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Systems Operations Division: Staff

John Duxbury (email) OIS Chief (Phone: x111 Mail: W/SRx4)
Melinda Chiselbrook (email) ASA (x126)
Joanna South (email) ASA (x125)
Phone: 817.978.7777
Fax: 817.978.2020

 Systems Integration Branch Phone Extension Mail Routing Code
Mario Valverde Branch Chief x112 W/SR41
Gary Petroski IT/Computer Security Program Manager x117 W/SR41x1
Eric Howieson AWIPS/NEXRAD Program Manager x132 W/SR41x2
Don Pham Computer Systems Analyst x302 W/SR41x3
Cecil Tevis Telecommunications x142 W/SR41x4
Martin Garcia EPM/ASOS Program Manager x137 W/SR41x5
Terry Weaber Regional Systems Specialist x129 W/SR41x52
Joe Villescaz Regional Systems Specialist x127 W/SR41x53
Jeff Williams Domain Administrator x155 W/SR41x6
Doug Rhue Network Engineer x146 W/SR41x7
 Obs and Facilities Branch Phone Extension Mail Routing Code
Vacant Branch Chief x143 W/SR42
Mike Asmus Regional Coop Program Manager x133 W/SR42x2
Al Abernathy Surface Obs Program Manager x136 W/SR42x3
Terry Brisbin Mechanical Engineer x139 W/SR42x4
Tim Janhsen Draftsman x170 W/SR42x6
Sue Johnston Project Facilitator - QSS x161 W/SR42x7
Gilbert Sancen Systems Administrator - QSS x303 W/SR42x8


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