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(Please read the Instructions below before downloading these files.)

An Overview of NHC Prediction Models

  1. HURRAN and CLIPER (25.0 Mbytes) July, 2007.
  2. NHC98 (15.7 Mbytes) July, 2007.
  3. The LBAR and BAM Models (Flash presentation) August, 2010.
  4. The GFDL and HWRF Models (Flash presentation) August, 2010.
  5. The GFS, NOGAPS, UKMET and ECMWF Models (Flash presentation) July, 2010.
  6. Ensembles (GUNS, GUNA, AEMI, FSU Superensemble, TCON, TVCN) (Flash presentation) July, 2010.
  7. Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction (31.9 Mbytes)
  8. Spatial Variation of Track & Intensity Errors (13.3 Mbytes)

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Modules 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 were developed using the VisitView software. For each lesson download the linked ZIP file. It will extract into a C:\Lessons\SSD\NHCModels# subdirectory (where # represents the number of the lesson: 1, 2, 3, etc.). The preferred screen resolution is 1024x768. (Presentations will run at 800x600 if all other widows are minimized and task bar is hidden.) Run the visitauto.bat file in that directory for continuous playback, or run the visitplay.bat for manual control. The command starts the client, the server and the playback dialog box:

Visit Playback Window

You may control the lesson playback as desired. The Prev and Next buttons step backward and forward one slide. You may alternatively click on any page label to start the playback for that slide.

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