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NWS WES -- Available Case Studies

Southern Region Cases

Below is the list of Southern Region locally developed case studies compatible with the Weather Event Simulator (WES) that are available for immediate distribution. This means that the localization has been developed to support the WES, the files have been broken into CD-size pieces and a locally-developed Simulation Guide is available. Contact SSD to receive copies of these cases.
Mar 12, 2008     Midland, TX           Fire Weather Briefing (Case Summary)
Mar 15, 2002     Jackson, MS           Severe thunderstorms.
                                       This case focuses on warning composition and the
                                       correct use of WARNGEN.(Case Summary)
Mar 27, 2003     Miami, FL             Tornado and severe thunderstorms.
                                       This case focuses on analysis of the storm environment,
                                       including streamwise and cross-stream vorticity,
                                       relative helicity and Bulk Richardson Number.(Case Summary)
Apr 6-7, 2003    Jackson, MS           Tornadic supercells, large hail, wind damage and
                                       flash flooding. (Case Summary)
Apr 7, 2002      San Angelo, TX        Tornadic supercells, large hail, wind damage and
                                       flash flooding.
Apr 7, 2003      Lake Charles, LA      Large hail. (Case Summary)
Apr 7-8, 2006    Huntsville, AL        Severe Weather Outbreak, lightning (Case Summary)
Apr 8, 2003      Brownsville, TX       Elevated supercells producing large hail and damaging winds. (Case Summary)
Apr 11, 2001     Norman, OK            Tornadic storms in a high shear environment. (Case Summary)
Apr 28, 2002     Knoxville/            Strong non-tornadic supercells. (Case Summary)
                   Tri_Cities, TN
Apr 29, 2002     Mobile, AL            A subtle synoptic forcing event with emphasis on
                                       diagnosing synoptic forcing to predict time and
                                       location of initiation of deep convection.
                                       Includes suggested AWIPS D2D Procedures
                                       that emphasize use of the forecast funnel technique
                                       across several scales of motion.(Case Summary)
May 1, 2002      Atlanta, GA           Northwest Georgia Bow echo.
May 6, 2003      Huntsville, AL        Tornadoes, Wind Damage, Flooding.(Case Summary)
May 8, 2003      Little Rock, AR       Severe hailstorm. (Case Summary)
May 13, 2004     San Angelo, TX        Severe Thunderstorms
May 27, 2002     Midland, TX           Texas dryline storms. (Case Summary)
Jul 2-3, 2004    Shreveport, LA        Squall Line in the Ark-La-Tex. (Case Summary)
Jun 11, 2005     Mobile, AL            Tropical Storm: GFE TCM case (Case Summary)
Jun 16, 2002     Fort Worth,TX         Derecho/squall line. (Case Summary)
Jun 28-29, 2000  Brownsville, TX       Heavy rainfall and flooding. (Case Summary)
Jul 7, 2002      New Orleans, LA       Wet microbursts. (Case Summary)
Jul 24, 2002     Shreveport, LA        Summer thunderstorms. (Case Summary)
Aug 2, 2002      Mobile, AL            Isolated pulse thunderstorms. (Case Summary)
Aug 13,2004      Tampa, FL             Tropical cyclone (Case Summary)
Sep 14, 2001     Melbourne, FL         Tropical cyclone induced tornadoes. (Case Summary)
Oct 6, 2005      Corpus Christi, TX    HYSPLIT case. (Case Summary)
Oct 16, 2006     Shreveport, LA        Thunderstorms and Heavy rainfall. (Case Summary)
Nov 5, 2001      Miami, FL             Tropical cyclone induced tornadoes. (Case Summary)
Nov 15, 2001     Austin/San Antonio    Severe thunderstorms and flooding. (Case Summary)
Nov 23-24, 2001  Tulsa, OK             Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.(Case Summary)
Nov 27, 2001     Lubbock, TX           Winter weather.
                                       An interval-based simulation with emphasis on
                                       identification of synoptic and mesoscale forcing. (Case Summary)
Nov 30, 2008     Jacksonville, FL      Thunderstorms and low topped convection (Case Summary)
Dec 16-17, 2001  Little Rock, AR       Flooding and flash flooding.
Dec 3-4, 2002    Norman, OK            Winter weather. (Case Summary)
Dec 23, 2002     Houston/Galveston     Bow echo, severe thunderstorms. (Case Summary)
                                       This case will be particularly challenging to offices
                                       where mega-super cells are common and 88D algorithms
                                       like MESO and TVS have a much higher significance than
                                       they do in the environs of the Gulf Coast.

NWS Library of Locally Developed Cases

The NWS Training Division has created a Case Study Library, which is a repository of locally-developed Weather Event Simulator (WES) compatible cases for use in NWS offices for training and research. The purpose of this library is to facilitate the exchange of WES cases between NWS offices. Cases in the Case Study Library are being offered in addition to the WES cases developed by COMET and WDTB (see Nationally Distributed Cases above). A comprehensive list of WES cases is available on the SOO Science and Training Resource Center Website: Instructions for ordering a case are given at that Web site.

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