W/MB3 3/99

1. Purpose. Isaac M. Cline had a lengthy career in the U.S. Weather Bureau distinguished by his innovative forecasting, and his development of dissemination techniques, combined with outstanding public service efforts. The most noteworthy and most difficult time of Dr. Cline's career came during the Galveston hurricane of 1900, the deadliest weather event in the history of the United States. His acute understanding of concurrent weather conditions, his skillful predictions, and the heroic actions he took to ensure the hurricane warnings got out surely saved many thousands of lives.

The NWS Isaac M. Cline Awards are established to identify and recognize operational excellence of line employees in the delivery of products and services supporting and enhancing the achievement of NWS strategic and operating plans. Isaac Cline's long and distinguished career makes the use of his name appropriate for an award of which any National Weather Service employee could be proud.

2. Frequency of the Awards. The Isaac M. Cline awards are presented annually in one or more of 8 categories related to the core NWS mission:

1) meteorology;

2) hydrometeorology;

3) engineering, electronics, or facilities;

4) hydrology;

5) support services;

6) program management and administration;

7) upper air observation; and,

8) leadership.

3. Levels of Recognition.

The award has 3 levels of recognition. Recipients of Cline Awards for their echelon may be considered for the Cline Award in the same category at the next level. The award echelons are:

a) Local. The first echelon recognizes deserving employees in local Field Offices (WFOs, RFCs, CWSUs, etc.); in the Divisions of the Regional or National Headquarters, NWSTC and NDBC; and, in the individual NCEP Centers.

b) Regional/Office. The second echelon recognizes deserving employees within a Region, Office, the NWSTC, the NDBC, and the NCEP. Recipients of Cline Awards at the Local level are the nominees for this level and may be submitted to the Director of the applicable Region or Office, the NWSTC, NDBC or NCEP for consideration among other Local awardees for the Region/Office level award.

c) National. The highest level Cline Award in each category is the National NWS Cline Award. Recipients of the Regional/Office level Cline Awards may be submitted to NWS Headquarters for consideration for the National NWS award.

4. Award Categories. The Isaac M. Cline Awards recognize the operational excellence of line employees in the 8 Cline Award categories defined below:

a. Meteorology. Providing weather information, warnings, advisories, and public, aviation, fire weather, and/or marine forecasts to the public and to special user groups in the WFO area; coordination of NWS products, warnings, and forecasts.

b. Hydrometeorology. Providing hydrometeorologic analyses to capitalize on the interrelated aspects of operational hydrology and meteorology to forecast meteorological/hydrologic events spanning a variety of time scales.

c. Engineering, Electronics or Facilities. Providing support for assigned NWS electronic and electro-mechanical systems including: WSR-88D Doppler weather radar; upper-air observing systems; telecommunications systems; automated surface observing systems; NOAA Weather Radio; hydrologic observing systems; etc. Providing facilities maintenance and support; conducting systems quality assurance; supporting systems acquisition, deployment, and implementation activity; supporting systems management activities; and, supporting equipment replacement efforts.

d. Hydrology. Providing hydrologic analyses, forecasts and warnings to mitigate loss to life and property, and to minimize damages caused by floods and drought; conducting necessary preparation activities for provision and timely use of accurate forecasts and warnings; making hydrologic and hydrometeorological data and information available for use by emergency management and water resource officials, Weather Forecast Offices, and private sector interests.

e. Support Services. Providing office management to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of program operations; providing excellence in administrative, clerical, and/or secretarial support to program and line officials; supporting complex program and management activities through effective data and records control/management; ensuring efficient and effective multi-purpose office automation and word processing support; and, effectively solving all general administrative problems of the line or program officials supported.

f. Program Management and Administration Services. Providing program management and administration services and support; dedication, excellence, creativity, innovative problem solving, development efforts for new programs, systems, methods, policies, or procedures having a significant effect on the operations and administration of the NWS and its meteorological, hydrologic, systems, financial, and administration programs. Includes occupations typical of NWS and Regional Headquarters and other positions, such as, Program Analyst, Management Analysts, Budget Analyst, Computer Specialist, Legislative Affairs Specialist, Accountant, Administrative & Executive Officers, etc.

g. Upper Air Observation. Providing verified, consistent, high-quality, accurate upper air observations of various parameters supporting numerical weather predictions affecting global and hemispheric forecast guidance products. (NOTE: Can only be awarded at the Regional/Office and National levels.)

h. Leadership. Providing personal leadership and management to an organization producing substantial, innovative achievements, resulting in high quality service to the National Weather Service. In addition, this area recognizes: creativity and innovation, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, motivation, strategic thinking, and vision. Achievements may include, but are not limited to: significant improvements in program effectiveness; efficient use of resources; sensitive and difficult assignments of major importance achieved through great personal initiative, commitment, effort, and competence; improvement in labor-management partnership relations; encouragement of employee freedom to make decisions and to maximize the scope for individual initiative within a given job; acumen in developing breakthrough strategies or concepts in finding new and effective ways of accomplishing the NWS mission; leadership in the productive use of teams; effective use of financial and other resources of the NWS leadership; or, leadership which models and rewards behaviors conducive to the effective management of diversity and/or EEO principles.

5. Type of contributions recognized. The Cline Awards are to recognize substantial accomplishments in support of the NWS mission which demonstrate one or more of the following:

a. Technical Proficiency - demonstrating an outstanding level of accomplishment in furthering the agency's mission. Achievements can include: producing and delivering quality weather, hydrologic and climate forecasts and warnings you can trust when you need them most; using cutting edge techniques; eliminating weather related fatalities; and, improving the economic value of weather information.

b. Initiative and Creativity - demonstrating an outstanding level of accomplishment in creativity or innovative problem solving, or developing new systems, methods, or procedures.

c. Productivity - providing or fostering a culture that provides services in a cost effective manner. Activities may include but are not limited to: establishing measurements and standards for improving service; or, implementing and continuously assessing performance against standards for improvements. Accomplishments are to be expressed in measurable terms, such as cycle time, cost reduction, and/or quality to customers.

d. Teamwork - demonstrating dedication and hard work enabling or assisting the work of their fellow employees

(may include advancing the goals of the team, office, division, Center, Region, Office or the NWS.)

6. Eligibility. All NWS non-supervisory and non-managerial employees are eligible for the award in the first 6 categories. Awards in those 6 categories can be given to an individual or a team. The seventh category (upper air observation) will be a team award and can only be awarded at the Regional/Office and National levels based on statistics maintained by upper air program officials. Supervisory and managerial (Non-SES) employees are eligible only for the 8th category: leadership.

7. Nomination Process.

a. Local level Cline Awards. Any NWS employee or customer may submit a nomination to the appropriate Local level supervisor (Field Office MIC/HIC; Division Chiefs in Regional/National Headquarters, NWSTC or NDBC; or NCEP Center Director). Local level Nominations are to be submitted to the Local level supervisor by July 1, 1999, reflecting an employee's accomplishments for the prior year. If the office has a Local Office Team (LOT) as defined by the NWS-NWSEO Quality Through Partnership Agreement, the LOT will evaluate the nominations received and select one Local level award winner in each of the categories for which nominations were received. If there is no LOT at the Local level, the Local level supervisor will make the award selections.

b. Regional/Office Level Awards. Each Local level LOT (or supervisor if there is no LOT) may nominate recipients of the Local level award in any/all categories to the Director of the applicable Region or Office, the NWSTC, NDBC or NCEP for consideration among other Local awardees for the Regional/Office level Award in those categories. Regional/Office level nominations are to be submitted to the appropriate Director by August 7, 1999. The Regional Level Partnership Council (RPC), defined by the NWS-NWSEO Quality Through Partnership Agreement, will evaluate the nominations received and select one Regional/Office level award winner in each of the categories for which nominations were received. If there is no currently active RPC, the applicable Director will make the selection(s).

c. National NWS Cline Awards. RPCs may nominate recipients of Regional/Office Level Award in any/all categories to the Assistant Administrator for the National NWS Cline Award in those categories. Nominations are due by September 15, 1999. The National Level Partnership Council will evaluate nominations received and select the National NWS award winner in the categories for which nominations were received.

Nominations will be submitted on form CD-326LF, Recommendation for Recognition. Nominations must cite the category for which the nomination is being submitted and must elaborate on one or more of the nominee's applicable contributions and/or accomplishments as outlined in Section 5.

a. Local level Awards are honorary. Recipients of Local level Awards receive an appropriate certificate of recognition.

b. Regional/Office level Awards are honorary. Recipients of Regional level Awards receive the Cline Award Plaque.

c. National NWS Cline Awards have a monetary and an honorary aspect. National Award recipients may receive up to $5,000. National Cline Award recipients will also receive a special National Award plaque.

10. Awards Presentations.

a. For Local level Awards, the Local level supervisor or higher level official will present the Cline Awards certificates at an appropriate Local level ceremony.

b. Regional/Office level Cline Award plaques will be presented by the applicable Director at an appropriate ceremony in the Region/Office/National Center or other suitable site.

c. National NWS Cline Award plaques and cash awards will be presented by the Assistant Administrator (or designee) at an appropriate ceremony and site determined by the AA.