PRODUCT:  Watch Redefining Statement (SLS)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter C-40, Sections 7.3

ISSUED BY:  Designated warning offices

PURPOSE:  The SLS is a product prepared in conjunction with a severe convective watch issued by SPC.  It is designed to translate the polygon-based watch into a listing of counties included in the watch.  Each designated office prepares the SLS for their state.  In states with multiple offices, one office will be assigned the role of preparing the SLS for the entire state.

CHANGES:  The NWS is planning major changes to the SPC product suite; however, these plans are currently on hold.  Consult the latest guidance from SPC, WSH, and SRH MSB regarding the most current status.

COMMENTS: The SLS should describe the watch area in terms of whole counties and (for coastal areas) marine break points.  The area of a watch should not be changed significantly, but the issuing office may make minor adjustments to the list of counties in the SLS.  When state boundaries/forecast areas are covered by a single watch, offices should ensure that their SLSs are coordinated.

CONTACT:  Larry Vannozzi, W/SR1x4, (817) 978-2652 x 106

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Last updated September 14, 2000
Dianna Taylor