SR/SSD 96-15


Technical Attachment


January 28 - February 2, 1996

Atlanta, Georgia

Contributions from NWS Southern Region Participants

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Conference:

A Technique to Reduce Cold Bias from Degree Day and Degree Hour Calculations Using Real Time Weather Observations. K. Harker (AWSC Auburn).

An Approach for Modeling Leaf Wetness. R. Getz and K. Harker (AWSC Auburn).

The Delivery of Agricultural Weather and Climate Information Via GOPHER and the World Wide Web. R. Getz, S. Adams, D. Ihle, K. Harker (AWSC Auburn); and E. M. Bauske (Auburn University).

Modernized Tools for the Preparation of Fire Weather Spot Forecast. R. Getz, S. Adams, D. Ihle, and K. Harker (AWSC Auburn).

Implementation of Weather-Based Spray Schedules Using the Alabama Cooperative Extension System's Weather Program. E. Bauske, E. Sikora, A. Hagan, P. Backman (Auburn University); and R. Getz (AWSC Auburn)

Training Recommendations for a Career in Operational Agricultural Meteorology. M. Flynn (AWSC College Station).

Preliminary Results on the Forecasting of Dew. S. A. Garrard (AWSC College Station) and J. F. Griffiths (Texas A&M/CIAMS).

Agricultural Applications of the Hourly Digital Precipitation Array (HDP) from the WSR-88 (NEXRAD) Doppler Radars. J. A. Nelson, Jr. (AWSC College Station); J. Jackman, M. Biggerstaff, D. Austin, and C. Maggio (Texas A&M/CIAMS).

The Southwest Agricultural Weather Service Center: Information and Data Management. J. A. Nelson, J. Zeitler, and S. Garrard (AWSC College Station).

The Southwest Agricultural Weather Service Center: Operations and Research for New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. J. Zeitler, M. Flynn, J. Nelson, and S. Garrard (AWSC College Station).

12th IIPS Conference

Modernized Hydrologic Forecast Operations at National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices. D. Shelton (NWSH/OH) and E. May (NWS/SRH).

Meteorological Conditions Associated with Unusual Condensation Around the Space Shuttle During Launch. Tim Garner (SMG/Houston).

Space Shuttle Exhaust Plume Identification on GOES-8 Satellite and WSR-88D Radar on the STS-71 Atlantis/MIR Mission. K. Silverman (SMG/Houston).

Forecasting Upper Winds for the Space Shuttle. Dan Bellue (SMG/Houston), T. Oram and B. Batson (UNISYS).

Rapid Prototyping in the Evolution of an Operational Forecasting System at Johnson Space Center. Doris Rotzoll and Mark Keehn (SMG/Houston) and P. Lucas (NASA/JSC).

Special Session on Olympics Support:

The Olympic Weather Support System. L. Rothfusz (NWSFO Atlanta); J. T. Johnson (NSSL); L. C. Stafford (NWSFO Atlanta); M. McLaughlin and S. Rinard (NWS/SRH).

The Integration of Diverse Environmental Data Collection Systems Used in Support of the 1996 Olympic Games. C. Garza (NWSFO Atlanta) and G. Hoogenboom (Univ. of Georgia).

Weather Information Display, Analysis and Product Generation Tools Used in Support of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games: Daily Forecasts. L. Rothfusz and J. Noffsinger (NWSFO Atlanta); M. Peroutka (NWSH/TDL); S. Schotz (NCEP); and J. T. Johnson (NSSL).

Training Forecasters on the Use of New Weather Technology in Support of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. L. Rothfusz (NWSFO Atlanta); J. T. Johnson (NSSL) and S. Rinard (NWS/SRH).

Meeting Weather Information Needs of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games: Strategies, Experiences and Observations. M. McLaughlin (NWS/SRH), C. Garza (NWSFO Atlanta), S. Rinad (NWS/SRH) and L. Rothfusz (NWSFO Atlanta).

See also Olympic papers included in the following conference.

Conference on Coastal Oceanic and Atmospheric Prediction:

Integration of Radar, Satellite, and Surface Mesonet Data in a Coastal Environment: Some Operational Forecast Examples. Tim Garner (SMG/Houston)

Marine Weather Support During the 1996 Olympic Games. S. Rinard (NWS/SRH), M. Powell (NOAA/HRD), C. Garza (NWSFO Atlanta) and G. Hoogenboom (Univ. of Georgia)

Developing a Comprehensive Climatological Publication for Use by Participants During the 1996 Olympic Yachting Events. C. Garza (NWSFO Atlanta), S. Rinard (NWS/SRH), M. Powell (NOAA/HRD), and P. Hart (NWSFO Atlanta).

Wind Forecasting for the Sailing Events of the Summer Olympic Games. M. Powell (NOAA/HRD), S. Rinard (NWS/SRH), C. Garza (NWSFO Atlanta), and G. Hoogenboom (Univ. of Georgia)

WSR-88D, GOES-8, and MM5 Mesoscale Model Observations of the Florida Panhandle Sea Breeze Circulation Under Different Synoptic Flow Regimes. K. Gould, C. Herbster*, and J. Korotky (NWSO Tallahassee); and P,. Ruscher (Florida State Univ.).

The Tallahassee Area Sea Breeze Experiment (TASBEX) - Observations and Modeling Study. C. Herbster* (NWSO Tallahassee) and P. Ruscher (Florida State Univ.)

[*Chris Herbster is a COMET Postdoctoral Fellow working at the NWSO in Tallahassee.]

5th Symposium on Education:

Project TWISTER: A Fresh Approach in Local Science Outreach. G. Woodall, J. Ladd, S. Nichols (NWS/SRH); Jason Jordan (Dunbar High School, Fort Worth) and Natalie Kortum (Martin High School, Arlington).