Executive Leadership Seminar (ELS)

Course Dates for 2002: Apri18-19 and July 15-26

Intended Audience: This course is intended primarily for managers and supervisors in grades as 13-15 at WFOs, RFCs and NCEP centers, as well as at NWSH and regional headquarters.

This seminar is open to other federal agencies. For increased networking and diversity of experience, ideas and methods, slots will be planned in each session for non-NWS applicants who are supervisors or team leaders guiding and directing the work of others, and who meet the grade criteria above. There will be a $1,000 tuition for all non-NWS participants.

Course content: This seminar will be a leader development experience and is not a technical personnel or supervisory course. It will cover a variety of leadership topics which apply to all agencies and missions including:

Stress and wellness
Ethical decision making
Leadership roles and responsibilities
Increasing personal and organizational effectiveness

Course goal: To explore and apply leadership concepts for increased personal and organizational effectiveness through a relevant and quality curriculum design.

Course objectives:
Understand distinctions among supervision, management, and leadership.
Improve and apply techniques to increase personal and organizational effectiveness.
Increase listening competencies as a key leadership tool.
Increase organizational savvy through an understanding of unwritten rules.
Increase diversity insights and awareness.
Understand stress responses and their impact on you and the job.
Explore the impact of ethics on workplace culture & mission accomplishment.
Apply the leadership lessons from history, science, and the humanities.
Understand and apply the multiple roles of the leader.

Course methodology: