis) (02/15)
SR/SSD 96-7 - Real-Time 95: A Field Test of the WFO-Advanced Workstation (Constantine Pashos [NWSFO Austin/San Antonio] and Jim Moser [NWSFO New Orleans/Baton Rouge]) (02/15)
SR/SSD 96-6 - Developing a PC-GRIDDS-Based Mesoscale Analysis System (Tom Bradshaw, Ronald Murphy, and James Westland, NWSFO Birmingham) (02/15)
SR/SSD 96-5 - Use of the Oklahoma Mesonet to Monitor (Infer) Low Cloud Trends (Stephen D. Hrebenach, NWSO Tulsa) (02/01)
SR/SSD 96-4 - Gray Scale Colors for WSR-88D Hard Copies (Charlie Paxton and Frank Alsheimer, NWSO Tampa Bay Area) (02/01)
SR/SSD 96-3 - National Weather Association Annual Meeting Impressions of a First-Time Attendee (Jim Stefkovich, NWSFO Fort Worth) (01/15)
SR/SSD 96-2 - International Workshop on Numerical Weather Products Summary of a Trip Report (Shawn Bennett [WSFO San Juan] and Larry Jacobs [NCEP]) (01/15)
SR/SSD 96-1 - Index - Technical Attachments 1995 (01/15)

SR/HSD 97-8 - El Nino, A Limited Study of Its Effects on the Rivers in the LMRFC Area (David B. Reed and Ethan A. Jolly, LMRFC, Slidell, LA)
SR/HSD 97-7 - Implementation of Modernized Hydrological Operations and Services in the National Weather Service: Overview and Status (Jon Roe, Mark Glaudemans, Charles Gobs, Paul Taylor, and Jeffrey Zimmerman, National Weather Service, Office of Hydrology, Silver Spring, MD)
SR/HSD 97-6 - The National Weather Service Tallahassee/U. S. Geological Survey River Gage Partnership (Robert Carle, NWSO Tallahassee, FL and Marvin Franklin, U. S. Geological Survey, Tallahassee, FL)
SR/HSD 97-5 - Preliminary Findings Since the Tulsa Flood Watch Program Began (Alvin L. Hong, NWSFO Tulsa)
SR/HSD 97-4 - Fairfax Trip and Additional Comments (Alvin L. Hong, NWSFO Tulsa)
SR/HSD 97-3 - A History of QPF in Southern Region (Hydro Services Division, SRH, Fort Worth, TX)
SR/HSD 97-2 - The Hydrometeorological Coordination Message
SR/HSD 97-1 - Stage III Precipitation Processing at the West Gulf River Forecast Center (Gregory J. Story, WGRFC Fort Worth)

SR/HSD 96-8 - The Operational Utility of the NMCGPH94Q Product (Tony Hall, WGRFC, Fort Worth)
SR/HSD 96-7 - SAAS Conference/ALERT Organizations (Glen S. Austin, SRH)
SR/HSD 96-6 - West Gulf River Forecast Center Service Package (Robert J. Corby, WGRFC Fort Worth) (HSD96-6)
SR/HSD 96-4 - After the Transition: The Evolving Roll of the Southern Region Service Hydrologist (Rick Dittmann, SRH FTW)
SR/HSD 96-3 - Preliminary Description of the Heavy Rain and Flood Event Affecting Martin, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties, October 14 to 17, 1995 (Jere R. Gallup, NWSFO Miami)
SR/HSD 96-2 - BRAINMAKER - A New Approach to Quantitative and Probability of Precipitation Forecasting (Tony Hall, WGRFC Fort Worth)
SR/HSD 96-1 - Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts: Southern Style (Glenn Austin and Ed May, HSD/SRH) (01/15) is the U.S. government's official web portal
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