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Science & Technology Services

Rusty Billingsley (email) Division Chief (Ext. 119) (W/SR3)
Dianna Taylor (email) Admin. Support Assistant (Ext. 164)
Phone: 817.978.1300
Fax: 817.978.3475

Science & Training Branch Phone Extension
Bernard N. Meisner Branch Chief Ext. 121
Jack Settelmaier Digital Techniques Meteorologist Ext. 185
Melissa Kreller Regional Training Officer Ext. 153
Technology Infusion Branch Phone Extension
Paul Kirkwood Branch Chief Ext. 145
Corey Pieper Techniques Development Meteorologist Ext. 122
Doug Gaer Information Technology Officer Ext. 114

The Science & Technology Services Division is responsible for the level of meteorological science practiced at Southern Region field offices. The Division works with forecasters to ensure their forecasts and warnings are as good as the state of the science and operational technology will allow. To do that, the Division focuses its activities in three areas:


Scientific Services
SOO Program

Training & Prof. Development


Univ. Collaboration

University Assignment Program

Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

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Bernard N. Meisner