Concentrating on the Weather

Boy meets Girl Concentration game

The classic Concentration memory game. The cards begin face down. Click one to turn it over. Try to find the second card that matches the first. If the second does not match, click a third card to look for a new match. Your previous selections return to a face down position. If they do match, the cards are removed to reveal part of the background rebus. Try to determine the rebus message in as few number of turns as possible.

Rebus Solution | What do the symbols on the cards mean?

Focus on Safety

If a hurricane warning is issued for your area then sustained winds of at least 74 mph are expected within 24 hours or less. If officials indicate evacuation is necessary you should do so immediately. If you choose to remain at your house stay in the interior portion of your house, away from windows, skylights, and glass doors. Keep several flashlights and extra batteries handy. If your house is damaged by the storm you should turn the water and gas off at the main valves.

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