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NOAA Technical Memoranda
National Weather Service
Southern Region Subseries

The National Weather Service Southern Region (SR) subseries provides an informal medium for the documentation and quick dissemination of results not appropriate, or not yet ready, for formal publication. The series is used to report on work in progress, to describe technical procedures and practices, or to relate progress to a limited audience. These Technical Memoranda will report on investigations devoted primarily to regional and local problems of interest, mainly to personnel, and hence will not be widely distributed.

Papers 1 through 34 are in the former series, ESSA Technical Memoranda, Southern Region Technical Memoranda (SRTM); papers 35 through 51 are in the former series, ESSA Technical Memoranda, Weather Bureau Technical Memoranda (WBTM). Beginning with 52, the papers are now part of the series, NOAA Technical Memoranda NWS. Papers 1 through 34 are out of print.

Beginning with 36, the papers are available from the National Technical Information Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161. Documents may be purchased from NTIS (Phone: 703-605-6000 or 800-553-6847). Order by accession number shown in parentheses at end of each entry.

ESSA Technical Memoranda

Prior to 1971, publications in this series were designated SRTM 1 through 34 and WBTM SR 35 through 51. Titles and authors of those Technical Memoranda are listed on the inside covers of all Technical Memoranda in the Southern Region subseries prior to NWS-SR-155.

NOAA Technical Memoranda NWS

NWS SR-232     Impact of Siting Changes on Temperature Observations at Cyril E. King Airport, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and Luis Muņoz Marin International Airport, San Juan, PR. Shawn A. Rossi - August 2010

NWS SR-231     Distinguishing Effects of El Niño Southern Oscillation from Natural Short-term Climate Variability: A Case Study. Mark A. Rose and Darrell R. Massie - November 2009

NWS SR-230     The Climate of Shreveport, Louisiana. Glenn Carrin, Jim DeBerry and Jason Hansford - October 2008

NWS SR-229     Temperature and Precipitation Verification Results and Interpretation at WFO Corpus Christi and Other WFOs January 2004 - June 2006. Gregory E. Wilk - October 2007

NWS SR-228     The Historic Christmas 2004 South Texas Snow Event: Model Performance, Forecaster Response And Public Perception. Gregory E. Wilk, Ronald F. Morales Jr., Jason Runyen and Robert Burton - June 2007

NWS SR-227     North American Mesoscale Model -- Community Multiscale Air Quality Model Ozone Forecast Verification Study For Knoxville, Tennessee (Summer 2005). Loren C. Marz - December 2006

NWS SR-226     The Temperature And Precipitation Verification Program at WFO Corpus Christi Texas. Gregory E. Wilk - November 2005

NWS SR-225     The Corpus Christi, Texas Tornadoes of October 24, 2002, Timothy M. Tinsley, Jennifer L. Salato, Jason T. Dunn, Armando L. Garza - September 2005

NWS SR-224     Chronological Listing of Tropical Cyclones Affecting North Florida and Coastal Georgia, Al Sandrik and Chris Landsea - May 2003(PB2003-104513)

NWS SR-223     Partnership Between the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission and the Weather Forecast Office (WFO) in Slidell, LA. Alan Johnson, Paul Trotter and Fred Zeigler - December 2002 (PB2003-101312)

NWS SR-222     Bridging the Gap Between Research and Operations in the National Weather Service: Collaborative Activities Among the Huntsville Meteorological Community. Chris Darden, Beth Carroll, Steve Goodman, Gary Jedlovec and Bill Lapenta - October 2002 (PB2003-100700) pdf version    

NWS SR-221     An Evaluation of Temperature Variations around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and their Associated Synoptic Weather Patterns. David M. Gaffin, David G. Hotz and Terry I. Getz - October 2002 (PB2002-100242)

NWS SR-220     A Categorical Flood Forecast Verification System for Southern Region RFC River Forecasts. Robert J. Corby and William E. Lawrence - June 2002 (PB2002-107665)

NWS SR-219     A River Flood Climatology of the Arkansas and Red River Basins. John Schmidt and James Paul - June 2002 (PB2002-107377)

NWS SR-218     A GIS Flood Inundation Map Based on a Dynamic Wave (FLDWAV) Simulation of the October, 1998 Flood on the Lower Guadalupe River, Texas. Michael J. Shultz - March 2002 (PB2002-104228)

NWS SR-217     Building Leaders for a Solid Tomorrow (BLAST) - Initial Experiences of Participants. Jon W. Zeitler, John Gordon, Tim Troutman and Hector Guerrero - February 2002 (PB2002-103020)

NWS SR-216     Comparison of Arkansas Basin River Forecast Center Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts with Quantitative Precipitation Estimates. William E. Lawrence - February 2002 (PB2002-102240)

NWS SR-215     Situation Specific Call-To-Action Statements. Timothy W. Troutman, Richard Smith, and Mark A. Rose - November 2001 (PB2002-101028)

NWS SR-214     A Severe Weather Climatology for the Birmingham, Alabama County Warning Area. Patricia A. Hart, Mark A. Linhares, and Ron A. Murphy - November 2001 (PB2002-100497)

NWS SR-213     A Severe Weather and Flood Climatology of West Central Texas. Patrick McCullough and Amy McCullough - September 2001 (PB2001-108276)

NWS SR-212     River Forecast Verification at the ABRFC. Renee Wasko, Bill Lawrence, and Billy Olsen - June 2001 (PB2001-105518)

NWS SR-211     A Climatology of Non-Convective High Wind for Amarillo, Texas from 1993-2000. Steven Cobb - April 2001 (PB2001-104638)

NWS SR-210     A Rip Current Assessment of the Florida Panhandle Coastal Waters. Gregory J. Mollere, Andrew I. Watson, and Robert C. Goree - March 2001 (PB2001-104044)

NWS SR-209     Corrections to the Historic Tornado Database. Doug Speheger - February 2001 (PB2001-102784)

NWS SR-208     The Easter Weekend Tornadoes of April 3, 1999. Mike Berry - February 2001 (PB2001-101936)

NWS SR-207     Severe Weather Climatology for New Mexico. Charles H. Jones & Charlie A. Liles - November 2000 (PB2001-101230)

NWS SR-206     Atlantic Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Affecting the United States: 1899-1999. Donovan Landreneau - November 2000 (PB2001-100540)

NWS SR-205     A Comparison of National Weather Service River Forecast Center Operational Precipitation Processing Methodologies. John Schmidt, Bill Lawrence, and Billy Olsen - August 2000 (PB2000-106996)

NWS SR-204     A Precipitation and Flash Flood Climatology of the WFO Morristown, Tennessee Hydrological Service Area. David M. Gaffin and David G. Hotz - February 2000 (PB2000-101980)

NWS SR-203     A Severe Weather Climatology for the WFO Tulsa County Warning Area. Andrew Haner - September 1999 (PB 99-170680)

NWS SR-202     A Precipitation Climatology for the Hydrologic Service Area of NWSO Nashville, Tennessee. Timothy W. Troutman and Mark A. Rose - April 1999 (PB 99-138349)

NWS SR-201     A Severe Weather and Tropical Cyclone Climatology for the NWSO Shreveport, Louisiana County and Parish Warning Area. Bruce Burkman, Michael Berry, Timothy Doyle and Donovan Landreneau - April 1999 (PB 99-138307)

NWS SR-200     A Preliminary Evaluation of a Verification Scheme to Compare Mean Areal Precipitation to Local Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts During Widespread Rainfall Events. Michael A. Mach, Wendell Hohman - April 1999 (PB 99-132169)

NWS SR-199     Coastal Flooding Along the West-Central Coast of Florida. Charles H. Paxton, Daniel S. Sobien, Ronald F. Morales, Jr., Kenneth B. Kasper - October 1998 (PB 99-102760)

NWS SR-198     A Meteorological and radar Analysis of the Central Texas Tornado Outbreak on May 27, 1997. Carl Morgan, Jeff Orrock, Nezette Rydell and Jimmy Ward - July 1998 (PB 98-150105)

NWS SR-197     NWSO Morristown, Tennessee Severe Weather Climatology. Joanne Labounty and David Hotz - May 1998 (PB 98-137110)

NWS SR-196     Severe Weather Climatology (1950-1995) for the NWSO Lake Charles Parish/County Warning Area. Ronald A. Perkins and David S. Wally - March 1998 (PB 98-133044)

NWS SR-195     A Severe Weather Climatology for NWSFO Fort Worth's modernized Warning Area. Edward J. Calianese and Douglas R. Cain - March 1998 (PB 98-133028)

NWS SR-194     "FuzzyMOS": A Fuzzy Logic System for Objective Aviation Forecasting. Tom Hicks - December 1997 (PB98-111727)

NWS SR-193     Lightning Fatalities, Injuries and Damage Reports in the United States, 1959-1994 - Brian Curran, NWSFO Fort Worth, TX, Ronald L. Holle, Raul E. Lopez, National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman, OK (PB 97-205660)

NWS SR-192     Hurricane Return Periods Along the Gulf Coast and Florida - J. B. Elsner and A. B. Kara, Cooperative Institute for Meteorology, Florida State University (PB 97-186340)

NWS SR-191     A Severe Weather Climatology for the NWSO Midland, Texas County Warning Area - Corey Mead, Greg Murdoch, and T. J. Turnage, NWSO Midland, Texas (PB 97-178610)

NWS SR-190     A Severe Weather Climatology of the County Warning Area of the National Weather Service Office Nashville, Tennessee - Timothy Troutman and Mark Rose, NWSO Nashville, Tennessee (PB 97-167050)

NWS SR-189     Wolf Creek Flood of September 17-19, 1996 - Steve Drillette, NWSFO Lubbock and Lance Goehring, NWSO Amarillo, TX (PB 97-167043)

NWS SR-188     A Severe Weather and Hurricane Climatology for the WFO Corpus Christi County Warning Area - Paul Spaulding, NWSO Corpus Christi, TX (PB 97-162531)

NWS SR-187     An Evaluation of River Forecast model Output for Simulations with and without Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF) - William Reed, Billy Olsen, John Schmidt, RFC Tulsa, OKlahoma (PB 97-162416)

NWS SR-186     An Investigation of Isentropic Vertical Motion Fields and their Relationship to Observed Precipitation Patterns over the Southeast United States during the Winter of 1993-1994 - Kevin W. Brown, NWSFO Norman, OK and Tom Bradshaw, NWSFO Birmingham, AL (PB 97-156202)

NWS SR-185     Techniques for Issuing Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings for the WSR-88D Doppler Radar - Kenneth Falk, NWSO Shreveport, LA (PB 97-147979)

NWS SR-184     Weather Support for the XXVI Olympiad - Lans Rothfusz, NWSO Tulsa, OK and Melvin McLaughlin, SRH Fort Worth, TX (PB 97-142905)

NWS SR-183     The Historic Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi Flood Event of May 8-10, 1995 - Robert Ricks, Jr., Paul Trotter, Alan Johnson, Frank Revitte, John Guiney, NWSFO New Orleans, LA; Russel Pfost, NWSFO Jackson, MS: David Reed, LMRFC Slidell, LA (PB 97-137756)

NWS SR-182     Severe Weather Statistics for the Warning Area of the Modernized Weather Forecast office at Little Rock, AR - Nelson A. deVilliers, NWSFO Little Rock, AR (PB 97-137749)

NWS SR-181     Radiosonde Climatology of West-Central Florida - Charles H. Paxton, Rocco D. Pelatti, M. Elaine Powell - December 1996 (PB 97-121115)

NWS SR-180     Study of Low Cloud Formation and Duration at Little Rock, Arkansas - Barbara Shea (PB 96-199500)

NWS SR-179     Providing Weather Support for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games - Melvin R. McLaughlin and Lans P. Rothfusz (PB 96-185426)

NWS SR-178     Severe Weather Climatology (1950-1994) for the New NWSFO Jackson, Mississippi, County/Parish Warning and Forecast Area - Mark Cunningham, Jeff Garmon, Nicolle Koch. June 1996 (PB 96-185418)

NWS SR-177     Forecasting Elevated Upright Convection Using PC-GRIDDS - Alan Gerard (PB 96-175377)

NWS SR-176     Forecasting Significant Fog on the Alabama Coast: Impact, Climatology, and Forecast Checklist Development. Jeff Garmon, Dan Darbe, Dr. Paul J. Croft. May 1996 (PB 96-175294)

NWS SR-175     A Rainfall Climatology of the NWSFO Memphis County Warning Area - David M. Gaffin and Joseph C. Lowery. May 1996 (PB 96-175286)

NWS SR-174     Tropical Storm Gordon: 72-Hr Rainfall Totals Over East Central Florida and WSR-88D Comparisons. LT Barry K. Choy, Len Mazarowski, and Peggy Glitto - April 1996 (PB 96-163522)

NWS SR-173     A Severe Weather Climatology for NWSFO Peachtree City's County Warning Area. Terry W. Murphy and Michael D. Vescio. February 1996 (PB 96-141551)

NWS SR-172     Evaluation of Rainfall Estimates from the WSR-88D Doppler Radar Using Data from a Recording Rain Gage Network. Gerald M. Jurica and Matthew J. Kensey - December 1995 (PB 96-129085)

NWS SR-171     PP-Tools: A Climatological Forecast Aid for Aviation Forecasters. Tom Hicks - November 1995 (PB 96-121611)

NWS SR-170     Five WSR-88D Radar Studies. Various authors and offices - October 1995 (PB 96-109095)

NWS SR-169     Severe Weather Climatology for the NWSFO Memphis County Warning Area. David Gaffin and Richard Smith - July 1995 (PB 95-246229)

NWS SR-168     Report on the 1995 Southeastern United States WSR-88D Users' Workshop, February 22-23, 1995, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. David W. Sharp - June 1995 (PB 95-229829)

NWS SR-167     A Severe Weather, Hurricane, and Flood Climatology for the Austin/San Antonio WFO County Warning Area - Perry L. Martin and Roger Edwards - April 1995 (PB 95-199113)

NWS SR-166     Mesoscale Analysis of the March 27, 1994, Severe Weather Outbreak. Aaron Studwell and J. Nielsen-Gammon - April 1995 (PB 95-199121)

NWS SR-165     Climatology of Dry Season Heavy Rainfall in Central Florida--November through April, Michael R. Crow - March 1995 (PB 95-191367)

NWS SR-164     A Guide to Writing Short Term Forecasts. Gregory R. Patrick - March 1995 (PB95-188066)

NWS SR-163     Forecasting the Potential for Central Florida Microbursts - Mark Wheeler and Scott M. Spratt - March 1995 (PB 95-182986)

NWS SR-162     Wintertime Temperature Fluctuations at Jackson, Mississippi (1896-1991). Darrell Massie - November 1994. (PB 95-112405)

NWS SR-161     Report on the First NWS Southern Region SOO/Cooperative Institute Workshop, June 28 - July 1, 1994, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida. Bernard N. Meisner - August 1994 (PB94-204245)

NWS SR-160     Tornadoes in the Oklahoma City Area Since 1890. Michael L. Branick - August 1994. (PB 94-204237)

NWS SR-159     SWIFT Boat '94 -- Using a Fast Chase Boat to Investigate Offshore Weather Features in Conjunction with WSR-88D Observations. Lt(jg) Barry K. Choy - August 1994 (PB94-195146)

NWS SR-158     A Synoptic Overview of the Intensification of the Storm of the Century John W. Nielsen-Gammon and Richard C. Igau - June 1994 (PB 94-181070)

NWS SR-157     A Severe Weather Climatology of the County Warning Area of the Houston Area National Weather Service Office. Michael Buchanan - June 1994 (PB94-175767)

NWS SR-156     A WSR-88D Approach to Waterspout Forecasting. LT(jg) Barry K. Choy (NOAA Corps) and Scott M. Spratt - May 1994 (PB94-158839)

NWS SR-155     Severe Thunderstorm Climatological Data for the New Jacksonville, Florida, County Warning Area. Richard W. Anthony, NSSFC - April 1994 (PB94-154150)

NWS SR-154     Impact of Weather on Flight Operations at a Major Airport. James R. Ott and Judson W. Ladd - March 1994 (PB94-127990)

NWS SR-153     Annual Flood Death Statistics per State per Capita for the United States and Puerto Rico During the Period 1959-1991. Richard H. Dittmann - March 1994 (PB 94-128014)

NWS SR-152     A Simple and Practical Computerized Parametric Wave/Swell Forecast Model. Steven W. Lyons - March 1994 (PB 94-144524)

NWS SR-151     Peninsular Florida Tornado Outbreaks (1950-1993). Bartlett C. Hagemeyer and Delbert A. Matney - January 1994 (PB 94-126927)

NWS SR 150     Basic Hydrology -- A Primer for Meteorologists. David B. Reed - August 1993 (PB93-213411)

NWS SR 149     Radar Diagnostic Parameters as Indicators of Severe Weather in Central Florida. Charles H. Paxton and J. Marshall Shepherd - June 1993 (PB93-183507)

NWS SR 148     Airmass Modification by Vertical Motion: Discussion and Case Study - Ira S. Brenner - March 1993 (PB93-160596)

NWS SR 147     The Tornado: An Engineering-Oriented Perspective (Reprint of NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL NSSL-82) - Joseph E. Minor, James R. McDonald, Kishor C. Mehta - February 1993 (PB93-148435)

NWS SR 146     A Guide for Conducting Convective Windstorm Surveys - William F. Bunting - February 1993 (PB93-148427)

NWS SR 145     A Comprehensive Glossary of Weather Terms for Storm Spotters - Michael L. Branick - January 1993 (PB93-128940)

NWS SR 144     Nested Grid Model Performance During Cold Offshore and Warm Onshore Flow Over the Gulf of Mexico. Paul R. Janish and Steven W. Lyons - October 1992 (PB93-108090)

NWS SR 143     Expanded Users' Documentation for SHIMS. David B. Reed - October 1992 (PB93-101905)

NWS SR 142     Meteorological Events in Arizona and New Mexico During SWAMP. Morris S. Webb, Jr. - October 1992 (PB93-100410)

NWS SR 141     Integrating Wind Profiler Data Into Forecast and Warning Operations at NWS Field Offices. Stephen T. Rich - March 1992 (PB92-146075)

NWS SR 140     Tornadic Supercell Over Dade and Broward Counties (Florida) on January 15, 1991. Roger Edwards - January 1992 (PB92-134444)

NWS SR 139     Experimental Use of Gridded NGM Output at WSFO Lubbock, Texas: An Initial Report. Donald V. Baker - November 1991 (PB92-107580)

NWS SR 138     Meteorology Support at the Joint Warning Center, Guam, During Operation Desert Storm (ODS). Stacy R. Stewart - November 1991 (PB92-107572)

NWS SR 137     Modes of Supercell Initiation Along the Dryline. Stephen S. Parker - November 1991 (PB92-107564)

NWS SR 136     The Prediction of Pulse-Type Thunderstorm Gusts Using Vertically Integrated Liquid Water Content (VIL) and the Cloud Top Penetrative Downdraft Mechanism. Stacy R. Stewart - June 1990 (PB92-101823)

NWS SR 135     A Quantitative Analysis of Quasi-geostrophic Forcing During Recent Severe Weather Outbreaks Across the Southern Great Plains. David Andra - May 1991 (PB91-176693/AS)

NWS SR 134     Estimating the Strength of the Capping Inversion and the Probability of Strong Convection. Michael Emlaw - May 1991 (PB91-176685/AS)

NWS SR 133     A Centennial Survey of American Floods -- Fifteen Significant Events in the United States, 1890-1990. David T. Smith and David B. Reed, October 1990 (PB91-100487/AS)

NWS SR 132     Three Initial Climatological Studies for WFO Melbourne, Florida: A First Step in the Preparation for Future Operations. Gary K. Schmocker, David W. Sharp, Bartlett C. Hagemeyer - October 1990 (PB91-100222)

NWS SR 131     Diagnosing Thunderstorm Potential Using AFOS. Gregory R. Patrick - September 1990 (PB90-238841)

NWS SR 130     Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting -- An Operational Review. Larry H. Eblen, Judson W. Ladd, Thomas M. Hicks - July 1990 (PB90-215484)

NWS SR 129     Q-Vectors: A New Approach to an Old Problem. Erwin T. Prater - May 1990 (PB90235490/AS)

NWS SR 128     An Investigation of Forcing Mechanisms During a Surprise Tornadic Thunderstorm. Joseph A. Rogash - April 1990 (PB90216805/AS)

NWS SR 127     Qualitative Analysis and Forecasting of Tornadic Activity Using Storm-Relative Environmental Helicity. Gary R. Woodall - January 1990 (PB9017372/AS)

NWS SR 126     Summary of Papers, Studies, Conference Presentations: 1987-1988. SSD, Fort Worth, TX - September 1989 (PB90-103896/AS)

NWS SR 125     The Florida Lightning and Radar Experiment: The Lightning Work Station, Support and Research Programs. Andrew D. Stern - June 1989 (PB8921650/AS)

NWS SR 124     An Intense Heat Checklist Based on the 1980 Heat Wave. Kenneth W. Falk and Stanley C. Christmas - March 1989 (PB89181200/AS)

NWS SR 123     An Introductory Look at the South Texas Downburst - Judson W. Ladd - February 1989 (PB89162531/AS)

NWS SR 122     Forecasting Convection with the AFOS Data Analysis Programs (ADAP-Version 2.0). Phillip D. Bothwell - March 1988 (PB89145940/AS)

NWS SR 121     Observed Microbursts in the NWS Southern Region During 1986 - Four Case Studies - Christopher J. Sohl, William L. Read, Michael L. Branick, Joseph C. Lowery, and Christopher P. Jansen - April 1987 (PB87180204/AS)

NWS SR 120     Meteorological Aspects of the Mameyes Tragedy in Puerto Rico, October 6-7, 1985 - Jere R. Gallup. August 1986 (PB87109609)

NWS SR 119     An Evaluation of Seven Stability Indices as Predictors of Convection in South Texas. Thomas M. Hicks, James D. Schumacher, and Gary K. Grice - August 1986 (PB87109617/AS)

NWS SR 118     The Southern Region Workforce Management System. Stanley A. Spivey, A. Leon Minton and Herbert F. McNett - May 1986 (PB86211877/AS)

NWS SR 117     1986 NWS Southern Region QPF Workshop, Houston, Texas - April 1986 (PB86196201/AS)

NWS SR 116     The Automated Tone Dial Data Collection System. Stanley A. Spivey - January 1986 (PB86154259/AS)

NWS SR 115     A Minimum Temperature Forecast Aid for Radiational Cooling Situations in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas - Thomas M. Hicks - January 1986 (PB86154242/AS)

NWS SR 114     AFOS Data Analysis Programs. Phillip D. Bothwell - October 1985 (PB86123759/AS)

NWS SR 113     The Florida East Coast Thanksgiving Holiday Storm of 1984. Burt Sylvern, Clifford Brock, Federico Gonzales and Raymond Biedinger - September 1985 (PB86120748/AS)

NWS SR 112     1985 NWS Southern Region QPF Workshop, San Antonio, Texas - April 1985 (PB85199164/AS)

NWS SR 111     Severe Thunderstorms - Two Case Studies: Severe Weather in Northwesterly Flow, H. T. May; July Thunderstorm Produces Large Hail in Miami, Florida, Raymond E. Biedinger - June 1984 (PB89145684/AS)

NWS SR 110     Operational Evaluation of 5 cm Doppler Radar - Two Contributions: Review of WSR-74C Doppler Radar Operations at WSO Montgomery, Alabama (April 1982 - August 1983), Paul E. Pettit; The Johnson-Effect: Resolving Ambiguous Doppler Velocities, William N. Johnson - May 1984 (PB84207521)

NWS SR 109     A Review of the Use of the Thermodynamic Diagram and Its Functions (With the Application Towards AFOS). Robert O. Reed and Gary K. Grice - November 1983 (PB84120815)

NWS SR 108     Evaluation of Point Precipitation Probability Forecasts Using Radar Estimates of Rainfall Areal Coverage. Pamela S. Naber and Daniel L. Smith - November 1983 (PB84121060)

NWS SR 107     Comparative Forecast Verification -- A Statistical Approach. Thomas M. Hicks - April 1983 (PB3197533)

NWS SR 106     Synoptic Aspects of Heavy Rain Events in South Texas Associated with the Westerlies. Gary K. Grice and Robert A. Maddox - November 1982 (PB84115096)

NWS SR 105     Case Study of a Significant Thunderstorm Wake Depression Along the Texas Coast: May 29-30, 1981. Gifford F. Ely - May 1982 (PB89145932/AS)

NWS SR 104     Some Empirical Rules for Forecasting Fog and Stratus Over Northern Florida, Southern Georgia and Adjacent Coastal Waters. Emmett L. Ricks - August 1981 (PB82154006)

NWS SR 103     Weather Satellite Interpretation - Introduction to Weather Satellite Imagery. David L. Carlson - June 1981 (PB82107657)

NWS SR 102     Use of a Hurricane Storm-Surge Forecast Model for Southeast Louisiana. Joel W. Schexnayder and David P. Barnes, Jr. - August 1980 (PB82194671)

NWS SR 101     Three-Hour Rainfall Required for Flash Flooding on Small Streams. William E. Fox - April 1980 (PB80225576)

NWS SR 100     An Automated Procedure for Composition of Severe Weather Watch Areal Redefining Statements. Gordon A. Hammons - February 1980 (PB80225584) Revised September 1985 (PB86120730/AS)

NWS SR 99     Manually Digitized Radar Data - Interpretation and Applications. Paul L. Moore and Daniel L. Smith - January 1979 (PB293810/AS)

NWS SR 98     Probabilities and Extremes of Solar Radiation by Climatic Week. Rodger R. Getz and Michael M. Nicholas - January 1979 (PB292622)

NWS SR 97     A Flash Flood Aid - The Limited Area QPF. James Belville, G. Alan Johnson and Jimmy Don Ward - March 1978 (PB281886/AS)

NWS SR 96     A Comparison of Probability of Precipitation Forecasts and Radar Estimates of Rainfall Areal Coverage. Daniel L. Smith and Matthew Smith - February 1978 (PB279987/AS)

NWS SR 95     Utility of Agricultural Weather Services in the Mid-South. W. E. Rench and Frank Makosky - February 1978 (PB280943/AS)

NWS SR 94     The Effect of Wind and Dew Point on Vegetative Wetting Duration. Paul D. Smith - January 1978 (PB280041/AS)

NWS SR 93      A Snow Index Using 200mb Warm Advection. Billie J. Cook - October 1977 (PB275184/AS)

NWS SR 92     Summertime Rainfall Regimes in Southern Alabama and Northwest Florida as Deduced from Wind-Stratified Radar Data: Preliminary Study 1976. Daniel L. Smith and Kevin Henderson - October 1977 (PB275183/AS)

NWS SR 91     Special Program Forecast Verification - Two Contributions: An Evaluation of Certain Agricultural Forecast Parameters, Kenneth A. Wigner; Computerized Verification of Fire Weather Forecasts, Donald L. Ocker - August 1977 (PB292912/AS)

NWS SR 90     A Comparison of the Frequency Distribution of Four-Hour Totals of Manually Digitized Radar Data with Flooding Over a Portion of the Southeastern United States. H. T. May - May 1977 (PB268872)

NWS SR 89     An Examination of Probability of Precipitation Forecasts in Light of Rainfall Areal Coverage. Daniel L. Smith - April 1977 (PB268761)

NWS SR 88     Useful Relationships Between 500 MB Features and Major Freeze Events in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Marshall J. McFarland - October 1976 (COM-77-PB262932/AS)

NWS SR 87     An Aid to Agricultural Forecasting. Nicholas P. Cimino - September 1976 (COM-76-PB261420/AS)

NWS SR 86     A Record Arkansas Rainfall - The El Dorado Deluge. Kenneth M. Labas - August 1976 (COM-76-PB260450/AS)

NWS SR 85     Objective Forecasting of Pan Evaporation - Two Contributions. Nicholas P. Cimino and Johnnie B. Graham - March 1976 (COM-76-PB253525/AS)

NWS SR 84     A Comparison of Manually Digitized Radar Data and Observed Cool Season Precipitation Over the Southern Appalachians. H. T. May - January 1976 (COM-76-PB253144/AS)

NWS SR 83     A Satellite Classification Technique for Subtropical Cyclones. Paul H. Hebert and Kenneth O. Poteat - July 1975 (COM-75-11220/AS)

NWS SR 82     A Statistical Study of Tropical Cyclone Positioning Errors with Economic Applications. Charles J. Neumann - March 1975 (COM-75-11362/AS)

NWS SR 81     The Effect of Initial Data Uncertainties on the Performance of Statistical Tropical Cyclone Prediction Models. Charles J. Neumann - March 1975 (COM-75-10483/AS)

NWS SR 80     Manually Digitized Radar Grids: A Comparison of Resolution Capabilities for a Heavy Rainfall Situation. James D. Belville - February 1975 (COM-75-10436/AS)

NWS SR 79     An Objective Aid to Forecasting Summertime Showers Over the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Nicholas P. Cimino and Larry M. Moore - January 1975 (COM-75-10307/AS)

NWS SR 78     Dynamics of Cold Season Precipitation in the Southwestern United States. Samuel L. Shaw and Boyd P. White - November 1974 (COM-75-10085/AS)

NWS SR 77     Some Aspects of PoP Forecast Performance by Southern Region WSFOs -- Revisited. Allen D. Cummings - October 1974 (COM-74-11807/AS)

NWS SR 76     Use of Linear Regression Equations to Estimate Minimum Temperatures Over Peninsular Florida. Warren R. Wallis and James G. Georg - September 1974 (COM-74-11760/AS)

NWS SR 75     The National Weather Service Manually Digitized Radar Program and Some Applications. P. L. Moore, A. D. Cummings, and D. L. Smith - April 1974 (COM-74-11149/AS)

NWS SR 74     Midwestern Snowstorm Models and the February 1973 Storm Over Georgia. Rheinhart W. Harms - December 1973 (COM 74-10260)

NWS SR 73     Evaluation of an Objective Radar Technique for Updating Numerical Precipitation Guidance. Brian E. Peters and David P. Barnes - November 1973 (COM-74-10081)

NWS SR 72     Objective Analysis of the Sea Surface Temperature. Brian R. Jarvinen - August 1973 (COM-73-11643)

NWS SR 71     A Decision Procedure for Application in Predicting the Landfall of Hurricanes. R. H. Simpson and Brian R. Jarvinen - August 1973 (COM 73-11663/AS)

NWS SR 70     Wind and Dust Study for Lubbock, Texas. Joseph A. Pecille - July 1973 (COM-73-11441)

NWS SR 69     Statistical-Dynamical Prediction of Tropical Cyclone Motion. Charles L. Neumann and Miles B. Lawrence - April 1973 (COM 73 10728)

NWS SR 68     Weather Surveillance by Air Route Traffic Control Radar. Francis E. Fuertsch - March 1973 (COM 73 10699)

NWS SR 67     An Automated Procedure for Composition of Zone Forecasts. Daniel L. Smith - January 1973 (COM 73-20416)

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