Jackson's NOAA Weather Radio Coverage

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Jackson NOAA Weather Radio Coverage


Weather radio coverage highlighted in yellow.

Jackson 162.400 MHz KIH-38 1000 Watts
Counties covered by Jackson: FIPS Code: Coverage by other NWRs:
Claiborne 028021  
Copiah 028029 Bude
Hinds 028049
Issaquena 028055 Inverness
Jefferson 028063 Bude
Lawrence 028077 Hattiesburg and Bude
Leake 028079 Kosciusko
Lincoln 028085 Bude
Madison 028089 Kosciusko
Rankin 028121
Scott 028123 Meridian
Simpson 028127 Hattiesburg
Smith 028129 Hattiesburg and Meridian
Warren 028149
Yazoo 028163 Inverness
Madison 022065 Kosciusko
Tensas 022107 Bude

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