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GOES Satellite Information

GOES-11 (West) Station Keeping Maneuver, Tuesday, August 10, 2010.
Special Bulletins from NESDIS Satellite Information Team
(revised hourly).
Daily Report from the NESDIS Satellite Operations Center
(updated around 1500 UTC Monday-Friday).
GOES Satellite Operations FAQs | GOES Sounder FAQs
Image Navigation and Registration (INR) Problem Summary
from NWS Western Region.
GOES Product Dissemination Schedules and Scaning Sector Diagrams
GOES Monthly Summary | POES Monthly Summary from NESDIS.
GOES Program Overview from NESDIS.
Office of Meteorology Satellite Program
(includes GOES Assessment Activities).

GOES West Station Keeping Maneuver

A GOES-11 (GOES-West) East-West Station Keeping maneuver will be performed on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 1206 UTC. The backup date for this maneuver is Thursday, August 12, 2010. If the NWS regions have any operational concerns, please contact the NCEP SDM at least 6.5 hours prior to the maneuver time.

On August 10, the following exclusive schedule will be employed to support maneuver operations: (*PLEASE NOTE the scheduled GOES-13 (GOES-East) Full Disk scan period to support the primary GOES-11 (GOES-West) outage during the maneuver.*)

GOES-11 (GOES-West) Maneuver Schedule starts at 0647 UTC on August 10, 2010.
(Southern Hemisphere scan at 0651 UTC is canceled)

From 0700 UTC through 1059 UTC -- GOES-11 (GOES-West) Routine Imaging
and Soundings.

From 1100 UTC through 1129 UTC -- GOES-11 (GOES-West) Full Disk imaging
and Routine Soundings

From 1130 UTC through 1159 UTC -- GOES-11 (GOES-West) Routine Imaging
and Soundings.

*From 1200 UTC through 1259 UTC -- No GOES-11 (GOES-West) Imaging or

**From 1145 UTC through 1314 UTC -- GOES-13 (GOES-East) Full Disk (30
minute) Imaging**

From 1300 UTC through 2029 UTC -- GOES-11 (GOES-West) Post Maneuver
Recovery Including:
   * Full Disk Images (19 minute scan) at XX00 and XX30
   * CONUS Soundings at XX01

2030 UTC August 10 -- GOES-11 (GOES-West) Routine Scan Operations Resume
Expect GOES-11 (GOES-West) imager and sounder gridding offsets for up to 6 hours following the maneuver.

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