SR SSD 2001-14

Technical Attachment

AWIPS Symposium in Conjunction with 2002 AMS Annual Meeting

Call for
Case Study and Local Application Presentations

Arrangements are being made to allow presentation of interesting case studies and/or applications programs as part of the AWIPS Symposium to be held January 14-17, 2002, in conjunction with the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. AWIPS workstations will be available to load and demonstrate historical data for case studies as well as locally developed applications using current data. Participants will be assigned time slots of approximately an hour to present their work. These presentations will be in addition to oral and written papers or poster sessions.

Those wishing to present case studies or to demonstrate local applications should: (1) prepare a brief abstract describing the case study or local application, (2) describe computer resources necessary, including a description of and size of the data sets for case study presentations, any special configurations or localizations requirements, and any requirements for specific versions of COTS or support software. This information should be provided to Ward Seguin at the AWIPS Program Office in NWSH (see below). Both AWIPS Unix workstations and Linux workstations will be available for the presentations. It will be necessary to stage and integrate custom applications and special data cases in advance to make sure the localization and other environmental variables are properly set up.

The AWIPS program plans to work with presenters during September, October and November 2001 to do this staging. Presenters should plan on having their data and applications available for this staging by September 1. December 2001 will be reserved for boxing and shipping the equipment to the conference center. For case study data, presenters should also plan on placing data on CDs for processing and display during the demonstrations. These data must be compatible with Release 5.0 because the netCDF for observational data changed after Release 4.3.3. Applications developed for use with real time data must work with SBN data since there will not be an LDAD for acquiring local data. Additional information will be available once the abstracts have been received and the AWIPS Program has had an opportunity to review proposed demonstrations. For additional information, please contact Ward Seguin (, or phone [301] 713-1809, ext. 112).