Piecing the Weather Together

Using the left mouse button, select piece and drag into position. Pressing the right mouse button rotates piece. If you need a hint, press the "V" key to view the whole image. Change the number of pieces: 9 | 24 | 48 | 160.

Jigsaw puzzle

There is no difference between a thundershower and a thunderstorm. In general, the term "thundershower" tends to denote a fairly weak storm with light to moderate rainfall and low levels of lightning activity. However, there are no defined parameters that distinguish between a thundershower and a thunderstorm. In fact, in order to avoid confusion, we in the National Weather Service do not use the term "thundershower". If a shower is strong enough to produce lightning, even just one single bolt, it's called a thunderstorm. Learn more about thunderstorms, go to JetStream - an Online School for Weather.

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