Systems Operations Division

John Duxbury, SOD Chief (682-703-3703)
Joanna Soliz, ASA (682-703-3725)
Fax: 817.978.2020

The Systems Operations Division (SOD) manages the operations, maintenance, and repair of weather observing, processing, and dissemination systems, information technology, telecommunications, and provides facilities maintenance, management and repair services for the National Weather Service, Southern Region. The division's responsibilities include both technical and programmatic oversight for operational and experimental weather systems spanning every NWS Portfolio.

SOD is responsible for regional change and configuration management processes for information technology and telecommunication systems along with strategic planning, budget formulation, acquisition, and execution of federal appropriations related to infrastructure operations within the region.

Systems Integration Branch

Systems Integration Branch (SIB) is tasked with the management of computer systems and Telecommunications within the Southern Region of the National Weather Service. This very wide range of responsibilities encompasses a wide variety of duties.

These include the procurement of computer systems and maintenance, development of new and innovative weather and communication networks, as well as providing customer service and support to field systems and personnel.

SIB started as the Regional Computer Management Group (RCMG) in the early 80's. RCMG was the first group of its kind to be formed with the task of designing new computer programs and systems to lead the Weather Service into the 21'st century. SIB has been the NWS leader in many local as well as national projects.

For example the implementation Active Directory, McAfee E Policy Orchestrator, Endpoint Encryption, VoIP telecommunications, and recently SIB has lead the NWS in significant and much needed network bandwidth improvement.

Systems Integration Branch Personnel Phone
Jeff Williams Branch Chief 682-703-3755
Gary Petroski ISSO 682-703-3717
Tony Freeman AWIPS Program Manager 682-703-3706
Don Pham Computer Systems Analyst 682-703-3738
Mike Love Telecommunications 682-703-3742
James Hughes IT Program Manager 682-703-3764
Doug Rhue Network Engineer 682-703-3746
Gilbert Sancen Computer Systems Analyst 682-703-3766
James King Network Administrator 682-703-3749
Robert Machado IVROCS Administrator 682-703-3687
Paul Tran Network Administrator 682-703-3748
Dao Nguyen Database Administrator 682-703-3688
David Johnson NWS Enterprise Administrator 682-703-3686

Electronics & Facilities Branch

The Facilities Program involves the management, installation, maintenance and repair of Southern Region buildings and grounds; equipment towers, domes and racks; emergency power generators; heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems; utility, power and other cable systems; and other structures as necessary to support NWS personnel, equipment and mission.

Often the demarcation between facilities and other programs, such as electronics maintenance, is not easily defined. In general, facilities technicians perform those duties necessary to install or repair structures, cable and equipment. Cabling is terminated in distribution panels by facility technicians for connection to electronic systems by electronic technicians.

However, the Regional Director or Systems Operation Chief may assign responsibility for installation and maintenance of certain categories of facilities equipment as a matter of expediency to meet operational requirements.

The need for a well-coordinated and supported facilities management and maintenance program is very important. The NWS has a high percentage of Government-owned versus leased buildings and a wide variety of complex and critical systems with associated supporting facilities such as WSR-88D radars and Automated Surface Observing Systems (ASOS), among others.

The nature of computer-based equipment and the mission of the NWS requires that electrical, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, along with the facilities infrastructure, be maintained to very high standards.

Electronics & Facilities Branch Personnel Phone
Steve Baker Branch Chief 682-703-3737
Vacant Mechanical Engineer 682-703-3739
David Jerkins Electronics Program Manager 682-703-3727
Vacant Regional Systems Specialist 682-703-3729
Lew Harrington Regional Systems Specialist 682-703-3743
Tim Janhsen Engineering Technician 682-703-3676
Sue Johnston Project Manager - QSS 682-703-3761
Terry Weaber NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards Program Manager 682-703-3729
Nick Oliveri Facility Engineering Technician Supervisor 817.978.7777 ext 271

Field Staff
Facility Engineering Technicians Location Phone
Dan Collis FFC 770.486.8833 ext 271
Steve Davis LBB 806.745.4354 ext 271
Keith DeArmas LIX 985.639.1763
Shannon McCaleb SRH 817.978.7777 ext 273
Jorge Negrete EWX 830.606.3600
Vacant MFL 305.229.4504
Larry Pace TBW 816.645.4111 ext 271
Vacant SRH 817.978.7777 ext 272
Regional Maintenance Specialist Location Phone
Russell Jackson FFC 770.680.8301
Robert Sandifer EWX 830.660.4816
Ernest Vasina TBW 210.867.5310
Kennedy Richardson SRH 817.312.0219
Eric Adams LBB 806-412-3937
Larry Tennison LIX 210.859.0781