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Regional Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Walt ZaleskiWalt Zaleski, the NWS Southern Region Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) oversees the hazardous weather warning, preparedness, and coordination programs for the region. Walt is program manager for the following programs: Walt also formulates regional policy within those programs and provides support to WCMs at the 32 Weather Forecast Offices within Southern Region of the NWS. This web site serves as a clearing house for information regarding each of these programs.

Walt Zaleski
Southern Region WCM
Ph: 817.978.1100 x106

Severe Weather Awareness

Thunderstorms, Lightning and Tornadoes
Severe Weather
Turn Around Don't Drown
Floods/Flash Floods
Wildfire - Are You Prepared
Fire Weather
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
Tropical Weather
Winter Storms, the Deceptive Killers
Winter Weather
Heat Wave: A Major Summer Killer
Excessive Heat

Convective Outlooks - Forecast containing the area(s) of expected thunderstorm occurrence and expected severity over the contiguous United States, issued by the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. They are sent out as both a narrative and a graphic covering a period of up to 8 days in advance. These serve as guidance to advise you of the possibility of severe weather. The terms approaching, slight risk, moderate risk, and high risk are used to describe severe thunderstorm potential. Read more about these outlooks.
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Prepardness Information
  Audio Video
Watch vs. Warning
(From NWS Fort Worth, TX)
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Watch vs. Warning
(From NWS Brownsville, TX)
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NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards
(From NWS Fort Worth, TX)
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Watch vs. Warning Public Service Announcements: English | Spanish

Brochures and Downloadable Information
'Storm Ready' Brochure
StormReady/TsunamiReady Program Flyer
NOAA Weather Radio brochure
NOAA Weather Radio...The voice of the National Weather Service
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