"Flash Riprock and the Bolt from the Blue" Poster

"Flash Riprock and the Bolt from the Blue" Poster The text at the bottom of the poster reads...

"Positive" lightning bolts come from the upper parts of thunderstorms, striking up to several miles away.
If you hear thunder, then lightning is near. There is NO SAFE PLACE OUTSIDE. Follow these safety rules: (1) Get inside of a house, A large shelter or a hardtop all-metal vehicle. (2) Use the telephone only in an emergency. (3) Remain clear of tall, isolated trees and telephone poles. (4) Avoid wire fences, clotheslines or metal pipes and rails (5) If you are caught outside, seek indoor shelter immediately. 6."If Thunder Roars, Go Indoors" and stay indoors until 30 minutes after the last thunder clap is heard.

Some common lightning myths. (A) Benjamin Franklin's kite was NEVER struck by lightning! (B) Lightning does NOT ALWAYS strike the tallest object, only the tallest object in a particular area. (C) Lightning can strike ANY object in its path, not just metal. (D) Just because it is not raining at your location and you hear thunder, it is still possible for you to be struck by lightning. In fact, most people stuck by lightning each year are in rain free areas miles away from a thunderstorm. (E) Rubber sole shoes (or rubber tires) offer no protection from lighting by acting as an insulator.

27"x40" poster (19mb pdf)

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